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I know that ordinary table salt is nothing but sodium chloride. My problem is trying to settle on a company to buy Himalayan salt from. Every one of the companies that I have looked at claim that they are the "one and only". And, on one site, they claim that if the salt is not red, then it is not the real Himalayan salt. Gosh, I thought the salt came in a variety of colors, depending on where the salt was mined from. Which company would you buy from?

POSTED BY P. T. :: NEVADA USA :: 07/25/2006 12:00 PM


First, let me say a few words about salt for readers who don't yet know about different kinds of salt.

The salt that is in most salt shakers and used in most food processing is refined salt, containing pure sodium chloride and nothing else. Natural salt as it occurs in the Earth contains a broad spectrum of minerals. It is refined for industrial purposes, used in factories to make various products, and is also used industrially as a cheap food preservative. Refined salt has been associated with health problems such as water retention and high blood pressure.

Natural salt actually restores health to the body by providing needed minerals as well as sodium and chloride. Many functions in the body just won't happen without sufficient salt. In ancient times, before salt was refined, natural salt was considered to be one of the most valuable substances on Earth, and essential to life.

Once you've made the leap from refined salt to natural, then the next choice is whether to choose sea salt or salt from the Earth. All salt originally was from the sea, but as the Earth changed over time, some of those evaporated seas are now underground in salt deposits. One area of such deposits is under the Himalayan Mountains.

Salt in the Earth is often mined by use of explosives and other devices that are less than eco-friendly. Mechanical mining can also change the energy matrix of the salt. Mining and processing by hand preserves the energetic quality of the salt.

I buy a brand of Himalayan salt called "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt. It comes from a deposit of salt from a sea that evaporated millions of years ago, from a time when the planet was a pristine ecosystem. Then when the Himalayan mountain range was formed, the degree of compression was so extreme that it created perfectly structured crystal grids within the salt, giving it a unique bio-energetic pattern. The salt is gently hand-mined, hand-selected, hand-crushed with stones, hand-washed, and sun dried, both to preserves the Himalayan ecosystem and retains the original bio-energetic qualities of the salt.

All natural salts are better for health than refined salt. The only salt that I know of that has been scientifically tested for its health benefits is "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt.

The book Water and Salt--The Essence of Life (a very interesting book to read) tells of a study done at the Institute of Biophysical Research in Graz, Austria. Nearly 400 volunteers were asked to drink biophysically active natural spring water mixed with "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt. They were also instructed to not consume any refined salt and only use "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt to season their foods. The volunteers followed this program for three months. At the end of the study, the researchers found that the volunteers experienced health improvements ranging from more physical energy and greater vitality to increased sexual activity and an overall feeling of enhanced well-being.

There are several websites that sell this salt. I buy mine from Himalayan Living Salt because it is local here where I live, but also because the owner, Hilde, is committed to selling ONLY "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt and other products containing this salt. Other websites I've been to might sell the culinary salt, but then sell other products, such as bath salts or body scrubs, made with lesser quality salt from the Himalayas. It's often hard to tell which salt is which without reading very carefully. Since this salt is exceptional, I like knowing that any of the products I choose from this website carry the same quality salt.

Since talking with Hilde at length about this salt, and reading the book Water and Salt, I've really come to understand how important water and salt are to health--they are fundamental. You could be doing all kinds of other things to help your health, but if these two are out, the others won't work. And, conversely, when these two elements are correct, many body ills simply disappear and need no further treatment. I used to think of salt as a culinary seasoning, but now I see it as a vital element of life.

And about the color...Himalayan salt does come in a variety of colors. It has a natural variation. It doesn't have to be red!

This salt does cost more than many other natural salts, but it seems to have exceptional characteristics. It's become my favorite salt.

Debra :-)


I have been asked why "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt that I sell is more expensive than other Himalayan salts. Actually, when you compare the energetic qualities, nutrition content, and resulting health benefits, "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt is a better value, even though it costs more.

In talking with my customers, I've found that there is some incorrect information being promoted about the salt, and I'd like to tell you the truth about "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt (and what's false!).

1. TRUE: "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt has the finest crystal structure.

Most people don't know that there are different kinds of salt. Though all natural salts contain sodium, chloride, and other elements, the structure and energetic frequency of the salt determines how well the body utilizes the healing benefits of the salt.

Salt deposits in salt mines were once primordial seas, which evaporated in the sun and then were buried underground as the earth's crust changed. They consist of about 95% rock salt and only around 5% crystal salt. Even though most of the natural elements in Earth are found in rock salt, they are too coarse and unrefined to be absorbed into the cells of our bodies.

Crystal salt--also called "halite"--is rock salt that has been subjected to enormous pressure over millions of years. It's the pressure that creates the crystals. It's similar to how diamonds are made. Veins of shimmering crystal salt wind through a mountain of salt, containing particles of essential life elements that are small enough to penetrate human cells and be metabolized. in times past, crystal salt was reserved for kings--the general population was given rock salt.

2. TRUE: "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt is the ONLY Himalayan salt so far that is COMPLETELY hand mined and hand processed.

Because crystal salt is so sporadic, it can only be mined by hand. But to maintain it's bio-energetic qualities, it must also be processed by hand. All of this hand work of course makes it cost more than using machines and drills.

Some companies are state that their salt is hand-mined. But is it also hand-selected, hand-crushed, hand-washed, and sun dried?

3. TRUE: "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt is the ONLY salt that has been scientifically tested for it's health benefits.

I am going to give you a summary here, but you can read all the details in the book Water and Salt--The Essence of Life.

In Europe, there has been much testing of water and salt and their relation to health in recent years. The only salt that has been tested in this way is "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt.

The largest study was done at the Institute of Biophysical Research in Graz, Austria. Nearly 400 volunteers were asked to drink one-half gallon of biophysically active natural spring water, and one teaspoon of that water mixed with "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt to a salinity of 26 percent. They were also instructed to not consume any refined salt and only use "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt to season their foods. The volunteers followed this program for three months.

At the end of the study, the researchers found that the volunteers experienced: * more physical energy and greater vitality
* noticeable hair and nail growth
* increased ability to concentrate
* increased sexual activity
* less menstrual pain
* an overall feeling of enhanced well-being.

Those who were overweight lost weight without dieting, and those with high blood pressure experienced a decrease in blood pressure while they were on the program.

As ordinary table salt was also tested in this study and did NOT produce similar results, it is clear that "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt has unique energetic properties. In order to preserve the energetic properties of the salt, it must be hand-mined and packaged. This, of course, increases it's cost, but also it's value to your health and well-being.

Since the blood in our bodies is a saltwater solution similar to the primordial sea, "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt "re-tunes" the body to it's natural energy vibration of good health.

4. FALSE: The indicator for Himalayan Salt is its pink color.

The color of salt is determined by its mineral content. Veins of crystal salt occur in veins of transparent white and in shades of pink and even red, which are the result of varying iron content.

Just because a salt is pink doesn't mean it's Himalayan, or that it is crystal salt, or even that it contains iron. Some unscrupulous companies have even been known to add pink coloring to white salt and sell it as Himalayan.

5. FALSE: You have to take 1 teaspoon of fine granulated salt each day.

Our bodies contain the same salty liquid as that of the primal sea--a fluid consisting of water and salt. This flows through more than 56,000 miles of waterways and blood vessels, regulating and balancing the functions of our bodies.

To replenish this sea, our bodies need natural salt, but only 0.007 ounces of whole, natural salt per day. That's only about 1/25th of a teaspoon--a mere shake.

It would be very unhealthy to take a full teaspoon of even natural salt every day. Our bodies would have to work overtime to excrete it, stressing the entire body system.

I would greatly appreciate your help in getting the correct information about "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt out to people you know. Taking this salt as part of your regular dietary program can greatly improve health--as many of you have experienced. But only "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt has this effect, and there are now many imposter salts which do NOT have the same benefits.

Please share this information with others, so they can correctly choose the salt that will benefit their health.

Thank you.
Hilde Bschorr


Hi Deb,

With the Himalayan salts, if you are to use them for seasoning your foods, do they come crystalized like other salts or do you need to break them up like you do with peppercorns? I've seen some salt grinders at the grocery that I do like...only they already have salt in them. Can I just purchase one of those, toss the salt in it and refill with Himalayan salt?

I find that I do crave salt, and have hypertension, so this alternative to try would be outstanding.

And do any of your readers have any alternatives that they like comparable to the Himalayan salts?

I think that is all the questions for this time!

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: Himalayan salt comes in a coarse grind to use in salt grinders, and a fine grind that you can just put in a salt shaker. You can just purchase any salt grinder or shaker you like and fill it with Himalayan salt. I don't know of any other salt that is comparable to "The Original" Himalayan Salt.

Because of the way you worded your question, I just want to emphasize that there are Himalayan salts and then there is "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt. It's only "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt that is exceptional in the ways outlined in the previous comment.

POSTED BY SUSAN :: COLORADO USA :: 02/27/2007 3:19 PM

I read the book too and did research to try to find a cheaper salt. I found a website that sold "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt and they also sold Redmonds Sea Salt. They convinced me that the Redmonds was almost as good. I compared the content of each one. It is much cheaper. The Redmonds has even won taste test by Chefs. Redmonds has a fantastic detox clay too. I use Redmonds and love it. I use it epson salt/sea salt/baking soda baths with super results.

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: There are many good salts available, any of which is better that the industrial sodium chloride that is sold as table salt. Each has it's own degree of purity and list of benefits. Certianly "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt is not the only natural salt that is better for health. But it does have unique characteristics and hence it's price. Redmonds Sea Salt may be "almost as good"--"the key word here being "almost"... I'm glad there are less expensive alternatives, because it is better to take a step in the right direction than no step at all.

I just want to emphasize that the main difference between "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt and other salts is not mineral content or taste, but it's bioenergetic frequency. It's a subtle difference, but an important one for health.



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