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"I have had an environmentally-friendly home cleaning business for over seven years, and Debra Lynn Dadd's books, columns, and newsletters have been my primary resource, guiding me as I continually seek for ways to improve the health of our planet and live sustainably."
M.L.G. London, Ontario, Canada

"Debra's newsletters give me access to information not commonly available."
R.C. Garfield Heights, OH

"Debra, I love your newsletter, it's and extension of your book. It's packed with useful tips and tricks! Thanks again for helping me to keep my home safe!"
A.C. Saline, MI

"The information that Debra Lynn Dadd has in her newsletter is important for those of us who want to live in harmony with our planet and with our bodies. She's living the life we all should lead, and sharing with us how she does it."
M.L.G. Clearwater, FL

"Always interesting--even sometmes challenging-- not your ordinary newsletter."
P.W. Chesterton, IN

"This newsletter is the best thing since sliced bread ( whole grain I hope) I have MCS and Debra's newsletter has been the saving grace for me. She has taken her life experience and made it relevent and real for others in an easy to read format. Who could ask for more?"

"Your newsletter is so informative, I wish everyone would read it to learn more about toxins and environmental poisons that damage our health. You are a wealth of knowledge, keep up the good work!!"
C.A. Locust Grove, GA

"This is one of the most extensive resources on health, diet and the environment that I have found. I am grateful to Debra Lynn Dadd for it."

"Practical and entertaining."
B.M., Pittsburgh, PA

"Debra's articles are so thoroughly researched that you can use the information, not only to improve your own family's health, but to help the planet!"
J.M. Gaithersburg, MD

"This is a great resource that can be trusted."

"An excellent resource for getting and staying healthy."
D.T. New York, NY

"I love your newsletter! Very informative and helpful. Easy to understand. Please keep them coming!"
G. Heimer North Liberty, IN

"It is a TREAT to get your expertise and knowledge in my mailbox!"
W.W. Black, NC

"Everyone should be made aware of your efforts to help make our environment less toxic by using 'green products' and having a cleaner world to live in."
L.F. Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This newsletter is a constant reminder of what is important with regard to the toxic environment in which we live. It provides information about this environment, but most importantly, it provides alternatives to our toxic use."
Y.L.T. Boston, MA

"A vast wealth of information for those who are persuing a healthy lifestyle."
K.B. Yucca Valley, CA

"A wealth of usable information regarding home and personal health."
E.G. Worcester, MA

"I look forward to every issue of Health, Home and Habitat. I not only read all of it, but I use the website links for more clean living. It's a resource I would not want to live without, as I quest for all the information I can find for a healthier, chemical free life for myself and my family."
P.C. Great Falls, MT

"People need to start being aware of how simple it is to improve our health and environment. Debra shows us how easy it is."
K.M. Denver, CO

"We all need to be environmentally conscious and Debra leads the way."
B.L.W. Pensacola, FL

"I love this newsletter because there is always good information and good recipes."
R.M. Brownsburg, IN

"For busy moms who are concerned about their families health and the planets health (which of course are really the same), this newsletter is your one-stop-shop of vital, concise information."

"Debra's newsletter has given me inspiration to strive toward 'healing' although at times it seemed overwhelming. I am now building a new home using your 'Healthy Home' information which is proving to be invaluable to my 'healthy home' builder and me. Thank you so much for such wisdom and encouragement."

"Debra Lynn Dadd is very enlightening. She makes you think about life and what's happening with you. And the recipes are great and healthy."
S.L. Indianapolis, IN

"Your newsletter is very informative and fun to read. I love all the non-toxic information and ideas. Thanks for putting out such a great newsletter!"
B.G.S. Merriam, KS

"Debra Lynn Dadd's newsletter contains unique info, delivered in a personal and conversational style."

"I like to find easy ways to improve my lifestyle. Your newsletter takes a lot of the experimenting out of it, for me!"
B.H. Edmonton Alberta, Canada

"I feel privileged to receive this free newsletter containing such valuable information and advice from a nationally renowned expert on environmental health issues."
K.J. Atlanta, GA

"This newsletter always hits the mark. So much is useful I could read on and on."

"Honest information that is not bought or paid for by companies seeking promotion! A rarity these days!!"
K.S. Aventura, FL

"This is the BEST online source for environmental issues within the home and immediate solutions I can do cheaply and quickly."
A.A. Toronto, ON, Canada

"Debra reminds us of the need to live in a less toxic world and shows how to do it. This is a must for this and future generations."

"I look so forward to each newsletter from Debra. They are filled with helpful information to keep my family healthy and safe!"
S.N. Marcellus, NY

"My first resource for trustworthy research, as well as common values. Love your spiritual sensibility and your humor. Your fresh approach to discovery and creativity inspire me."
L.G. Alameda, CA

"Debra's newsletter is so informative and covers such a myriad of subjects about natural living and what products are out there for the chemically sensitive population, that I eagerly look forward to each and every new issue!"

"If you want information on living a healthier, greener life, Debra is the woman with the answers."

"The best online resource if you desire a more organic, less toxic home, heart and life..."
L.M.J. Tyler, TX

"I really like the links to Debra's List, as it is very difficult to find natural products. I like when you give information about things like natural pesticides, non-toxic paints and finishes, natural food colors, and natural inks and markers, etc. It is looking at the non-food products that we are surrounded by every day that we rarely look at for toxicity. I also like that you don't present a problem without presenting its solution."
C.K. Clearwater, FL

"Debra's newsletter provides sensible tips to living a natural, environmentally-aware, healthy life -- presented in a lively, easy to read, entertaining format."

"Very informative and well-thought out." S.L.H - Escondido, CA

"This is a outstanding resource that everyone, bar none, can benefit from."
L.A. Erin, ON, Canada

"As an individual with MCS, Debra's newsletters have provided me with knowledge, inspiration and hope."
J.O. Spicewood, TX

"I can not find enough wounderful things to say...I am completely, 100% convinced that what I have learned from Debra has made me and my family healthier and stronger."
Anon, USA

"Debra has done a fantastic job pulling together an enormous number of products and tips. For anyone needing to learn about healthier products and household alternatives, I highly recommend this wonderful newsletter."
Anon, USA

"Reading this newsletter has tremendous benefits in staying up to date on practical health solutions that you will not find in other places."
P.F., Clearwater, FL

"For the spirit and specifics of sustainable living, I count on Debra's List. I highly recommend it!"
W.F.M. San Francisco, CA

"Light warm and very packed with vital information on how to love and live within your body AND your environment!"
Anon, USA

"I think your mission is heartfelt, your data is well-tested & reliable, & your information selection is impeccable!"
J.J.L. Boulder, CO

"Because of you and your first newsletters (snail ones), I was able to begin my journey to good health! Before that, I was being treated for illnesses and conditions that I inadvertently was bringing on myself due to environmental and nutritional sources. I am now a 'recovered' MCS victim! :)"
T.H. Braintree, MA

"Debra's writing style makes one feel she is speaking right to you -- makes reading the newsletter more enjoyable."
V.J.D. Clearwater, FL

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