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I appreciate this website so very much. It has helped to educate me about the things that make me sick. So thankful for all your very good information.

My question is that I have a "red and raw" irritation. The doctor had no advice for me once he ruled out infection. I have been trying to figure out the cause. I started wondering if toilet paper could do this to me. (That is where the problem is) We use some that we buy at Costco that is very white. The paper has no fragrances.

Could that be at least a cause of the rawness? I would appreciate any information or advice you can give me. Thank you so much.

POSTED BY DEBBIE :: NEW MEXICO USA :: 10/16/2009 12:24 PM


Toilet paper could certainly be the problem. Even if there is no fragrance, the paper itself could be an irritant.

We use Scott 1000. I know there is recycled toilet paper, but I don't feel comfortable using recycled paper for this purpose. I don't know what toxic materials might remain in the recycled paper of that rough quality.

You could also use a bidet. This website has a little video that shows how a bidet works:

And check out this blog for more discussion on toilet paper: ReNest: Green Alternatives to Toilet Paper.

Debra :-)


Debra, good point about the recycled paper, not knowing the source of the paper. I figured at least it would not be chlorine bleached and would be therefore less irritating, but it shreds so badly when wet that it isn't very reliable. Plus it is coarse, and not gentle.

I am home all day, so I can do this: I keep an 8 oz. squeeze bottle full of water, or a dash of vinegar plus water, handy for a quick rinse off before using the toilet paper. When women give birth they are given one of these bottles to use to keep the stitches clean. Or you can moisten the t.p. directly from the bottle. It doesn't solve the problem for me entirely but helps.

They are available on the internet. Mine says Medline Cleansing bottle. Or you could try Googling peri-bottle or perineal care. Your local medical supply may carry them. They are inexpensive. You can take one with you when traveling, so it is nice to have an extra or two.

I also think it is helpful to address the nutritional aspect. Mucous membranes need Vitamin A, not just beta-carotene, and riboflavin, maybe Vit. E. Are you taking a good multiple?

POSTED BY MARY :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 10/21/2009 2:28 PM

I had the same problem--finally got better using Seventh Generation toilet paper. Only have the problem now if traveling so take it with us.It seems like such a small thing but it certainly makes a huge difference! Tried different brands but Seventh Generation is the only one that was not irritating for me.


I have had the same red, raw irritation for 3 years now. I've attributed it to chemical exposures. If I stay home and don't go anywhere then it goes away no matter what kind of food I eat. I was wondering about food allergies causing it. The more I go out to stores, etc. the redder it gets. I also wondered about a yeast infection too. However, the doctor has taken a swab and no yeast was present. The other possibility is even though wiping after a bowel movement sometimes even when trying to be very thorough you may not clean it all off entirely and it becomes an irritant kind of like diaper-rash even though it doesn't look like diaper-rash. Try using chlorine free baby wipes.


I have a friend with the same problem. For her it is laundry detergent. All Free & Clear works for her.

I love Seventh Generation baby wipes.


With Chronic Fatigue, I don't take a shower every day, takes too much energy. I have a sort of sponge bath routine, first using wet paper towels, and then wet scraps of fabric. I was surprised at your comment about not using recycled toilet paper. I have been using Marcal recycled paper towels thinking that since they are non-chlorine bleached they would be safer than the usual chlorine-bleached variety. Of course, the paper they are recycled from was probably chlorine-bleached in the beginning.

I also use Marcal paper towels to blot vegetables dry when moisture accumulates in their plastic bags after a day or two. (I wash all my produce at once for the week ahead.)

Do you feel the Marcal brand recycled paper towels would be less safe than the regular super market (chlorine-bleached) paper towels?

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: They probably are about the same, but I have no lab tests to base this on, just an estimation. I don't use many paper towels, but don't use them at all around food.

POSTED BY MARY :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 11/27/2009 4:27 PM

I am a male, but use Seventh Generation, and find it good. I did see a link somewhere awhile back about a device that you could fit to your toilet, and it would clean you "bidet style" when you turned a small knob.

I had a problem awhile back, and it turns out it was psoriasis, same as my mom has. The Dr. prescribed different creams for the private areas, chest, and face - and inner ears.


I have several "pee rags" which are actually pretty cotton clothes - you could use handkerchiefs - and keep one hanging near the toilet. (I work at home). Every night I rinse it out. It saves money and I was always uncomfortable using a manufactured item on my private parts.

POSTED BY RITA VAIL :: ARKANSAS USA :: 12/03/2009 10:49 AM

I also use the single rolls of Scott toilet paper. I have had reactions to other brands. I was having an issue also, and found that fresh lemon juice applied to the area helped alot.
Paper products have really changed imo..I can barely tolerate any paper towels anymore.

POSTED BY ZOE :: CONNECTICUT USA :: 12/11/2009 4:01 PM


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