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My husband is planning to get lower dentures and the dentist is going to use mini implants. I think they are made from titanium. Do you have any info on how safe this is? He is missing is bottom molears so he doesn't really have a choice as his bottom front teeth are starting to loosen and he needs to be able to chew! Thanks, JC

POSTED BY JC :: GEORGIA USA :: 06/24/2009 6:59 AM


Titanium is considered a "bio-compatible" metal, used in many medical applications with a long history of being safe.

Debra :-)


Depending on his health and your financial situation I would look into having a dental material compatibility testing done by Clifford Laboratories.It costs about $200.


re. implants.

Go to

Read thoroughly. It is amazing. There are several of us ( mature people ) who travel to Omaha to be treated. There are also products ( inexpensive )to be used at home.

Read the information. All non toxic. No surgery. Tightens loose teeth.


My dentist won't use tianium, but he informed me a week ago that 2 months ago zirconium was approved by the FDA which he considers to be the most benign metal to use in one's mouth. He actually refuses to use any metals, but will now make an exception.

POSTED BY EDY :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 07/03/2009 3:08 PM

Edy of California mentioned that her dentist is using the newly FDA approved zirconium dental implants. I am very interested in this as I do not want to use any metals in any part of the implant. I am requesting to know the name and address of this dentist in California. I live in Northern California north of San Francisco and the dentists in my area are not using this yet. They are only using titanium. I would appreciate knowing the name and address of any dentist that is using or would consider using zirconium in the implant, the abutment and the crown.

Thank you.
M. R and D.M.

POSTED BY M. R. :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 07/08/2009 3:36 PM

so sorry didn't include contact info. You'll probably bet a recording, but they ALWAYS answer the messages. This is due to his stroke which he had recovered from very well. 707-829-0200

POSTED BY EDY :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 07/09/2009 11:25 AM

I'm hoping this is OK with my dentist, his name is Andrew Landerman in Sabastopol. He recently had a stroke and is practicing at a limited basis, but he is still practicing and taking new patients. He is a wonderful dentist and very caring. He also has a cavitat machine and can tell you if any root canals are causing you problems. I can't recommend this man enough. He is an icon.

POSTED BY EDY :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 07/09/2009 11:25 AM

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