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PLEASE NOTE: All links to other sites are set to open the linked site in a new window. The Debra's List window you just came from stays open. When you are finished viewing the linked site, you can just close that window and return to browsing Debra's List. This feature also allows you to open windows for several sites at once, if you wish to compare products.

This website contains many resources for living in ways that are better for our own health and the environment.

There are two ways to use this site.

Go "Window" Shopping...

One of the joys for me in putting this site together is to show the great variety of products that are now available that are better for health and the environment, and the great variety of businesses that sell them.

Please enjoy yourself just wandering around the site as you would take a stroll around a town square lined with interesting shops. Choose a product catagory from the navigation bar on your left, and get started.

Find a Specific Product...

It would be simple to organize all of this if each link carried only one product, but most carry many. So here are ways to find specific products..

1. Use the search button. At the top of each right hand column is a purple search button that will take you to the search page. Just type in the product you are looking for (i.e. "shampoo") and some of the sites that sell shampoo will come up. Not all, because I wrote many of the descriptions before I had a search engine, and also I can't possibly catalog every single product a site currently carries. But you will get a good start this way.

2. Go to the specific section for the product type you are looking for, then scroll down to the specific sub-section. Links to specific product type sections are listed in the navigation bar on the left side of every page. If you are looking for paint, for example, go to the "Interior Decorating" section, then scroll down to "Paint." In this section I list individual brand name products you are likely to find in stores.

3. Look in the "General" sub-section at the beginning of each product type section. The General sub-section lists links to websites that sell a lot of different products of that general product type, or make their own products that are not sold in retail stores.

4. Go to the "General Household" section. There you will find links to websites that sell a wide variety of products. The descriptions will tell you what product types they sell and you can go to the website to find your specific product.

If you have any problems finding what you are looking for, or have any suggestions for making this site easier to use, please with your comments and suggestions.

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