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Green Weddings

I love weddings! Though weddings today are encouraged to be big consumer affairs, it is possible to have a lovely, meaningful, heartfelt celebration in a way that is simple and green. These links will give you some ideas. See also Flowers, Food, Gifts, and Travel.


For more wedding ideas, come take a look at my own wedding album, filled with photos and descriptions of Our Simple, Small, Green Wedding


A wedding registry with gifts that are energy efficient, non-toxic, recycled, reclaimed, naturally resourced and biodegradable. Choose from artwork, bath towels and accessories, bedding, body care, candles, furniture, glassware and tableware, home accessories, knobs & pulls, picture frames, towel racks and hooks, towels, and more. They've been in this business since 1988, so they are well-experienced. The founder started GreenSage after personal experience with MCS.
Traditional Jewish huppah wedding canopy, handcrafted from 100% unbleached, organic cotton, and wooden huppah poles. Can be monogrammed it with the bride and groom's initials in Hebrew or English. "The canopy is designed to serve many years of use after the wedding as a cloth to dress the table in your home for special occasions." Coordinating table napkins and other wedding accessories are available.

Wedding Attire

Conscious Clothing
Gorgeous, stylish hemp/silk wedding gowns and bridesmaids' dresses. "Each dress is cut and sewn to order, with exquisite attention to detail. We are also able to offer customized, one-of-a-kind hemp gowns. Our fabrics are all hemp blends, chosen for their aesthetic beauty, drape and texture. We offer a hemp/silk blend, a hemp/silk floral jacquard and a hemp/silk satin. For the pure Vegan bride, a hemp/tencel blend is available. All of these fabrics are comparable to, and we believe they actually surpass, traditional bridal fabrics...we believe that a wedding is a very sacred ceremony. By choosing to wear a natural fiber on this special day, you are honoring not only the sacredness of your commitment, but also the very sacred connection that we share with our planet." Dresses are sewn in the USA by seamstresses paid a living wage.

Threadhead Creations
Custom-made hemp wedding and braidesmaid dresses using their designs or yours. choose from hemp/silk charmeuse, hemp/silk floral jacquard, hemp/silk blend or hempcel (hemp/tencel), with 100% silk or 100% cotton lining. They have over a dozen colors of pre-dyed fabrics and can hand-dye additional shades. Custom dying available for hempcel.

Wedding Invitations

Elegantly designed wedding stationery that is affordably priced because you print it yourself on your home computer. Do-it-Yourself Kits come with everything you need--handmade papers, printing papers, detailed instructions, and accessories (ribbons, flowers, etc.). "As avid environmentalists, we are happy to say our invitations are made from tree-free papers, 100% postconsumer recycled papers, archival papers (when this is important to you) and vellum papers that can be recycled. A paper has to be beautiful, rich, luxurious, dreamy, vibrant, handsome -- in some way glorious -- or we won't use it."

Of the Earth
Beautiful handmade papers filled with flowers. Can also custom order paper to your own specifications, including 100% post-consumer recycled. Perfect for invitations.

Twisted Limb Paperworks
"Non-traditional stationery for earth-friendly celebrations" with an artistic flair. The vibrantly colored papers, handmade in the USA, contain 100% recycled junk mail and office paper, and flower and grass inclusions. Also recycled stationary, cardstock, vellum and envelopes. Studio is run partially on energy generated by renewable resources such as solar, wind power, and biomass.

Wedding Rings

Stunningly beautiful wedding and commitment bands made of recycled gold and created gems, in traditional. modern, and imaginative styles that reflect nature. It's founders knew that gold mining was devastating to the environment, but could find no environmentally responsible alternatives when they married. So they married without rings, and then started greenKarat to make their own. Their website contains background information on gold mining and why purchasing rings made from recycled materials can help the environment. Each rings comes with a "Green Assay" that tells it's ecological characteristics. "When gold is distributed into the jewelry making process, its legacy travels with it. Careful records are kept regarding the gold sent to each artist or goldsmith. As the gold travels through its cycle into becoming finished jewelry, the ecological characteristics attributable to it and other added components are tracked and recorded. Finally, when the finished piece of jewelry is ready for sale, it receives a unique Green Assay number. This number can be used by customers to access the cumulative records. The Green Assay record you see for each product on this site is representative of the ecological footprint of the design you are buying. When you receive your purchase, it will bear a Green Assay tag which tracks your specific piece of jewelry."

Touch Wood Rings
"Custom designed, meticulously hand crafted wooden rings"-- a charming alternative to precious metals and gemstones for wedding rings, engagement rings, friendship rings, handfastings, commitment ceremonies or anniversaries. "Wearing a handcrafted wood ring will delight your fingers as well as your soul! Touch Wood rings are timeless, beautiful, durable, warm to the touch & light to wear. Artist and craftsman; David Finch works with the clients design, and his expertise and artistic vision to create a one of a kind wearable work of art. Website has information about choosing woods for their mythic and spiritual properties. Take a look and see how beautiful these rings are.

Brilliant Earth
Engagement rings and wedding bands in classic styles, made with certified conflict-free diamonds and sapphires, and precious metals from renewed sources derived from recycled jewelry or industrial products (reclaimed and re-refined to produce gold and platinum of identical quality to newly mined metals).

Leber Jeweler
"Earthwise Jewelry" hand-fabricated using reclaimed and re-refined 18k gold or platinum, and colored gemstones and diamonds chosen, mined and cut with a concern for environmental issues and fair-labor standards.

Sumiche Jewelry Co.
Beautiful handcrafted, custom-designed rings made from sustainably mined, fair trade gold and platinum and certified conflict-free diamonds.

Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband... Be the living expression of kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting.
--Mother Teresa

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