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Traveling is a great way to get out and see our beautiful Earth, meet wonderful people, and learn about other cultures. These sites will show you how to travel in a healthy way, with the minimum effect on the environment.


Green Hotels Association
Search their extensive list of "Member Hotels" when planning your next trip (chains are listed under "Membership"), and check out their "Green Travel" ideas.

Green Seal - Greening the Lodging Industry Program
Advice on choosing enviornmentally-friendly lodging from "an independent, non-profit organization that strives to achieve a healthier and cleaner environment...evaluations are based on state-of-the-art science and information using internationally recognized methods and procedures...[their] only purpose is to direct the purchaser to environmentally responsible products and services." This website explains their standards for green lodging and includes lodgings that meet the Green Seal standards listed by state.

Hyatt Hotels
I recently stayed at a Hyatt hotel and was pleased to find that in every room, the guest services book includes a page of "Hyatt's Initiatives to Reduce Waste and Improve the Environment." Some of these include use of high-efficiency lighting and control systems to save energy, water conservation measures, Energy Star televisions and office equipment, towel and sheet reuse programs to save water, environmentally sensitive cleaning products (indeed, my room did not smell like toxic cleaning products!), local and organically-grown foods (at select hotels) and more. Though my room wasn't at all natural (it still contained all the usual synthetic materials), it was less-toxic enough that I stayed at another Hyatt the following night and found that room to be maintained to the same standards.

Natural Food Store Locations for Travelers
Natural food store locations alphabetically by state and then by city, which can be viewed either as a text list or by maps. "Many times when we travel, we look up the destination areas for good food stores. Why eat poorly when you can eat the best? Where can we re-stock on our favoriate snacks or organic produce for the road? Where are the Trader Joes, the Whole Foods, the Wild Oats, the Co-ops in the area? That takes a lot of time and visits to many websites. Did you know that Trader Joes and Wild Oats are on the same intersection in Santa Fe, NM? You can see that here. Why not put them in one place with maps and satellite views? So that's what we did. We hope it helps you eat better while traveling."

Travel Greener
Renewable energy certificates specifically created to offset the effects of air travel and other carbon intensive travel activities. Easy-to-use form allows you to calculate your approximate carbon emissions for individual trips, based on air travel between zones or miles per day in different size cars, plus emissions per day for accommodations and local ground travel. A discount is given for printing out your own e-certificates (to encourage less paper use), or receive your certificate printed on recycled paper via postal mail. These offsets are offered directly by a company that develops and builds alternative energy projects that help fight global warming and reduce our need for fossil-fuels. An independent auditor ensures their energy is green and they only sell what they produce.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
--Lao Tsu

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