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It Pays to Shop Around for Organic Food

I know I've mentioned buying organic food at Costco in the past, but after an experience I had over the weekend, I just have to mention it again.

We've been having a cold snap here in Florida (I know you Northerners are going to laugh when I tell you it's been getting down to 48 degrees!) and even though I usually make chicken stock from scratch, I decided to purchase some. Pacific Natural Foods Organic Free-Range Chicken Broth, is $4.46 for a one quart carton at my local Albertson's supermarket. At my local independently owned natural food store it is $3.69. And at Costco I bought a box of 6-1 quart boxes for 9.95--that's $1.66 a carton!

I bought 3 boxes of six cartons for $29.98. That's 18 cartons. It would have cost me $66.42 at the natural food store and $80.28 at the supermarket! I saved $50.30! That, to me, is a HUGE difference!

Readers, I'd like to know your tips on how you save money buying organic food.

Debra :-)


my name is laurie P. from chippewa falls wi. so nice debra to hear where the robins are and them migrating in flocks, so cool! here in wisconsin i have never seen them in a flock. they always are gone in the fall as it gets colder and show back up in a real scattered manner as it get warmer in spring.ever see any bluebirds down there? I have been the proud "grandma" of about 40 little ones over the last several years since we put up some bluebird houses. we help out "ma and pa" bluebird with meal worms when the babies first hatch out.i have chuckled so to see the mother and father bird grab up to 30 meal worms in their individual beaks at one time and charge to the bluebird house.[i watch with my binoculars]. when they leave in the fall they take my heart with them. they are so sweet!

now about saving money on organic food. In my area in chippewa falls most of the stores have an organic aisle that is for the most part overpriced. i have found that the best way to save in this area is at menomenie market, a local food co-op.there you can buy alot of stuff in bulk like flour and beans and if you are a member you can get 10 percent case discounts. i do this alot with stuff i go thru faster, like organic olive oil and organic tea. you pay more up front but a 10 percent discount on stuff you use fast anyway will add up in the long run and save you money.

based on my experience i would recommend people checking out the local natural food co-ops in their area. they all probably have similar type deals and discounts as the one i belong to. you can plug food co-ops or health food stores or something like this and info nationally will come up.i have done this before when i and my husband have gone on trips, to find a health food store where we will be. cause it is not my idea of fun on a trip to have to eat rotten tasting low quality food that i am not used to any more.

the other thing i would suggest is check out the local organic farmers in your area. we get raw milk and delishus organic eggs weekly from a organic farmer that lives about 5 mile from us. the milk is 4. dollars a gallon compared to 8.dollars in the store{organic}. also we get a quarter of organic beef from a different local organic farmer for 2.dollars a pound and that includes the steaks and soup bones and everything. the stuff we get directly from the farmers tastes the best and is the best priced. also it is just a good idea to support these guys. in my area anyway they are in the minority yet and get harassed by the government and other non-organic farmers and the big corporate dairy farms in lots of subtle yet difficult to bear ways.if you believe in the power of prayer pray for these guys! I do. you have to ask around though and do a little detective work. cause the farmers generally don't advertise but it is worth the effort to find them!

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: Hi Laurie. No bluebirds here, but glad you have them. I agree with all your recommendations. Here where I live, we don't have coops or farmers. I miss them. We had them in California. We do have a private coop that has things like grassfed beef, but these items are way beyond my food budget to eat every day..


The way I save LOTS of money on organics is by requesting coupons directly from the manufacturers. If you look on the packaging of a lot of your organic & natural foods/products you will find their email address. Visit their site and some will let you print coupons for their products directly on your home printer. If you're like me and don't have access to a printer send the company an email and ask them to send you coupons via postal mail. I've received great money saving coupons from companys like Amy's Kitchen, Ecover, Seventh Generation, Brown Cow, Stoneyfield Farm, and many others.

The following address has direct links from many organic/natural product companies where you can print or request coupons: Grocery Coupon Money Saving Guide

Mambo Sprouts will also mail you coupon booklets filled w/coupons from various different companies if you live w/in their mailing area. You can also print coupons from their site on your home printer. They also distribute their coupons to retailers such as Whole Foods and you can usually find them at the checkout counter.

Hope this helps some of you save some moolah! :)

POSTED BY ALYSSA :: FLORIDA USA :: 02/08/2007 2:03 PM


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