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Healthy Gums from using essential oils


I recommend OraMD instead of toothpaste. It contains only almond, spearmint, and peppermint oils. For too many years my dentist had me coming in for cleaning every three months because my gums had pockets. I finally got fed up and found OraMD through a Google search. I brush my teeth with it twice a day instead of toothpaste and my dentist no longer worries about my gum health at my six month check-ups. I've been using it for nearly five years now - proof enough to me that it works. My husband and teenage son go to different dentists and had the same results. Try it!
I am not affiliated with this company in any way.

POSTED BY JILL A :: NEW JERSEY USA :: 03/02/2009 10:12 AM


This looks like a good formula to me. I have a little bottle of peppermint oil that I keep in my medicine cabinet because my dental hygienist told me years ago to use peppermint oil to heal my gums. I rarely have gum problems now, but if I do, the first thing I do is floss thoroughly and apply the peppermint oil with a Q-tip. Any bleeding or soreness goes away in 24 hours.

So your experience is consistent with mine.

Debra :-)


Would a diluted peppermint oil be a good mouthwash? I switched to tooth powder (love it) after reading about the coating properties of glycerine.

Now I have been looking for a mouthwash and am finding even the natural have glycerine.

On the other hand is a mouthwash necessary?

Thank you for the most interesting website on the net.

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: You're welcome! Anything peppermint oil is good for the mouth. My dental hygenist said it kills bacteria and I could use it for any mouth ailment. I can attest that it works! Whenever I have a sore tooth, I just put peppermint oil on it (full strength) and the problem clears up within 24 hours.


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