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Is mineral makeup dangerous


I switched to mineral makeup because it contains fewer chemicals and synthetic ingredients. However, I have recently read that it is unsafe to inhale titanium dioxide and kaolin, which are common ingredients in mineral makeup. It is difficult to apply loose powder mineral makeup without inhaling some of the dust -- does anyone know if this is something to be genuinely concerned about?

POSTED BY MGR :: FLORIDA USA :: 08/19/2009 11:01 AM


One thing that is important to keep in mind regarding assessing danger is how much of a potentially hazardous substance your are exposed to. Remember "the dose makes the poison."

A lot of the toxicity data that is available comes from safety standards set for workplace exposure, not consumer exposure. I've seen many products contain ingredients that are "dust hazards" in the workplace, but at home, we use so little there is hardly a dust hazard. Think of scouring powder, for example.

The OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit for the workplace is 15 milligrams per cubic meter. Same for kaolin. All day long. You're applying your makeup for less than a minute.

Keep in mind that this is a dust hazard, it's a mechanical particle thing. It is the same for any dust. Mineral makeup isn't any more dusty than any other face powder or body powder or baking flour. It's all dust.

I'm not concerned about it.

Debra :-)


Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques mineral cosmetics are one of the only brands out there that does not contain Titanium Dioxide in any of their loose powder products. The Mineral Foundations, Silk Veils (slightly lighter than the foundation), and Finishing Powder come packaged with mini round satin puffs so that the powders can be applied more like a pressed powder rather than with a kabouki brush, decreasing the possibility of powder inhalation while applying.


I would like to comment on this mineral makeup post. I too have a lot of sensativity to many things and makeup being one of them. I also have dry eye syndrome which magnafies the allergies in my eyes. I cant wear Any makeup even the hypo and for sensative eyes either. I do use and can safely wear mineral makeup. BUT there are a lot of companies on the market claiming to be mineral makeup and they also have other binders and chemicals in the products that are not all natural. My eyes will let me know first hand if there are chemicals in anything!!

I have spent 10 years trying every brand I find claiming to be mineral and safe. The only one that I have used safely and am very happy with and they will send you a complete list of the ingredients list for each item if requested is Bare Escentuals. I have a book that has tons of chemicals listed and what they are made from and used that to do my research on. I didn't see anything in this makeup that alarmed me as not being safe.

I have been using it for almost 10 years now and I love it. It is not easy to apply it and yes a dab too much and your a clown! I found that if I clean my face and apply a little more moisturizer on my fce ( which I make my own face cleansing and moisturizing products myself) and immediatly apply my foundation. then using a cotton powderpuff to blot all over my face, this sets the makeup and the rest of what i apply goes on like any other makeup. Another secret I leaned myself when learning how to apply this powder correctly and not have more powder on my cheecks then i did on my eyes I learned a little trick off of a beauty pagent show. Get your eye brushes damp first then wipe the wetness off on a clean dry rag so it will be damp dry. This way the natural hairs will hold the powder IN the hairs( use a natural real hair application brush and not the synthetic brushes) This way you dont get the powder fall off under your eye the downfall to most powder makeup. If you use a synthetic brush the powder does not stick properly IN the hairs and the powder falls off.The naturtal oils in the natural hairs is one secret to good powder application and the other is to have the hairs damp dry. You can also rub the hairs with your moisturizer to oil down the hairs to make the powder stick in the hairs and not on top of the hairs.

just dont glop the oil on, juts a little that is still on your fingers after you applied it to your face is enough to rub through the hairs.Then wipe a stroke or two on a dry cloth to remove any access water or oil you applied to the brush. Now your ready. use the powder that is attached to the lid of the jar and tap off any lose powder before applying.Swirl the brush around the lid to work the powder deep into the hairs and tap off several taps to knock off any access loose powder.

There is a lot of color deep in the hairs, more than you may realize so dont keep applying more powder to the brush, let the color that is down in the hairs do the work for you. Thats the secret to applying this makeup.I had to teach myself how to get professional results with powder and it works.

I hope this helps anyone who cant use makeup and to make sure your getting the REAL mineral makeup. I advise you spend a day juts to learn to do the tricks because it doeas take some learning to get it right and not look clownish. This is a learned technique that takes time to master to get it right :0)


Because I have a lot of customers who've been using Bare Escentuals, I've contacted them to find out their ingredients. They told me that the mineral foundation contains: Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Mica, Bismuth Oxychloride, Iron Oxides.

According to the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetics Database, though Titanium Dioxide is natural, there are concerns regarding inhalation. Bismuth Oxychloride can also be an issue as it is a known skin irritant. Bare Escentuals is a NON SIGNER of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and many of their products rate a 5 (the database rating system is 0 - 10 with 10 being the highest/worst).

There are many good mineral makeups out there but you have to READ THE INGREDIENT LABELS. Even those that have an all-natural mineral foundation, will tend to sell many other items in their line that are not (primers can be one of the worst).

Lauren Brooke Comsetiques has SIGNED and has full member status. All of their products rate 0-2 on the Cosmetics Data Base. The ingredients in the mineral foundation are: Mica, Boron Nitride, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Silk Powder, Certified Organic Jojoba Oil infused with Flower Essences, Certified Organic Vegetable Starch, Pearl Powder, Certified Organic MSM, Comfrey-derived Allantoin, Certified Organic Neem Extract, Certified Organic Olive Extract, & Certified Organic Raspberry Extract (+/- Ultramarine, Iron Oxides).

Another great brand is Earth's Beauty, however the coverage is much lighter than most mineral foundations. Their Mineral Colours SPF15 ingredients are: organic/wild crafted blend of arrowroot, kaolin, magnesium stearate, zinc stearate, zinc oxide, and iron oxides.

It's a good idea to avoid mineral makeup that is made with Nano Particles. Both Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques and Earth's Beauty are Nano Particle Free.


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