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Resources for Finding a Holistic Dentist


If you are looking for a holistic dentist, you can contact the following associations to find a holistic/biological dentist in your area:

I cannot personally vouch for some of the dentists that may be on these lists. One would have to call and interview them as to their treatment philosophy.

Not all biological or holistic dentists are the same. There are extremely wide differences in philosophy, training, protocols, materials and procedures. The one common denominator is that none of them place amalgam fillings. But all similarities end at that point.

Here are some questions to ask when considering a holistic dentist.

What precautions do they take when they remove mercury (amalgam or silver) fillings?

Do they do root canals or implants? (we don't recommend these)

Do they believe that a metal-free mouth is the ideal?

Do their crowns contain metals or porcelain that has aluminum in it? Do they make metal-free crowns and bridges? Sculpture FiberKore is a metal-free, biocompatible crown material that we like.

How do they clean out a socket after they remove a tooth? Do they remove the periodontal ligament, unsound bone and any infection?

Do they use homeopathics?

Do they do any kind of test for anesthesia and dental materials?

Does their hygienist do fluoride treatments? (we don't use fluoride)

Visit our web site, to see our protocols, which may suggest other questions you'll want to ask.



Thanks, Cary. Readers, this is from the office of my holistic dentist, Dr. Ray Behm, who I know personally and trust. I would follow this advice when choosing a holistic dentist.

Debra :-)


I had all my amalgam fillings removed at Groton Dental Wellness Spa in Groton, MA. They gave me the kit to take to my local hospital to have my blood drawn and sent out to see what dental materials would be compatible to replace the amalgam. They won't do root canals. They follow the Weston A Price philosophy and have teaching clinics and educational materials and supplies for sale. I actually look forward to going there. They are super friendly and it has a quiet nurturing environment. It is an hour and fourty five minute drive each way and well worth it.

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