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Pure Water

Clean, pollutant-free water is essential to good health. Here are links that can help you evaluate what is in your water and remove whatever you don't want to drink.

Reusable Water Bottles
Lightweight stainless steel water bottles, tested to verify they do not leach into the water."...made from 304 L.N. Stainless steel which is grade blended specifically for: food preparation, dairy, brewing, various medical uses, and use where mineral migration is unacceptable. This Stainless steel is put through a passivation / electropolishing process which seals the surface and prevents minerals from migrating into the contents."
Swiss-made aluminum reusable bottles that are "ultra-lightweight, durable, great looking, 100% recyclable and most importantly, safe." Bottles have a water-based, non-toxic, baked-on inner lining, that is certified by an independent institute (Nehring, Germany) and exceeds FDA requirements. Seamless construction from a single piece of pure (99.5%) aluminum makes these bottles virtually indestructible. These sleek "functional works of art" are part of the permanent Design Collection at the Museum of Modern Art, and come in many colors and patterns.

Polar Bottles
These double-walled, insulated reusable water bottles will keep your water cold for hours--without leaching of toxic chemicals. They are constructed of low density polyethylene (LDPE): a durable, lightweight, FDA food grade approved material that does not contain Bisphenol-A. Made in the USA. Has a wide mouth so it's easy to add ice cubes, and a "sport" top to make it easy to drink. Comes in a rainbow of cool colors, and is dishwasher safe (so you can sanitize it between uses).

Swimming Pools

John Todd Ecological Design
Bio Pool wetland filter technology uses constructed wetland design principles to create a self-cleaning pool, without filters or chlorination.

Go Beyond Organic
Chlorine-free system that restructures and oxygenates the water into a liquid that is beneficial to health, while at the same time being an environment in which disease-causing organisms will not survive. Uses a specific water conditioner and technical grade hydrogen peroxide. See My Chlorine-Free Swimming Pool.

Water Conservation

100 Ways To Save Water
Region-specific lists of tips for saving water indoors and out. Also has a month-by-month plan for water conservation.

EPA WaterSense Label
A listing of water-efficient products that meet the EPA criteria of being at least 20 percent more water-efficient than average products in that category.

H2OUSE: Water Saver Home
A site where you can "learn to be truly water efficient". It's user-friendly format offers a tour of water saving opportunities in each area of your home, teaches you how to read your water meter, helps you calculate the amount of water you are using, and includes a water-saving garden guide. While this site doesn't list brand name products, it gives extensive information on choosing water-saving devices. I'd call this an easy-to-understand, consumer oriented "water conservation central."

Water Dispensers

Velocity Art and Design
This beautiful, clear-glass dispenser leaches nothing into water and lets you see just how much water you have in store. Small holds 1 1/2 gallons; Large holds 3 1/2 gallons.
"The Water Crock Superstore" sells ceramic water crocks in many styes, plus accessories. "All of our crocks are lead-free."

Water Filters

Go Beyond Organic
I can only call Winston a "water wizard" because his understanding of water and products to improve water quality go beyond anything I have ever seen, anywhere. He sells various products that improve water in various ways, which can be combined to suit your interests and needs. His water filter removes virtually all toxic pollutants that may be present in municipal water including fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, and lead. His water conditioner restructures water to the same orderly molecular structure as water in nature. His medical grade alkalizer enlivens the water with an electical charge that improves the healthfulness of water in the same way a negative ion generator improves the healthfulness of air. Put them all together and you have really amazing living water. Undersink, whole house...even a chlorine-free swimming pool unit. Tell Winston I told you to contact him and he'll give you $100 off the price of a whole-house filter and $25 off the price of an undersink filter.

Tomorrow's World
Countertop and showerhead filters for basic chlorine and trihalomethane removal.

Green Nest
A good collection of point-of-use shower filters that remove chlorine (not chloramines) from shower water. Includes filters for standard and hand-held showers in different styles and finishes and with various shower sprays.

Point-of-use and whole-house water purification devices, including filters for shower and bath, and a small, portable travel filter. Also water test kits and filters for swimming pools, spas, and garden hoses. Discounted prices.

Water Testing

National Testing Laboratories
Household water tests for basic and specialized contaminants. You collect water samples, ship them overnight to the lab, and they send you the results.

Water Treatment

John Todd Ecological Design
Uses the powers and processes of nature to provide cost-effective aesthetic solutions to wastewater, storm water, aquatic environment management, and bio-solids conversion. They design "miniature ecosystems that use the natural abilities of bacteria, plants and animals to turn toxic sewage and industrial waste into food, fuel, clean water and commercial crops.

Earth is the water planet. Other planets in our solar system have little or no water--they have ammonia seas, carbon dioxide ice, and methane steam--which would be inhospitable to life as we know it. Water appears to be relatively scarce in the universe...Wherever there is water there is life, and wherever there is life there is water. Pure, clean natural waters, even raindrops, teem with microscopic life. Water is not merely necessary for life, it is the essence of life.
--Beverly Rubik

The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives.
--Buddhist Proverb

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Really Green

Learn how to tell the difference between products with real environmental and health benefits from those with misleading green hype, in my new book Really Green

Gold Star = gold star

Earthwise = earthwise
All water conservation products are rated earthwise because they benefit the environment.

Natural = natural

nontoxic = nontoxic

fair trade = fair trade
All water purification products and test kits are rated nontoxic, as they contribute to reducing toxic exposures in the water.

caters to MCS = caters to MCS

associates = associate

Brand Name Product

= Business Sponsor

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Read about toxic pollutants in water, and how to get pure water, beginning on page 160

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