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Are earrings safe?



Stainless steel cookware isn't safe; nickel makes me feel stressed and makes my eyes feel stressed. Is there nickel in earrings? Are metal/silver earrings safe? How about gold earrings? And how about gold earrings that are silver? I am thinking about stop wearing earrings and let the holes heal.

Is pearcing ear lobes a good or bad idea in terms of health?


POSTED BY YH :: MICHIGAN USA :: 07/15/2009 5:33 AM


There can be nickel in earrings.

The toxicity of metals is a whole subject in itself, something that I plan to study more thoroughly after I complete my website redesign and restructuring I am in the midst of right now. They don't give off toxic fumes, however, they can be absorbed through the skin.

Metals can also affect health in ways that are not about toxicity. A friend of mine just recently told me about a necklace her husband gave her almost twenty years ago. She has worn it continuously since that day. She has had a lot of health problems. It turned out to be her necklace. It's silver or gold, I don't remember. She stopped wearing the necklace and her symptoms significantly improved.

I also seem to recall something about how piercing the body can affect energy meridians.

The body is a finely tuned instrument. Many environmental factors can affect it for better or worse.

If you think the earrings are affecting your health, don't wear them.

The only jewelry I wear is my wedding rings. Gold and diamonds. But I don't even wear these continuously. I like to wear them most of the time, but there are times when I take them off and just let my body be as it is in it's natural state.

I'll be writing more about metals in the near future.

Debra :-)



I have been researching materials for body jewelry lately so I thought I would share what I have learned - and ask a question of my own ;) It is possible to be sensitive to any metal but the most common by far is nickel.

Yes, there is nickel in most stainless steel (even surgical stainless steel). However, it is said that stainless steel is covered in a layer of pure chromium oxide, which makes it inert. The chromium oxide layer can be worn or scratched but renews itself quickly with exposure to air. From what I can find, it sounds like this makes it OK for all but the most sensitive, who might need a nickel-free variety.

Gold also tends to contain nickel, especially white (silver-colored)gold. 24k gold is pure - but soft and expensive. Softness means it scratches easily, and scratches can collect bacteria and cause infection in a piercing.

Sterling silver might be OK, though I am concerned about oxidization and argyria. It also may have problems with bacteria because of its softness.

Titanium is supposed to be the most bio-compatible metal. It contains aluminum but it is said to be covered in pure titanium oxide so that the body is not exposed to the aluminum.

A new favorite for piercing is PTFE, also known as Bioflex in jewelry...and Teflon in cooking. It definitely has toxicity issues when exposed to high temperatures but what about in piercing applications? The jewelry is entirely made of PTFE so maybe it does not need toxic PFOA to disperse it in a thin coating like it does in pans - and primers to make it stick? Everything I could find about PTFE in pierced jewelry sounds pretty great. It is said to be completely inert, that body fluids do not stick to it so that piercings heal much faster when PTFE is used instead of other materials. They say that it is almost unheard-of for people to react to PTFE jewelry. Also, its flexibility makes it comfortable, less prone to injury, and very practical - it can be easily cut to size, and you can screw any ends onto it and it takes the threading.

I would love to be able to use this since my eyebrow piercing is a bit smaller that usual so the ends of regular barbell posts always stick out! However, I am chemically sensitive so I react to lots of things that 'normal' people do not and I am worried about reactions. I have had my piercings for years so they are very fully healed which might help. So...I wondered if debra and the other knowledgeable people here might know anything about this. Have any of you other chemically sensitive folks out there used PTFE jewelry successfully?

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: I do not wear jewelry other than my gold wedding rings, but the idea of PFTE jewelry doesn't appeal to me.

POSTED BY JOY :: MICHIGAN CANADA :: 10/02/2009 2:07 PM

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