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Organic Gardening

As gardeners, we can make our own piece of land blossom with beautiful flowers, feed us an abundant harvest of fresh foods, and provide habitat for local wildlife. These links provide products that bring gardening in harmony with nature.


Dave's Garden - The Garden Watchdog
Only one aspect of this immense website is a list of over 3500 garden supply vendors, plus comments from satisfied (and dissatisfied customers). It's easy to search to find anything you many need in the gardening world. Also has gardening forums, seed/plant trading, background resources, and much more. NOTE: This is not a dedicated organic site, but contains much that is organic.
Gardening by the Moon
"Gardening by the phases of the moon is a technique that can speed the germination of your seeds by working with the forces of nature. Plants respond to the same gravitational pull of tides that affect the oceans, which alternately stimulates root and leaf growth. Seeds sprout more quickly, plants grow vigorously and at an optimum rate, harvests are larger and they don't go to seed as fast. This method has been practiced by many for hundreds of years, and is a perfect compliment to organic gardening..." Website sells an attractive gardening by the moon calendar and has more background information on why and how the moon affects the sprouting of seeds and the growth of plants.
Green Seal Choose Green Report - Lawn Mowers
Advice on choosing environmentally-friendly lawn mowers from "an independent, non-profit organization that strives to achieve a healthier and cleaner environment...evaluations are based on state-of-the-art science and information using internationally recognized methods and procedures...[their] only purpose is to direct the purchaser to environmentally responsible products and services." Their work includes development of environmental standards for products in specific categories and certification of products that meet these standards. This report gives specific brand recommendations for products that meet their criteria for lawn mowers.
Green Seal Standards for Watering Hoses
Advice on choosing environmentally-friendly watering hoses from "an independent, non-profit organization that strives to achieve a healthier and cleaner environment...evaluations are based on state-of-the-art science and information using internationally recognized methods and procedures...[their] only purpose is to direct the purchaser to environmentally responsible products and services." Their work includes development of environmental standards for products in specific categories and certification of products that meet these standards. This link leads to their standards for watering hoses.
The Plants Database
The largest. most useful, most comprehensive plant database in the world with over 60,000 entries, 37,000 images and 17,000 comments. These are real photos and growing tips of real plants taken by real people in real gardens, contributed by thousands of gardeners worldwide.
Remineralize The Earth
"The remineralization of forests, farms, orchards, and gardens with glacial gravel and rock dust is nature's way to regenerate and fertilize soils. During an Ice Age, as glaciers grind rock to a fine dust over millennia, a fertile soil is created. Adding finely ground gravel dust to soils is a tremendous boost to organic agriculture and can make it truly viable by adding up to a hundred elements and trace minerals needed by all life. Rock dust also nourishes the microorganisms in the soil, whose protoplasm is the basis of all living things...Remineralization insures all the biologically essential elements are present in a natural balance." On this website, you will find more information on the importance and practice of soil remineralization, free pdf copies of the books The Survival of Civilization and To Love And Regenerate The Earth: Further Perspectives on The Survival of Civilization, and lists of places to obtain full-spectrum minerals for soil regeneration.


Building Concerns
Regional directories (currently for Northern and Southern California, Mountain States, and Florida/Georgia) that include listings for environment-oriented Landscape Designers and other consultants and professionals.


Bountiful Gardens
Operated by the non-profit group Ecology Action, they are the only source for all Biointensive and Grow Biointensive™ books, pamphlets, and videos, which teach gardeners the sustainable techniques of growing organic soil while gardening. Training materials in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Swahili, and other languages. They also carry basic organic gardening supplies, non-toxic insect controls, and fine tools. Untreated open-pollinated seed of heirloom quality for vegetables, herbs, flowers, grains, green manures, compost and carbon crops. Also Biointensive organic seed. They specialize in rare and unusual varieties, medicinal herbs and super-nutrition varieties.

Go Beyond Organic
My neighbor, Winston Kao, truly has the most lush and productive garden I have ever seen, even here in Florida where the "soil" is basically sand. He does consulting and sells products that ensure that "the water, air, earth, and microorganisms are harmoniously working together, not working against each other." His understanding and application of these components is way beyond conventional organic practices.

Clean Air Gardening
Entirely devoted to pollution-reducing lawn and garden equipment. The owner started the business after discovering the joy of using a push-reel mower, then added electric mowers, compost bins, rain barrels, garden tools, planters, greenhouses, electric trimmers and blowers, birdfeeders and other miscellaneous "cool gadgets" like a pocket chainsaw and long-necked grass shears so you can trim your lawn without bending over. And, just for fun...English pottery garden gnomes.

Everlast Mulch
Garden mulch made from 100% recycled tires. "Every cubic yard of Everlast Rubber Mulch absorbs 60-70 tires per yard." I saw this mulch at Lowe's. The pieces look very much like organic mulch and it comes in a number of colors. In addition to recycling a material that very much needs to be recycled, rubber mulch has some advantages over wood mulch: it allows more water and air to flow through to the soil, it will not float or blow away, it will not sink into the soil, does not provide a home or food source for insects, and saves money and time on yearly mulching. Of course, it also doesn't biodegrade, but would be useful in areas where you might otherwise use gravel or you need a long-lasting soil cover.

Gardener's Supply Company
A company founded and run by gardeners. they are committed to providing "garden-tested, earth-friendly products that will help our customers have more fun and success in their gardens." Their site sells everything for organic gardening and lawn care, from seed starters to greenhouses, plus garden furniture and solar lighting. They also have a good collection of free how-to-articles.

Gardens Alive!
Dedicated to the biological control of garden pests, they supply beneficial insects, composting products, fertilizers, pest controls, tools, and other products for organic gardening and lawn care.

Harmony Farm Supply
"We believe that all food, flowers, ornamentals, and lawns can be grown organically without the use of toxic materials. We have been helping people do just that for over 20 years." Organic fertilizers, books, heirloom open-pollinated seeds, clothing and gear, tools, plant and soil testing service, consultation services on irrigation, pest management, solar power, and much more.

The Natural Gardening Company
Certified organic seedlings, organic seeds (vegetable, herb, and flower), drip irrigation, natural pest controls and fertilizers, and tools. A small family business with the belief that "gardens should be models of environmental integrity."

Rainwater HOG
An old-fashioned rainbarrel with an innovative new design. It's relative small size and flat rectangular shape enables it to fit into many spaced previously not available to water tanks--it can fit under decks, up against walls and along side passageways. Holds 47 gallons of rainwater that can be used to water landscaping when needed. Made of virgin polyethylene plastic.

Safer Pest Products
Natural and organic solutions for pest problems in your home and garden. Very informative website has a Pest Control Library with "mug shots" to help you easily identify pest problems, and online ordering arranges products by pest problem to be solved.

Garden Accessories

Robert L. Parker Studios
"Songbird homes" so beautiful, they double as garden scupture. Made from native Colorado wildwoods. "No trees are cut down to create these exquisite homes for our fine-feathered friends. Robert sculpts each bird home from wild woods that have been beetle killed, fire burned, or even drought stricken. Some trees and fence posts date back aproximatly 100 to 150 years."

Very charming sundials, bird feeders, lanterns, and path markers made from 100% recycled aluminum.

Garden Furniture

Reforest Teak
Teak outdoor furniture with exceptionally aesthetic design, made from teak harvested from "sustainably managed hardwood plantations that are returning abandoned cattle pastures to ecological productivity. Our ecological reforestation work also helps to combat global warming by facilitating essential carbon offset sequestration opportunities. Our plantations in Costa Rica are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) through the SmartWood program of the Rainforest Alliance, assuring our customers that our forest plantations are managed sustainably and in a way that respects the present and future needs of neighboring communities."

Old Adirondack
Classic Adironidack chairs, tables, benches, and related garden furnishings and accessories, handmade from native white cedar. No finish is applied.

Garden Seeds

Deep Diversity Seeds
"Rare and valuable seeds, from food plants, herbs, and flower to fiber plants, heirlooms, and medicinals." This is not a "consumer" site, but wanted to include this lengthy list of descriptions of organically grown and wildcrafted seeds from around the world, compiled by folks who have been collecting and saving seed for years.

Native Seeds/SEARCH
Though the seeds they sell are appropriate for only a specific desert region, this organization performs an important larger function: preserving "for future generations, the seeds of crops and wild plants traditionally used as food, fiber and dyes by prehistoric and more recent cultures inhabiting the arid southwestern U.S. and northwestern Mexico." You can adopt-a-crop with your donation, which will contribute to growing more seed, and support their work through the purchase of traditional foods and crafts made from materials grown from their seed.

Seed Saving Resources
A copious international resource for seed savers, including links to a lot of background information, places to trade and buy heirloom and open pollinated seeds, books, supplies, and more.

Territorial Seed Company
Organic and open-pollinated vegetable and flower seeds, garlic bulbs, potato sets, and live seedlings. "Our purpose is to improve people's self-sufficiency and independence by enabling gardeners to produce an abundance of good tasting fresh-from-the-garden food twelve months a year...At Territorial we fund extensive vegetable, flower and herb trials [at their own organic farm]. Each year Territorial's research staff grows and evaluates thousands of varieties. This effort allows us to offer you the best-tasting, top performers from around the world. "

Veggie Cage
This enterprising seller of tomato cage supports has compiled a list of links to sites that carry a total of over 4000 heirloom tomato seed varieties! And of course, all these sites sell other heirloom seeds as well...

Abundant Life Seed Company
100% certified organic "vegetable, flower, and herb seeds along with a great selection of garlic, seed potatoes, and live plants...These varieties come to us from some of the finest organic and biodynamic seed farms in the world," Also a wide selection of garden supplies and "a tremendous amount of growing information including seed saving techniques...At Abundant Life Seeds we have been protecting the genetic diversity of rare and endangered food crops since 1975. Our goal is to offer true-to-type open pollinated varieties grown using only certified organic or biodynamic farming methods."

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Over 1000 varieties of heirloom vegetable, flower, and herb seeds.

Garden City Seeds
Provider of potato (lots of potatoes!), vegetable, flower and garden seeds. "We have just the right seeds for your home garden, including heirlooms seeds, certified seed, and organic gardening supplies."

The Garlic Store
Over 60 varieties of high quality certified organic garlic planting stock--something for every climate and soil.

Goodwin Creek Gardens
Seeds and live plants for a long list of useful and ornamental plants, including medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, everlastings, scented geraniums, lavenders, native American species, plants that attract hummingbirds or butterflies, and many more. "We have shared our gardens with animals great and small, and occasionally had to battle with those that have gone a bit too far...But having animals in the garden is perhaps our greatest pleasure. We offer a wide variety of plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and hope that your appreciation of these creatures will heighten your enthusiasm for all others...We work very hard to provide our customers not only with high quality plants, but ones that have been grown in a conscientious and environmentally friendly manner. We seldom need to use pesticides. When we do, we use ones that are organic and are clearly safe to use on food crops. We use only rock powders or vegetable based organic fertilizers in our gardens, such as compost, alfalfa meal, wood ash, and rock phosphate. While these work great in garden soil, they haven't been so successful for our potted plants. There are organic fertilizers available for potted plants. Until recently, however, these have always contained slaughterhouse products, such as bone and blood meals, which we do not want to use. We are currently experimenting with a new fertilizer made from corn gluten, which worked great in our nursery trials last year. We expect to soon be replacing chemical fertilizers with this."

Heirloom Seeds
Over 700 varieties of open-pollinated heirloom seeds for vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Some are certified organically grown. Also organic fertilizers, seed starting supplies, and nontoxic pest controls. Their medicinal herb kit contains open-pollinated, heirloom seed for 15 traditional medicinal herbs, plus instructions for use.

J. L. Hudson, Seedsman
Good quality seed, and a fascinating collection of books on seeds, plants, nature, and growing. Read his "lecture" on organic seeds.

Johnny's Selected Seeds
A great selection of organic and heirloom seeds for vegetables, flowers, and herbs...and organic flower bulbs. Plus gardening and kitchen tools, supplies, and accessories.

No Thyme Productions
A delightful website with a large selection of heirloom seed for vegetables, flowers, and herbs. They also ship organically grown herb seedlings "We grow all our herbs in small crops with optimum care. By giving them attention in our cool greenhouse instead of high doses of fertilizer and pesticides, you are getting well adjusted plants. We sell plants that haven't been forced to grow quickly, and are, we believe, naturally healthier." But there's more--an amusing assortment of gardening accessories such as plant markers and pot feet, plus some practical gardening products, and even a page of useful Latin terms that will help you understand the scientific names of plants.

Renee's Garden
"I offer only the varieties that are very special for home gardeners, based on great flavor, easy culture and exceptional garden performance. This seed line is my personal selection of new, exciting and unusual seed choices of time-tested heirlooms, the best international hybrids and fine open-pollinated varieties. I harvest and use the vegetables and herbs in my kitchen to choose the most delicious and cut the flowers for bouquets to select the finest colors, forms and fragrances. Renee's Garden is my practical way to spread the joy of gardening as a meaningful, productive and satisfying activity that connects us to each other and the earth. " A charming site, with recipes and lovely color drawings of the herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

Seeds of Change
Certified organically grown, open-pollinated seeds, and seedlings grown organically from their seed. Also "durable and ergonomic, farm-tested tools," soil amendments, kitchen aids, garden and ecology related books, and "lots of useful information to make your gardening and culinary experience a joy for body and soul." In 1989, Seeds of Change began as a farm, "to help preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable, organic cultivating and disseminating an extensive range of open-pollinated, organically grown, heirloom and traditional vegetable, flower and herb seeds." Though their business has expanded, their seed selection still rests on this foundation.

Select Seeds
"A fabulous selection of unique, high-quality flower seeds and plants, specializing in old-fashioned fragrant varieties, flowering vines, and rare annuals. Many are hard-to-find heirloom flowers, passed from one generation to another." Website has inspiring full color photos of each variety.

Swallowtail Garden Seeds
Untreated vegetable, flower and herb seeds. Many open-pollinated vegetables, unusual annuals and perennials, wildflowers, flowering vines and culinary and medicinal herb seeds, and heirloom tomatoes.

The Cook's Garden
A good selection of organically grown seeds for salad greens, vegetables and herbs, chosen by a gardener who loves to cook! Also many non-organic unusual and tasty vegetables (including more than 50 varieties of lettuce), flowers, and herbs, plus useful kitchen and gardening supplies.
What I like about this site is that they carry a wide variety of vegetable, fruit, herb, and edible flower seeds especially selected for successful container gardening. So even if you don't have much land or have poor soil (like me--I live on a sand dune) you can still grow produce--or at least some fresh herbs--in containers. While they don't say that their seeds are organic or untreated, they do recommend organic growing practices and pledge"we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants".

Soil Nutrients

Terracycle Plant Food
An innovative liquid plant food that is not only made from some of the best compost there is (worm poop), but also comes packaged in recycled used plastic soda bottles. The company has established collection sites to recycle bottles all over America, and has already rescued and reused over 1 million bottles.

An organic fertilizer in easy-to-use, handy tea bags. It is "brewed like regular tea to give your plants a delightful, nourishing drink." Ingredients: Kelp, Rock phosphate, Fish bone meal, Greensand, Dried herbs and flowers, Parsley, Beet powder, Carrot powder, Oak leaves, and Love. Also related products such as seed starting kit, quartz crystal powder, sticky traps for bugs, handmade soap, and more. Website is filled with organic gardening tips, recipes, e-newsletter and other interesting tidbits.

Sonic Bloom
I first put this in a book I wrote in 1990. What inspired me then and now is that the whole technology is based on the fact that the early morning singing of birds trigger plants to open their stomata--infinitesimal mouth-like pores that allow oxygen and water to pass out of the leaf while carbon dioxide and other gases move in to be transformed by photosynthesis into sugars. The music of nature, it seems, is vital to healthy plants. Sonic Bloom is an organic spray that is applied to the leaves of plants along with the specific sound frequency that induces stomata to open. The results are amazing.

What was paradise but a garden
An orchard full of trees and herbs
Full of pleasures and nothing there but delights.

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Really Green

Learn how to tell the difference between products with real environmental and health benefits from those with misleading green hype, in my new book Really Green

Gold Star = gold star
Earthiwse products with something extra get the gold star. Some get the gold star for exceptional aesthetic qualities; others because they offer or products and/or information relating to gardening using methods that go beyond organic--such as biodynamic, biointensive, permaculture, etc--as they use additional techniques to bring gardening more in harmony with the Earth.

Earthwise = earthwise
Websites that offer products and/or information relating to organic gardening methods are rated earthwise as they help gardeners build soil fertility as they garden without toxic pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Garden products made from recycled, reclaimed, sustainably-harvested wood, and other earth-friendly materials are also rated earthwise.

Natural = natural

nontoxic = nontoxic
Garden products made from renewable resources that have no other environmental benefits are rated natural.

fair trade = fair trade

caters to MCS = caters to MCS

associates = associate

Brand Name Product

= Business Sponsor


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