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Organic Body Care

What you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body. Your skin absorbs whatever you put on it and sends it into your bloodstream, where it spreads through all your organs. Organic bodycare is just as important to health as organic food.


Environmental Working Group Skin Deep
A comprehensive detailed anlaysis of ingredients found in personal care products. You can look up a product, such as "toothpaste," for example, and find out
  • brand name products you may want to avoid (which you can then click on for a full safety analysis
  • brand name "better choices"
  • general areas of health concern for that type of product
  • top twenty ingredients of concern for that type of product
Or you can look up a single ingredient and find out it's general safety or danger. This is the place to look up any ingredient of concern in personal care products.
Green Products Alliance
A consortium of manufacturers and marketers who make and sell extraordinarily natural personal care products.
Terressentials' Healthy Person's Guide to Personal Care Ingredients
A comprehensive guide that compares natural and synthetic cosmetic ingredients ad explains what each ingredient is used for. Website also contains many detailed articles on the health effects of common cosmetic ingredients.


From the Meadows Organics
"Organics Without Chemicals"--face and body care products (for women, and men too!) made only with certified organic ingredients. Some have no preservative (they have a shelf life of 2-9 months, if kept according to instructions) and others are preserved with rosemary extract (they last two years). The products without rosemary extract are very pure and contain nothing that could even remotely be considered an irritant or allergen, safe particularly for immune impaired individuals. Many products are unscented, others scented with essential oils. Choose from bar and castile soap, shampoos and shower gels, face and lip care, and creams and oils. I love their foaming hand soap! It cuts through olive oil on my hands in a second. Great for the kitchen. "Our company's mission is to offer a safe collection of wonderful everyday organic products - made with the purest, safest & certified organic the best prices possible."

Kettle Care
"For over twenty years, I have been creating pure herbal body care for people who have sensitive skin, including myself! An organic gardener for 27 years, our herbs are grown in NW Montana, where the air and water are clean from the mountains of the Whitefish Range." Products include skin care, facial care, sun care, women's care, hand & foot care, body moisturizers, hair care, baby care, bath & shower, botanical lip care, apothecary, body & massage oils, perfumes, pure essential oils, and more.

Organic baby body care products, certified to International standards for organic foods. Yes, they meet organic food standards. All ingredients are cold pressed, never heated, and each batch is hand made in small quantities, hand bottled and labeled by hand. Exceptional care is taken in the manufacture of the miessence products--water conservation, all the energy at the home office and manufacturing plant is supplied from wind and solar energy, all of the shipping world wide is carbon offset through a verified third party carbon offset program. Envirofill pellets (made from wheat and potato starch, which can be thrown on the compost or in the garden to biodegrade naturally) are used as fill in packages, and the minimum amount of packaging is used, which can be recycled. These products do not contain essential oils. Link goes to an Independent Representative for ONE Group.

Simmons Natural Bodycare
"Products for a natural and non-toxic lifestyle -- soaps to shampoos, bodycare tools to natural fragrances, products for every season...We're part of a self-sustaining, single-family homestead in the rural mountains of northern California. We raise fruit, vegetables, chickens, ducks, cats, and two dogs. Our organic gardens include the dried flowers and some of the herbs we use in our products. Come fall we harvest and preserve a large proportion of our food for the year. Our home and business are powered by renewable energy resources (Solar PV panels and a micro-hydro system for the wet winters)...We began crafting soaps to insure the mildness our family needed with our allergies and sensitivities. We soon discovered that others shared these needs. Since then we have been striving to make quality soaps and other natural personal care products available for everyone." Soaps are wrapped in ecologically harvested papers and labeled with recycled paper that has been printed with vegetable-based inks.

Hand-crafted organic body care products, including organic skin care, organic hair care, organic bath products, organic baby products, and more. They use only ingredients that the USDA permits in certified organic food. "Our products aren't just "organic" by the USDA food standards--they're 100% certified organic. Every single ingredient is USDA certified organic." Some of their products are fragrance-free. This website is full of information about cosmetic ingredients. All product ingredients are listed on the site and sample sizes are available.

100% Pure
Bodycare products made with organic and natural food ingredients--the ingredients list sounds like a recipe! A typical product contains plant oils, vitamins, honey and various plant extracts. All kinds of yummy skin care and...fruit-pigmented cosmetics! No added fragrances. All products are vegetarian or vegan.

Alchemist's Apprentice
"100% pure and organic personal care products containing an abundance of the finest natural...wild-crafted and organic ingredients" combined by "contemporary alchemists" into "purely indulgent, completely natural personal care products...These products have been sourced from around the world and come to us from small artisan manufacturers in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and Europe. The products promote a natural approach to caring for the body" reclaiming "the traditions and fundamental values of traditional herbalist, aromatherapy, and ayurveda skin and body care modalities." Products include bath and body, facial care, hair care, men's products, mom and baby products and cosmetics made with only pure crushed minerals.

Dr. Bronner Magic Soaps
A mainstay in natural food stores for decades, Dr. Bronner's now has new soaps "certified organic under the USDA's organic food regulations...They are made with organic coconut, olive, hemp and jojoba oils, and most are scented with organic essential oils [comes unscented and in non-floral scents like peppermint in addition to simple florals]. They contain no synthetics, no petrochemicals and no floral water fluff. All cylinder bottles are now made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic...The bar soaps are wrapped in 10% HempFlax / 90% post-consumer recycled paper."

Evan's Garden
Handcrafted by Evan in small, fresh batches, her own "powerfully effective" formulations are made of live plants, pure essential oils, trace minerals and anti-oxidants. Her natural skin care products contain all known nutrients in whole food form, complete trace mineral complex and skin-rejuvenating anti-oxidants. She also handcrafts pure mineral make-up, aromatherapy perfumes, natural body care and home care products. Evan uses organic and biodynamic ingredients whenever possible.

Lakon Herbals
Since 1985, Lakon Herbals has produced a line of nourishing skin care oils, fine aroma-therapeutic massage oils, and quality medicinal salves, renowned for their extraordinary healing properties. The formulas were inspired by the wild medicinal plants native to Vermont and New England. "Our farming practices are completely organic and also integrate many of the bio-dynamic principals outlined in Rudolph Steiners journals. We plant, grow, harvest, and formulate in rhythm with the herbs natural affinities to solar, lunar and planetary cycles."

Bodycare products (skin, hair, sun) made in Germany, especially for highly sensitive skin. ECOCERT certified organic ingredients are used whenever possible. Certified as a "Certified Natural Cosmetic" as defined by the strict BDIH guidelines in Germany. Over 120 awards from OKO-TEST, Germany's environmental magazine, most ranked in the highest possible category "Recommended/Very Good" after analysis of their ingredients and health tolerance, and an ecological evaluation of their packaging materials. Website gives a complete glossary of each of their ingredients, including lists for vegans and vegetarians of animal ingredients in products.

Over 200 products for the daily care of skin and hair for all members of the family. "Logona products utilize the highest quality, natural raw materials, such as premium vegetable oils and waxes, herbal extracts and floral distillates derived from organic agriculture and wildcrafting...Logona products must also conform to industry-leading ecological standards regarding minimal resource consumption during manufacturing, and minimal and recylable packaging for the finished products...In Spring of 1999, Logona successfully completed an "Environmental Audit" of its entire operation conducted under mandate of the German federal government." Organized as a collective, Logona employs more than 100 full-time employees, and places special emphasis on social responsibility and fairness towards employees and community. Logona products are sold in natural food stores and through online vendors.

Weleda was one of the first companies to offer natural body care products, over 80 years ago. Their formulas are based on the anthroposophic teachings of Rudolph Steiner, which consider harmony with nature and spirit. Products are not sold through this website, but they are available in most natural food stores and online on many websites, including Saffron Rouge.

Cosmetics Without Synthetics
Natural cosmetics store with over 300 pure products to choose from--natural makeup (including lipstick, mascara, and foundation) natural skincare products, hair, and bodycare items. "No animal testing, no ingredients of mammal origin, no artificial preservatives (parabens), no artificial colorings (FD&C), no synthetic chemicals, no mineral oil, no pesticide or herbicide residues, no solvents." You can purchase a sample of almost every product before you buy the regular size.

Elysian Dream
"Natural, chemical-free, nourishing skin care for sensitive skin and chemical sensitivity...handmade using natural oils, butters and herbal infusions." A full range of natural skin care products including solid and liquid castile soaps made with organic olive oil. Many are fragrance-free. "We believe that what we put on our bodies should be as pure and wholesome as what we put in our bodies...Our soaps are affordable, environmentally friendly and are 100% biodegradable. Packaging is simple and recyclable. Our oils and butters are pure, unbleached, and unrefined...insuring that the nutritional benefits of the oils are still intact and not processed away." They do not use PVC piping for soap molds.

Natural Solutions
"We want to provide our customers with honest and true products that really are natural!...we are offering Natural Beauty Solutions and health products that meet the demands of eco-wise people! Our philosophy is that 'Only the Purest will do for YOU!'" Products include skincare for all skin types, hair care, body care, tooth care, cosmetics, sunscreens, all natural hair remover kits, unscented items, and more.

Real Purity
"A full line of all natural hair, skin, body care, and cosmetic products for the entire family...formulated and produced [by a woman with an] extensive background as a nurse, healer, holistic and herbal practitioner with more than thirty years of clinical experience." This website was recommended by a reader with MCS, who wrote, "I have used their items since 1999 and they are superb. They were developed by a lady who saw women getting breast cancer because hair products and makeup were running down their breasts in the shower. They offer an extensive line including wonderful makeup, men's shaving creme, toothpaste, shampoo, you name it. If I can use it, probably 99% of the world can." All formulas are derived from certified organic and wild crafted herbs with safe organic earth ingredients. The products do not contain any chemicals, preservatives, petroleum products, or solvents of any type. "The products that Real Purity offers come from years of working closely with people and nature." Be sure to read their About Us, History, and Herbal Standards sections to understand the philosophy from which these products are made.

Refreshingly Free
Fragrance-free nontoxic and natural hair, body, oral, and baby care products, including natural, organic, and fragrance-free cosmetics, and "odorless, nontoxic nail polish".
A well-chosen selection of bodycare products for the whole family--all with natural or organic ingredients. Products range from familar basics to some unique products that are especially pure and healthy. Includes skin care, hair care, oral care, soaps, deodorant, feminine products, spa indugences, and more.

Pages and pages of natural and organic body care and personal hygiene products--all the brands you would find in a natural food store.

Aubrey Organics
A leader in natural and organic bodycare products since 1967, they make a full line of natural and organic skin care and hair care products. Their factory has been certified organic and now they are having each of their ingredients certified one by one by Quality Assurance International. Even with international distribution, products are hand-crafted in small batches and mixed every day for freshness. Bottles are made of recyclable plastic and boxes made from recyclable cardboard.

Face and body care, bath salts and oils, aromatherapy soaps made with olive oil and beeswax, organic lip balm in yummy flavors, "There was a time when I couldn't find 100% Beeswax candles so I decided to make them myself. I ordered pure beeswax sheets from a local beekeeping supplier. While hand rolling the candles, I noticed how fragrant the wax was and how great it made my hands feel. I fell in love with the bees...We think we have the best, high quality ingredients available (many are certified organic) and strive to bring them fresh to you."

Body of Grace
Low prices on thousands of natural and organic bodycare products. Shop by category or search for your favorite brand names.

Healing Scents
Quality natural handmade aromatherapy bodycare products made with theraputic grade essential oils. "95% of our raw materials are cold-processed, wild-crafted, or organic...We strive to provide these all-natural handcrafted products at the lowest possible prices. To keep prices low, we use a simplified labeling arrangement and minimal or no colorants. All products are made by myself and my family in small hand-stirred batches at my country home." Website has quite a long list of toxic chemicals in body, skin and hair products and their health effects.

Holly's Garden Products
"Skincare products with ingredients from nature, handmade in small batches, using only pure, natural ingredients. The grains and flowers are organic and unsprayed. The oils are expeller pressed without the use of heat. Products include skin cream made with first cold-pressed italian olive oil, cleansing grains made with organic rose petals, dried coconut and grains, and a skin cleanser made with honey and flowers.

The Natural Beauty Store
A large selection of natural and organic beauty products for skin, hair, and body, including make-up and organic perfume. Plus...raw materials for making your own products. Carries many well-known brand name products made from all natural ingredients like essential and vegetable oils, herbal extracts, fruit and vegetable extracts, floral waters, plant and flower waxes, and vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

A Natural High
All natural aromatherapy bodycare products, handcrafted by a trained herbalist. Products are made from whole foods and essential oils. Some ingredients have wonderful stories, such as, "For the people of Bali, the sea is considered sacred water. It is used in Balinese ceremonies and purification rituals. Many in Bali believe that the sea has the power to both purify and sanctify. Traditional Bali sea salts are famous for their ancient methods used to produce the crystals. The Balinese only dry during the warm months as the sun is essential for the drying process. The sea water is placed in tree trunks (specially hollowed out for this process) for evaporation, which takes approximately one week. Then, the solid crystals are carried to a drying platform and stored in a grass hut to be dried further by a coconut husk fire. Finally, the salt crystals are then sun-dried again." Doesn't that sound like these bath salts will bring a sacred Bali sea to your bathtub? Also aromatherapy grade essential oils.

Nature's Embrace
Basic skin and hair care products, made completely from natural, organic, raw ingredients. "Our entire line is free of preservatives, with no added fragrance or color, making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin. We use ingredients in their pure and raw state, thus preserving the vitamins and minerals for your body. Our products are free of parabens, paraffin, perfume, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and dyes." These products do contain fragrant essential oils as active ingredients. Some can be ordered "unscented," but they still contain the scent of the ingredients themselves.

Organic Cotton Plus
Organic cotton balls, cosmetic rounds, swabs, tampons, menstrual pads, and nursing pads.

Saffron Rouge
A one-stop shop for the major imported brands of bodycare products made from organically-grown ingredients--Anika, Dr. Hauschka, Jurlique, Lavera, Primavera, Weleda. Many of these brands are sold in natural food stores. Here you can participate in their Organic Beauty Advisor chat service and get help on choosing the products that are right for you.

Squeaky Monroe
"We search the world over to offer more than 350 unique, natural personal care items for your entire family. No perfumes or synthetic coloring agents. Recycled, recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging." Many have organic and wilddrafted ingredients. Includes skin care, bath products, hair care (including wooden hair brushes and combs), dental care (including wooden toothbrushes), and products for babies and kids.

Tomorrow's World
Organic and natural soap and skin care products, organic cotton balls and rounds.

Birch Hill Happenings
A complete selection of unscented, natural, plant-based personal care products--lotions, creams, shampoos, oils, the extremely-difficult-to-find unscented talcum powder, and more. These can be scented to your taste with natural essential oils (they allow space in the bottle for easy mixing) or left unscented. Available in 2-ounce, 4-ounce, 8-ounce, 16-ounce and 32-ounce sizes, so you can both sample and save.

A wide array of natural and herbal personal care products from name-brand manufacturers with proven track records of using environment- and body-friendly ingredients and methods. Choose from a selection of unscented and fragrance-free body, hair, facial care products, cosmetics, dental care, feminine hygiene, nontoxic hand sanitizers and many baby and child personal care options. Discounted prices.

Natural Joy Beauty
Natural cosmetics, hair care, and body care that are "free of synthetics, chemical preservatives, and all those other irritants...great for sensitive skin, those who have had allergic reactions to cosmetics or anyone concerned about what is in their personal care products."

Savannah Moon
All-natural handcrafted skin and body care products scented with essential oils that promote relaxation and healing. Also unscented (ask for "moonbeam"). These products are literally "cooked" by a real person, using edible ingredients. "I never want Savannah Moon to be so big that we cannot continue to keep our products handcrafted. I have no interest in ever automating, there is a positive energy that goes into natural handcrafted products. I would rather pay people to handcraft our products then to pay for an expensive machine to do the work instead of people. Our goal is to offer high quality products that are healing and nourishing to the Body, the Mind and the Soul. You can't get all of that from a machine!" They also offer a wonderful line of handcrafted relaxation products, made of a beautiful hand-woven silk dupioni, filled with Certified Organic Flax Seeds, Lavender Flowers and Peppermint Leaves. Some come with a 100% organic cotton velour blanket to help keep them cozy and warm.

Cal Ben Soap Company
Natural almond-scented bar soap made from highest grade white vegetable tallow and pure cocoa butter oils. Each bar is individually compressed under extreme high pressure to make it extra hard and long-lasting. Also very mild soap-based shampoo. These products are no-frills and can be purchased in buik quantities at very reasonable prices.

The Face Wrap - Natural Detox Facelift
Your skin will glow! This non-surgical facelift tightens skin, sculpts the face and reduces puffiness by drawing toxic impurities out of the skin that come from creams and cosmetics, polluted air and drinking water, foods laden with preservatives and pesticides, and other environmental sources. It utilizes a time-tested mineral formula that takes 30-60 minutes per application and can be done right at home, as often as you'd like. It has been used in salons for over 35 years, in over 10 million applications. It's safe and it works. I personally have used this product and it worked as promised. The application is very relaxing and refreshing and makes my face feel really clean and beautiful. All materials are natural and odor-free. Check out the before and after photos.. At checkout, enter that you heard about this from DEBRA.

Somerset Cosmetic Company
A leading supplier of cosmetic ingredients and containers for making your own personal care products and decorative cosmetics. They sell both chemical and natural ingredients and have a whole section of free recipes, so you can "have it your way" and make your own formulations.

Super Salve Natural Body Care Products
100% natural body care products "to heal and rejuvenate the skin and help keep it looking and feeling beautiful". Balms, salves, lotions, creams, facial care, and prenatal and baby products are made using only 100% natural ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, beeswax, witch hazel, calendula, comfrey, jasmine flower, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, almond oil, and CoQ10, all from strictly responsible sources. No animal testing is involved and all our products are created without alcohol, dyes, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearic acid, or synthetic fragrance.

Magick Botanicals
Fragrance-free hair, body, and baby care products. Though their name includes the word "botanicals" and the first line of their website says "natural," these products are not natural--they do contain petrochemical ingredients. But they are meticulous about being fragrance-free. Their products "are produced in small batches with every attention to insure that the raw materials used are odorless and non-irritating. We take great strides to see that out products are produced and handled in ways to prevent contamination with ambient fragrances."

Fine bath products, made in small batches by a woman who obviously loves baths! "Whenever possible, we purchase our raw materials from USDA Accredited Organic Processors, Ethical suppliers of Certified Organically Grown, (Biodynamic, sometimes!), Fair Trade Certified (Transfair USA) companies. We proudly use top-quality organic herbs and botanicals, therapeutic grade essential oils, the purest vegetable oils, clays, milk powders, beeswax and butters we can find. The materials we are unable to purchase from Organically certified Companies or Growers are grown in our own gardens using organic methods or gathered gently from the wild by Certified Wild Plant Collectors." Products are produced in a way to "maintain the original life-force of the plants."

Dental Care

Holistic Dental Association
Referrals to holistic dentists around the United States and information on holistic dentistry. They encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own health care and offer a variety of options not generally available from conventional dentists, such as less-toxic materials for dental fillings.

Natural Dentistry
This very informative site not only has a variety of natural dental products, but also has some very informative articles, links to other informational sites, and a lot of books on natural dentistry and the toxicity of dental practices. An excellent resource!

Feminine Hygiene

Organic cotton reusable menstrual pads, disposable menstrual pads, and organic tampons.

Decent Exposures
100% organic cotton menstrual pads.

The DivaCup
Resuable menstrual cup made from soft healthcare grade silicone. Clean, reliable, hypoallergenic, latex-free. Just one menstrual cup replaces hundreds of tampons and pads, and is infinitely reusable.

Glad Rags
This website has all the natural options for feminine hygiene--organic menstural pads, tampons, sponges, menstrual cups--plus useful accessories and good books about menstruation.

The Keeper Store
"The Keeper is a natural gum rubber cup--similar to the material that is used in baby bottle nipples--that is worn internally, holding (instead of absorbing) monthly menstrual flow...It is environmentally friendly to the earth and to yourself! No paper products to throw away month after month...has a life expectancy of at least 10 years if maintained properly and used as directed...Made and distributed by women, for women."

Natracare Pads and Shields
Tampons made from 100% pure organic GMO free cotton, certified organic by the Soil Association. Disposable menstural pads and shields made from non-chlorine bleached pulp. Because they have no plastic, they are biodegradable.

Organic Essentials Menstrual Pads
Tampons made from 100% Certified Organically Grown Cotton. Disposable menstrual pads with an Organic cotton core. Unscented. They are a farmer-owned company and grow the cotton themselves. Site also has organic cotton balls, cosmetic rounds, and swabs, disposable organic cotton nursing pads, and a lot of information on the dangers of conventional menstrual products.

Pandora Pads
Organic cotton menstrual pads with "wings" and snaps. Made of 100% cotton flannel with a super absorbent layered terry and flannel insert. Seams are turned to the inside of the cover leaving no exposed stitching or seams. Also unbleached and organic pads and tampons, and menstrual sea sponges. Site has a lot of information and links on the environmental effects of menstural products.

Menstrual pads with a secure snap holder "made in USA from unbleached and undyed 100% certified organic cotton." Also a storage/travel bag.

B. Coole Designs
Plain white cotton reusable menstrual pads.

Hair Care

Morocco Method
All-natural raw vegan hair care products, "designed to both detoxify and nourish" your hair. Contains trace minerals, botanicals, and sea proteins. Developed by Anthony Morrocco--hairdresser to the rich and famous--after over forty years of research and experimentation, "integrating modern scientific knowledge with the ancient healing arts of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalism...products contain only the finest organic derived minerals and botanicals harvested from around the world, selected for maximum potency. We have followed the principles of Old World farmers who understood that planting, harvesting and storing foods according to the lunar cycle maximizes the energetic potency of the plants."

Hair Color

Natural Hair Dye
If you want to color your hair naturally, this is the site to check out first. In addition to carrying six brands of natural hair dye, their "Decision Guide" explains the different types of natural hair dyes, what they do, so you can choose the one that is correct for your need and hair type.


Anew International
I saw a live demonstration of this product at the Natural Products Expo and I really liked it. You may have seen similar kits sold in malls that allow you to buff your nails to get a shiny polished look on your nails. This kit costs more, but it is a medical grade kit that actually makes your nails stronger and healthier in addition to giving them a beautiful shine. The shine also lasted longer than the cheaper kits. If you have a problem with split nails or cracking cuticles, this kit will help your nails heal naturally.

An odor-free, water-based nail polish that requires no nail polish remover, and other brands free from the most toxic ingredients.


Anew International
I saw a live demonstration of this product at the Natural Products Expo and I really liked it. You may have seen similar kits sold in malls that allow you to buff your nails to get a shiny polished look on your nails. This kit costs more, but it is a medical grade kit that actually makes your nails stronger and healthier in addition to giving them a beautiful shine. The shine also lasted longer than the cheaper kits. If you have a problem with split nails or cracking cuticles, this kit will help your nails heal naturally.

An odor-free, water-based nail polish that requires no nail polish remover, and other brands free from the most toxic ingredients.

Handmade Soap

From the Meadows Organics
"Organics Without Chemicals"--these soaps are very pure and get your skin very clean (I've tried a few), while still being gentle. The unscented organic olive oil soap smells like nothing at all, others have a mild fragrance from essential oils. These are not fancy soaps, just good, hardworking, honest soaps that perform a function, like pamper sensitive skin, nourish dry skin, disinfect problem skin, exfoliate, and more. Includes baby soap and bar shampoo.

Vermont Soap
"Our super mild handmade bar soaps are USDA Certified Organic to Food Standards. Made from a hypoallergenic vegetable base of organic Coconut, Palm, Olive and Palm Kernel oils, we use natural, aromatherapy essential oils and botanical extracts to alter the effects of this moisturizing soap base on your skin. All bars are facial quality. Different blends for different skin types. It takes nearly a month to handcraft a bar of Vermont Soap. Only this 200 year old process yields a bar of soap suitable for the most sensitive skin. All of our products are free of artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives. We use Rosemary Extract as a natural preservative... No animal products (except honey soap), animal by-products or testing." Also organic bath and shower gels, liquid castile soap, and ayate cloth "woven by village women in a small co-op in Central Mexico...made from the left over pulp of the famous Agave cactus, the source of Tequila."

Prairie Meadow Soap
100% natural, pure vegetable handmade soap. This is "whole soap" containg all the moisturizing glycerin and other elements present from the soapmaking process. Made with aloe vera, cocoa butter, jojoba and shea butter, and food grade oils including avocado, olive (40% in each bar), coconut, and palm. "Our scented varieties are infused with pure aromatherapy essential oils for their natural fragrance and beneficial properties....Organic herbs and botanicals, some grown in our own organic garden, and others purchased locally where possible, produce the natural, earthy tones in our handmade herbal soap and provide a natural gentle exfoliation." No synthetic additives, animal tallow, petroleum products or other chemicals. Selection includes half-a-dozen types of fragrance-free soaps, aromatherapy soaps, deodorant soaps, shampoo bars, and more.

Evan's Garden
Luxurious handmade bar soaps made with organically grown vegetable oils, organic grains, pure plant essential oils, and mineral pigments. Comes in a variety of frangrances. Collection includes a shampoo bar, a tea tree oil first aid bar, two unscented bars, and a bar with healing honey.

Magdalena's Natural Soap
Soaps and other skin care products "created by hand using premium quality natural, organic and wild crafted ingredients from around the world...long-lasting herbal soaps are made of pure vegetable oils, fruit or nut butters, aromatherapeutic essential oils, and natural additives such as milk, honey, clays, grains & botanicals."

Natural Mystic
"Our soaps are premium-quality cold-kettle soaps handmade from scratch with fruit, nut and grain vegetable oils, herbal extracts and teas. Our soaps are stirred, cut and wrapped by hand in small batches using recipes painstakingly developed to produce a soap that feels terrific in your hands, offers a glorious lather, and leaves your skin clean and feeling soft...we have developed relationships with other local area businesses to keep the Earth greener. These conscientious business owners save their incoming packing and shipping materials so we may recycle them in our shipments to you." I found this soap at a local craft fair. The soap is everything they say it is. They have creative blends--some with organically grown lavender--including chocolate swirl with real cocoa butter and cocoa powder and citrus spice, as well as unscented soaps. Choose soaps from their 100% natural botanical line--their dragonfly line contains fragrances and colors.

Organic Soap and Spa
"The largest selection of organic soaps available online or in any retail outlet" makes and sells many different varieties of bar soap made from natural and organic ingredients. Pure essential oils, fine herbs from all over the world, organic friots, and other organic ingredients are combined with their gentle certified organic glycerin soap base, then double and triple processed to create high-quality specialty soaps. The soaps range from plain to fanciful, scented and unscented. Their bear-shaped "Honey Bear" soap, for example, contains natural raw honey, natural raw beeswax, and edible yellow tint in a natural glycerin soap base. You can even create your own soap by choosing your own ingredients for a custom blend.

"Celebrate the wonders of the plant world and give something back." Handmade, vegetable based soaps that "do not contain artificial colorants, fragrances or preservatives, are scented using pure essential oils and colored with natural herbs and herbal teas. Plantopia's soap labels are printed with soy ink and made with 100% post consumer fiber. The same is true for our gift boxes. The decision to obtain eco-friendly packaging was an expensive decision for a small start up organization...made in a desire to hold true to our own beliefs. If you buy three soaps, they will make a donation to plant a tree through the Trees Across America Campaign, sponsored and supported by Earth Day Network and American Forests' Global ReLeaf Program. Soaps are available unscented or with simple, lovely additions, like orange blossom honey that contains real orange blossom honey and is colored with the tea brewed from organic calendula petals. An unusual item is their Sea Soap, which lathers easily in salt water.

Alata by Abike
I met Abike at a craft fair and she gave me a sample of her Alata--"black soap"--to try. How could I not try a soap that contains crushed cocoa pods? It's "100% natural, made from the skin of the plantain. It is dried in the sun and then roasted in a clay oven. The roasted plantain skin is then mixed with the crushed cocoa pod, palm kernel oil, and coconut has a soft delicate texture, with no animal fats, no chemicals, no lye and no dye. It is best used with an exfoliating glove or sponge. It is soft with a natural smell that produces a rich foam lather that is effective in cleansing the body, face and shampooing the hair. It creates healthy, beautiful skin by releasing build up from the pores that aid in skin regeneration. It is effective on all skin types. Alata is also great for eczema skin relief, skin blemishes, rashes, ringworm, acne, rough and dry skin, and make-up removal." Well, I have to say that my skin felt really clean with no residue. Also comes as a scented liquid soap.

Get a Guru Handmade Soap Company
"100% Pure handmade Olive oil soap. No Additives. No Preservatives. No Chemicals. No testing on animals. No Animal products. Your Skin will notice the difference...available unscented and in many unique blends, using only pure and natural herbs, plant extracts and oils...We treat soap making as an art. We are always experimenting with different colors and techniques to keep our soap the finest in the world. As a result the color, texture and aroma will differ from batch to batch. Its all part of the charm." I found this little shop in a village just up the coast from where I live in Florida. They have no labels on the soaps--their name and the price is stamped into the soap! In the shop, the irregular hand-cut pieces sit out in open baskets. They don't give you a bag unless you ask for one. Their blends are unusual and absolutely wonderful--like oatmeal and lavender, vanilla and mint, ginger and grapefruit. Ask them what they have when you are ready to order, as I noticed not all of the blends in the store were on their website.

Rose of Sharon Acres
Handcrafted, all-natural goat milk soaps, "made with the creamy milk of our own Nubian herd" and extra virgin olive oil. Choose from bar soaps (unscented or with fragrant essential oils), tooth soap (yes, for brushing your teeth). Also goat milk lotions, creams, and herbal salves.

Skin Care

Dr. Hauschka
One of the first companies to produce a complete line of holistic facial and body care products for men and women. These therapeutic preparations restore balance and health to the skin by stimulating the skin's ability to take care of itself. Plant ingredients are grown using biodynamic forming, then hand harvested at sunrise to capture plant vitality. Freshly harvested plants are then immediately brought to the laboratory where they undergo rhythmical processing that ensures the plants' healing quality is captured and carried to your skin in the finished product. These products have the natural fragrances of their plant ingredients and pure essential oils. Check their website for a directory of local and online stores, and where you can have a professional therapeutic treatment. I've had one and they are wonderful. My skin truly glowed!

Grateful Body
Chemical-free skin care products and topical medicinals handcrafted in small batches from organic, biodynamically grown, and ethically wildcrafted plants and cold-pressed plant oils. These treatments deeply nourish the skin, supporting and strengthening your skin's capacity to take care of itself. Products are safe and beneficial for women, men, children and babies, and for all skin types." Note their products are free from synthetic fragrances, but do have natural fragrances inherent in their beneficial ingredients. "We simply base our formulations on the vast intelligence and life force of nature, instead of the narrow intellect of the laboratory."

Suki's Naturals
"Our custom preparations promote vibrant skin, improved mood and a clear complexion without any side effects to the person or the planet. Because our formulas are 100% natural, they do not challenge the skin or the body with ingredients that do not exist in nature. [We are] committed to creating the most gentle and effective treatments for even the most allergic, fragile or challenged conditions, without compromising the purity or integrity of the formulas... We respect and work within a scientific environment but we do not worship technological progress at the expense of nature and intuition." These products are "alive and, breathing elements include organic whole herbs and the fundamentals they contain."

Alexandra Avery
Alexandra, a licensed aesthetician and certified aromatherapist, has been making 100% natural, cruelty-free aromatherapeutic products since 1974. All are hand-made in small batches with vitamins, anti-oxidants, plant extracts, rich vegetable oils, and essential oils. "I believe that caring for the skin with plant oils is a direct connection with nature...I began formulating from my own organic gardens, and over the years have added other organic ingredients...Our formulations work in harmony with the skin, supporting and enhancing its natural functions. Each product is a concentrated nourishing drink for the skin and senses. In my efforts to use bioregional products, I gather most ingredients from the Northwest [where the products are manufactured]...essential oils scent, preserve and color our products. Our natural preservation system is based on ancient Egyptian formulating where plants with strong antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties were used in cosmetic preparations.. Such plant materials make for a live skin food; their shelf life is extended by protection from heat and light."

Tropical Traditions
Skin care products made from Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil and Virgin Palm Oil. "Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil is traditionally made from fresh organic coconuts, and independent laboratory tests show that it has a higher level of antioxidants than other coconut oils...all other ingredients used are 100% natural. Our hand-made creams, lotions and lip moisturizers contain no alcohols, no artificial fragrances, and no petroleum products...each product has an unscented version."

Carley's Clear & Smooth
Effective natural products for problem skin, including acne and anti-aging products, plus moisturizer, body lotion and natural soap. Descriptions list each ingredient in detail, what it is made from and why it is used. Note that some products may have one or two ingredients that are not natural, but are considered safe. These products were developed by a father for his family.

Daisy Blue Naturals
Founded by a concerned mother, who also happens to be a chemist, Daisy Blue Naturals offers over 100 different 100% natural skin care products for every family member. They guarantee: no artificial phosphates or sulfates, biodegradable, no parabens, no petrochemicals.

The beauty that addresses itself to the eye is only the spell of the moment; the eye of the body is not always that of the soul.
--George Sand

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Really Green

Learn how to tell the difference between products with real environmental and health benefits from those with misleading green hype, in my new book Really Green

Gold Star = gold star
Gold stars are given to bodycare products that contain primarily organically-grown ingredients with exceptional vitality. Some ingredients may be biodynnamically-grown or wildcrafted. Exceptional care of the environment is taken in manufacture. Some are handcrafted; large companies are leaders in environmental standards for manufacturing.

Earthwise = earthwise
Earthwise bodycare products contain primarily organically-grown ingredients as well as other environmental benefits such as recycled and recyclable packaging.

Natural = natural

nontoxic = nontoxic
Natural bodycare products are made primarily from natural, renewable ingredients. Some ingredients may be derived from natural sources, but not in their natural state. Some may contain nontoxic petrochemical preservatives. Some natural bodycare products may contain a small amount of organically-grown ingredients, such as organic herbs, in an otherwise natural product.

fair trade = fair trade

caters to MCS = caters to MCS

associates = associate

Brand Name Product

= Business Sponsor


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