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I'm wondering if stainless steel cookware with either the aluminum or copper core   " attatched"  to the bottoms for even heating affect the foods during heating ?

Also I notice there are different number of layers to stainless steel           
anywhere from 3 ply to 7 ply ...your input here also.

Thank you.

POSTED BY MARIA :: NEW YORK USA :: 01/15/2007 8:43 AM


Aluminum and copper "cores" attached to the bottom of pans are there to improve the heat distribution of the stainless steel. Since the pan itself it stainless steel, the aluminum and copper has no contact with the food. The food is entirely protected by the stainless steel pan. The aluminum and copper plates are attached to the outside of the pan.

The word "ply" simply refers to a layer, so 3-ply would be 3 layers, 7-ply would be 7 layers, etc. The more layers, the thicker the steel, the thicker the steel, the "heavier" the pan, the heavier the pan, the better the heat distribution.

Debra :-)


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