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I want to find an electric skillet that has a stone, ceramic or stainless steel finish; or even cast iron. I also hope to find a breadmaker and food dehydrator with safe finishes. I have struck out on all three.

However, I may have found more alternatives to non-stick! Plus I also found a $20 wood trivet that fits around the large soapstone griddle from "Brazil on my Mind" - (which is cheapest from Greenfeet).

* Trivet for griddle:

* Deni electric grill uses STONE! Flat, no oil can be used but may be able to stir veggies in butter in the 8 raclette pans? It's $64 at

* Staub 10x8 all-enamelled cast iron rectangular pan with wood base! $89 looks awesome, easy care except: must avoid high heat

* Chantal 10-piece set with enamel frying pan and glass covers to dream on!! $340 + high heat OK (none of the pieces have nonstick finishes)

* Chantal enamel cast-iron frying pan $30 on sale is NOT nonstick but maybe a better pan won't burn on so much.

LA CHAMBA: I've found that the elusive La Chamba black clay pots usually list a phone number to order, except on sites such as: and fundraising sites such as this bargain:
* La Chamba covered 8 pot with two handles $44.95;
This purchase restores 2290.0 sq. ft of rainforest!

Unusual La Chamba pieces $24 baking pan 9 x 9 and a mug $16.95

Some more unusual pieces: a La Chamba pan insert is inside a woven server; also a COW pot, fondue, & 3-bowl condiment piece

Thanks for promoting great cookware, Debra!!

POSTED BY FRAN M. :: TEXAS USA :: 01/02/2007 7:01 AM


Thanks, Fran, for sharing your finds!

Debra :-)


I ordered the Deni electric grill as mentioned above.

It is advertised as Granite stone from Italy. I called the manufacturer and asked if there was a coating on it. I was told that there is not coating but it IS NOT NATURAL STONE. It is a manufactured POLY STONE.


Linda in AZ

POSTED BY LINDA IN AZ :: ARIZONA USA :: 01/12/2007 5:21 PM

I appreciate the concern but the stone is heavy and rough, hefts like marble and has one polished (ground until smooth) surface, not really a "coating". I emailed the company just to be sure ( [email protected] ) and below is their reply.

As for the manufacturer, I also googled Keystone Manufacturing Co., Inc., which seems to be a huge operation dealing in metalwork, and probably made the metal part of the grill. Since I have no doubt that the stone is granite, I didn't call them. I am only supplying their phone number (724-775-2227) for anyone who wants to take the time to ask further.

From: [email protected]
To: "'Fran'"
Subject: RE: from a customer - please help me answer this about your product
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 09:36:51 -0500

The stone is granite.


Customer Service

POSTED BY FRAN :: TEXAS USA :: 01/15/2007 2:22 PM


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