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I decided to put this section together after finding out that the number one most clicked through item in all my newsletters thus far was the Q&A "What pillow do you sleep on?" Number two was my wedding. So since you want to know...

I'll be adding a new piece twice a month, when I send out another issue of my newsletter Health, Home & Habitat.

You will see exactly how I live and what products I use. This isn't going to be like a magazine article where everything looks perfect. I'll share with you what I've done, what I'm doing, my everyday dilemmas and transitions, what's easy and what's difficult, what's available and what's not. It will be a scrapbook of my real life, going through making the same kinds of decisions for health and the environment that you all are faced with. You'll learn the hows and whys of the decisions we make.

My husband Larry and I have a general agreement to do things around the house that are safe for health and better for the environment. I would say our lives are as nontoxic as can be. I can't think of a time in the last twenty years when we used some toxic product at home because we couldn't find an alternative. We're very strict about that. The environmental things are more difficult, in part because the resources don't exist to really be sustainable. And we're still learning. And we only moved to Florida in the spring of 2002. All the locally-appropriate things we had all set up in California don't apply here and we are having to learn how to "live in our place" all over again.

At the same time, we also have the common budgetary considerations I think most of you have. It would be easy to buy everything green if we had an unlimited bank account, but we don't. We're not poor, but we're not wealthy. And so we are always looking for ways to make the most of the money we have.

In general, we live pretty simply. We want to get the basics of life in as best we can--having what we need to be comfortable and do our work and our creative pursuits, without superfluous belongings. We strive to bring order, beauty and creative whimsy to our home.

If there is a particular subject you would like me to cover sooner than later, please and I'll see what I can do.



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