Debra Lynn Dadd


Map of Debra's Websites

This a quick tour of all my websites, so you'll know everything I am offering and how it all fits together.

I have websites on so many different topics (and more are coming) because I'm interested in so many things! When I learn about a subject that interests me and seems relevant to life, my first response is to want to share that information with others.

My websites fall into three major categories: Consumer, Nature and Spirit.

I began my career writing as a consumer advocate--first for health, and then the environment. Along the way, I realized that our consumer world exists within the natural world, and, though we are consumers, at heart we are beings of nature. And even beyond the physical aspects of nature, we are beings of spirit (and contained in spirit is our love, kindness, imagination, creativity, cooperation, and our other basic goodnesses). All these aspects fit together and are progressively deeper and deeper levels of life. Since I know that many of you who are interested in products that have health and environmental benefits are also interested in nature and spirit, I added websites on these subjects both to share what I have learned and to give you the context from which I make my consumer recommendations.

Here is a brief overview of all my websites and free newsletters.

This is my main website as an author and consumer advocate. It contains links to all the consumer websites, my consulting services, and my biography and media clips. It has a page about my book Home Safe Home: Creating a Healthy Home Environment by Reducing Exposure to Household Toxics and about my free, twice-monthly consumer newsletter Health, Home & Habitat.
This website contains my personal story of how I recovered from multiple chemical sensitivities, plus links to other parts of my websites with resources for people with MCS.
For over twenty years, my books have contained resource lists that quickly went out of date. So I put my resource list online where I can update it continuously. Currently there are over 500 links that lead to 1000s of nontoxic, natural, and earthwise products, and the list is growing every week.
Books related to choosing consumer products that are nontoxic, natural, and earthwise.
After developing type 2 diabetes, I realized that refined white sugar is as harmful to health--if not more so--that most of our exposures to toxic chemicals in the home. So I started this website to explore the use of healthier natural sweeteners. This website has over 100 recipes using natural sweeters, and a new one is sent out every week in my free Sweet Savvy Natural Sweetener Recipes newsletter.


Debra Dadd Redalia

I've chosen to use my married name for these websites because I want to acknowledge the immense contribution my husband has made to my understanding of spirit and nature, and I want this very personal philosophic writing to be separate and distinct from my consumer work. As Debra Lynn Dadd, I serve the consumer world into which I was born. As Debra Redalia, I live in the world of spirit and nature that I have come to know and love.

Wisdom of Life -
This website contrasts the basic workings of our industrial-consumer culture with the workings of living nature, and explains how we can begin to reorient our lives to spirit and nature. It tells how we humans are, by nature, caring, beneficial participants in life and how we can understand and apply the laws of spirit and nature in our human activities. I send out an inspiring quotation every day about nature or spirit in my free Words of Wisdom newsletter and notify readers of new additions to the site in my free Wisdom of Life Update.
This is the website for my free Signs of Spirit newsletter. Every Sunday, I send out an email filled with amazing, true, real-life stories about being a spirit, written by myself and many others. The stories are truly remarkable and inspiring. Read stories from back issues on the website.