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Flat Tummy?


How do you suppose we women could rid ourselves of this little bit of flab?

I am 5'2" and weigh in at about 140lbs. Most of that weight is in my thighs and tummy. I am 23 years old.

I love the book, Eat fat Lose fat, and have applied most of it to my daily diet (i.e., cod liver oil and coconut oil every day).


POSTED BY CHRISTY G. :: TEXAS USA :: 10/06/2009 1:39 PM


Readers, what successful experience do you have with this?

Debra :-)



Cardio workouts and avoiding fat in your diet tend to be the things that work for me. I'm also 5'2" (weigh 105), but I have to work at it. Trust me. At 23, you have everything on your side. It's harder as you get older. Making good food choices, like eating lots of fiber and drinking a lot of water, makes a huge difference. Never drink diet sodas or eat anything with artificial sweeteners. These things are toxic and also cause water retention and bloating.

Good luck!

POSTED BY LISA :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 10/09/2009 5:17 PM

I HIGHLY recommend the book by William Wolcott called The Metabolic Typing Diet: Customize Your Diet to Your Own Unique Body Chemistry. As Debra has counseled for many years, the best diet is the one that works for YOU. There is a ton of "standardized" nutritional and diet advice out there, but you are not "standard" - you are a unique biochemical individual, and should eat and live like one. IMHO this book will help you to understand your unique chemical makeup and assist you to find a solid eating plan tailored to your specific functioning and needs. Good luck on your journey of health!


I focus on 'nutrient density' - I eat as much as I want of foods with a high proportion of vitamins/minerals to calories and as little as possible of foods with high calories and low nutrition. If I am craving junk, first I try to eat something similar enough to satisfy but healthier (eg. berries instead of candies) and if nothing else will do, I eat one bite and put the package away. Sometimes I need to get it out a few times but putting it away in between means that I stop and think about each bite (and stop when laziness becomes greater than the craving!) Also, I avoid additives as much as possible. I have been doing this for years and it has kept my weight just where I like it without feeling deprived or even trying that hard. I mostly focus on health instead of weight and the weight mostly takes care of itself!

POSTED BY JOY :: MICHIGAN CANADA :: 10/12/2009 2:24 PM

I agree with most of Sally Fallon's theories in her books...I do the coconut oil everyday and I have to say that my tummy went flat and my whole body became much healthier after I began taking digestive enzymes that are stronger than what you can find at the regular health food store. Enzyme Formulations, Inc., they have enzymes you can purchase on line, but the best way is to ask them to find you a local practioner to help you so that you can get the stronger enzymes meant specifically for what your body needs. I have seen them make a huge difference in several people's lives.

Hope this helps!

POSTED BY TEXAS COOK :: TEXAS USA :: 10/12/2009 2:35 PM

Hi, I do yoga, have been for nearly 10 years. Still there was some mid section flab. Recently I began to do some yoga abdominal twists and other pilates type workouts. Nothing really too strenuous but just incorporating it into my yoga. I noticed a difference within a few weeks. Amazing. The book I found the ab work in was Journey into Power by Baron Baptiste. Don't be scared by the word "power". Just take the ab work he offers, I believe there are 3 or 4 different exercises, and try them, following his guidelines. Good Luck!

POSTED BY REENIE :: FLORIDA USA :: 10/13/2009 4:51 PM

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