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apple juice vs apple cider--what's the difference?


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What is the difference between Apple Juice & Apple Cider? How would you make your own Apple Cider?

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POSTED BY HAH :: NEW YORK USA :: 03/02/2007 12:35 PM


Apple cider and apple juice are the same in that they are both made from the juice of apples, and there is no legal distinction with regard to labeling.

However, "apple cider" is often used to refer to raw apple juice that has not undergone a filtration process to remove coarse particles of pulp or sediment (such as is often sold at roadside apple stands and at natural food stores) as opposed to the clear, filtered apple juice that is "cooked" (pasturized with heat).

I've seen on store shelves apple cider and apple juice side by side from the same producer, both pasturized. My experience has been that the apple juice is filtered, and the apple cider is not. I've also noticed filtered "apple juice" and filtered "apple cider" side-by-side on the shelf, and having purchased both can tell you that the cider had a stronger flavor, like perhaps it had been boiled down some to make it richer.

If you want to make "apple cider" (and that would be the correct term--raw, unpasturized juice of the apple), there are apple cider presses (that cost $500-700) and complicated instructions. An easier way to get fresh apple juice is to put an apple with some water in a Vitamix, which will completely pulverize the entire apple--flesh, skin, seeds, and all (except for the little plastic label). Takes about 30 seconds and is delicious!

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