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Eyebrow pencil


I'm looking for a nontoxic or, at least, less toxic eyebrow pencil in a grey or brown. I've been using Logona, but it is difficult to apply smoothly. Any suggestions?

POSTED BY MARY :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 05/05/2009 8:12 AM


I don't use eyebrow pencil. Readers, your suggestions?

Debra :-)


I don't use eyebrow pencil either, but I am looking for a way to safely dye those white eyebrow hairs I seem to be getting too many of!

I henna the hair on my head, so my eyebrows weren't matching very well. I tried having my hair stylist dye my brows, but the white hair grows so fast that 2 weeks later, they were really obvious again! I've plucked some, but don't want to decimate my brows, as I like their shape as is.

I am hoping to find something like a mascara wand, that puts on a safe permanent or semi-permanent light brown color, that I could use just on the white hairs, not the whole brow. And of course it has to be safe near the eyes.

I don't want to use regular mascara, as I don't want the risk of color running down my face, or rubbing off on my pillow. I don't wear makeup usually, and don't want to have to put something on every morning, and take it off every evening.

Any ideas?


Many natural mineral makeup brands have brow colors but another option is to use mineral eyeshadow. I have never found a brow color that matched my brows so I started using the eyeshadow color that matched closest. It can be a cake or loose powder. Use a stiff angled brush and viola, you have complete control. It even looks more natural than pencil. There are many mineral makeup companies online and some in health food stores. Please look for the purest ones. There are many pretenders.


coastal classic creations has zero toxicity mineral makeup. I am replacing all my chanel, and fancy new york makeup slowly with theirs. if they dont have my color or item i need, i check out honeybee gardens, and their eyeshadows have sparkle, and they have a non-toxic eyeliner of jojoba oil. A third company i am using which also has zero toxicity per the cosmetics safety database is Rejuva. their colors & selection round out the non-toxic choices. everything else is questionable in terms of bio-accumulating fillers. Paul Penders is good, too, but less available. All this natural non-toxic makeup is gorgeous, and although it applies differently, I have peace!

POSTED BY SHELLS :: TEXAS USA :: 05/13/2009 6:18 AM

For any personal care items to use I go to (click on the link tha says "Skin Deep"). This is a non profit site that grades most personal care products by how toxic they are so you can choose the least toxic item that works for you. I never by any personal care items (including cosmetics) anymore without first consulting this site. It's awesome!

POSTED BY PAM :: MINNESOTA USA :: 05/19/2009 2:34 AM

My retail store and online store carries the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques line (made locally in UT, where I am). I know Lauren personally and see how she makes each of her products. They are all-natural and she uses as many organic ingredients as possible. She just came out with soft pencil eye liners and does have a dark BROWN and a CHARCOAL (gray). We had a customer who came in looking for the gray because it can be hard to find, especially in natural cosmetics. Even though they are eye liners they would work as brow pencils too!

Ingredients are: organic castor oil, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic cocoa butter, carnauba wax, organic antioxidant blend, (+/- mica, iron oxides, zinc)


I never buy any makeup, lotion, shampoo, lipbalm, conditioner, etc...without checking the COSMETICS SAFETY DATABASE. that's how I came to know the brands i bought were ZERO toxicity per their database. It takes perserverance, but I am totally estatic to have luxurious affordable long lasting beauty products. For bodycare, I always check Terressentials first. Their clay shampoos and sheabutter and cocoabutter balms and creams are yummy. I agree with the lady above who always checks the (environmental working database first. I also agree with the other blogger who decided to use a shadow that matches her brows. Coastal Classic Creations probably has your perfect non toxic color. Enjoy!

POSTED BY SHELLS :: TEXAS USA :: 06/09/2009 10:33 AM

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