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I'm not sure if this question fits the guidelines, but I don't know where else to get an answer I trust. I'm looking for a website similar to your sweet savvy website about fats. I'd like some good solid information on which fats are good for you and which aren't that is based on a naturalistic point of view. Search engine results aren't very helpful. Thanks in advance.

POSTED BY JIE T. ELINS :: UTAH USA :: 10/05/2009 1:57 PM


The best book I've read on fat is Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Dr. Mary Enig. This book is endorsed by the Weston A. Price Foundation, whose food recommendations are rooted in traditional foods eaten by pre-industrial societies.

Though the book is heavy on coconut oil, it clearly explains the different fats and explains which fats not to use and why, and which fats are beneficial and why.

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