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Safety of Acrylic Dental Device


I grind my teeth very badly and have had many problems with it recently. So my dentist made me a plastic acrylic molded tooth guard to wear every night on my bottom teeth. I still grind against it but it stops the teeth from hitting together. Once I got it home though I began to wonder whether having a piece of plastic in my mouth every night was any better than just grinding my teeth. Do you know if this stuff would be bad for us to have in our mouth every night? Thank you!

POSTED BY J. O. :: COLORADO USA :: 07/25/2006 12:00 PM


I asked my natural dentist, Dr. Ray Behm at Natural Dentistry, to answer your question and here is his reply:

Grinding on a piece of plastic is definitely better than grinding on your own teeth. Teeth grinding makes them shorter, which can create effects throughout the body, including headaches, fibromyalgia, etc. There is a type of dentistry that is making a fortune by "opening up the bite." What this means is that by crowning each tooth in the mouth, they are lengthened back to the length the patient had in his early 20's. That is the optimal length for looks and optimal function of the TMJ, head sutures and indirectly joints and function thought the body. Also grinding wears away the enamel, making the teeth more prone to decay, including at the gumline.

The only downside on biting on a piece of plastic would be if it were not a biocompatible material. Non-holistic dentists do not recognize that many of the materials they use are actually toxic. The best thing would be to be tested for the material, either through a serum compatibility test, or take a sample of the material to your chiropractor or nutritionist, and they can test it either by muscle testing or with an EAV machine.

We have found that many people who grind actually have a parasite situation in their intestines. Through the connection of the energy meridians, they create the effect of grinding at night. So we handle grinding by having the person do a parasite cleanse.

I would just add that while I am not in favor of plastic, sometimes using plastic is the lesser of two evils. Go to the Holistic Dental Association website to find a dentist who can help choose the most compatible tooth guard for your body.

Debra :-)

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