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My German Shepherd dog has a beautiful glossy coat that stays flea and tick free with the following Daily Diet:

1 cup of Merrick Holistic Dry Food (she likes the Campfire Trout Feast best. If I can't get Merrick, I buy whatever natural, holistic dry food is available.

1 Ground Sirloin patty, RAW that I buy from Costco. They also have Ground Beef but it has a lot more fat content.)

2 fresh eggs RAW from our range free chickens mixed in,

Supplements: 4 GARLIC CHEWABLES and 2 FRESH FACTORS tabs that I buy from (I use a large kitchen knife to reduce the tabs to a coarse power and add 1/3 to 1/4 cup warm water and stir to make the gravy.)

I live in Hawaii and fleas and ticks love our year around tropical climate and this diet does the job better than anything I've ever tried! I don't use any commercial flea or tick products at all.

German Shepherds descended from wolves and naturally prefer a raw food/scavenger type diet. A researcher named Pottenger is famous for his research on cats and their diet: cooked food vs. raw food. See for the very interesting and enlightening research summary.

POSTED BY PAPAMAUI :: HAWAII USA :: 07/06/2009 2:00 PM


My cats eat day old and 2week old feeder chicks (of course raw, the whole prey), some small dressed rabbits whenever I can get some good ones, some grain-free kibble on the side (they like the crunch and cats love to nibble and eat several small meals from dusk till dawn), and occasionally (very occasionally) some small birds or rabbits in the yard.

Yet: this year we are being bombarded with fleas and ticks and mosquitoes. Until now I was a believer that raw fed cats and dogs don't get fleas...

I have also heard from other completely raw feeding folks that they often have flea invasions, depending on area and weather.

We live on Delmarva and so far it has been unusually mild (around 80) and very wet. Perfect for those nasty buggers to reproduce like crazy!

But other than that I would also never feed a dog or cat processed commercial food only. 'That's as if I were eating only mac and cheese and dry cereal my entire life.

Cats are even less domesticated and closer to their ancestors than dogs but even a chihuahua thrives better on raw.

And I read somewhere that even a chihuahua is able to mate with a wolf and produce offspring if it weren't for the size and maybe the wolf being a bit too aggressive for a spoiled rotten chihuahua.

POSTED BY ULLI :: MARYLAND USA :: 07/08/2009 3:20 PM

I think that is great. I have a Belgian Malinois and feed her in a similar way. I have a cat who just passed and she was 21 years old. I fed her mainly a raw food diet the last 10 years of her life and she was robust up until a week before she died. Thanks for getting the word out.


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