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Debra and/or Readers,

I have a CorningWare Slow Cooker (model SC-60). This is the second slow cooker i have tried. The first had a plastic base that heated up and off-gassed terribly. This one is described as "cool touch" so I thought perhaps the base would not off-gas as much. But it does. The question is, Do you think it is possible to heat it up and let it off-gas in the basement sufficiently for it to be safe the house? My basement has open windows and a cross draft. The base is made from a hard plastic, is it PVC?

Also regarding the "StoneWare insert", do you think that is safe once it is cleaned?

I love the idea of a slow cooker but wonder if I will have to spring for the more expensive stainless steel model. Any suggestions for a safe version that is not over $100?

thank you




I personally don't have a slow cooker, but I think they are a good idea. So I haven't looked at them carefully enough to make a recommendation. Readers? What slow cookers do you like?

With regard to the may or may not be PVC. You can call Corning and ask. I don't know how long it would take to outgas.

My rule of thumb is to always look for the less toxic materials and buy those. So I would buy the stainless steel even if it costs more. In the long run you'll save money on medical bills.

Debra :-)


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