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I came across your website while trying to get information about the safety of silicone cookware. I received a bright red tart pan for Christmas, and the first time I baked with it I noticed a distinctly odd odor. The nose is considered the "first line of defense" from an evolutionary standpoint, and if you can smell chemicals, they probably are leaching into your food. Silicone by itself may not be harmful, but what about the materials used to color it? I will definitely not cook with this again, the flavor and odor, while subtle, is definitely a cause for concern! Also, people's ability to detect odors can be vastly variable, so many people will never notice this...Thanks for a great website.



I've encountered that problem as well. The Wilton silicone baking pans I used left an odd chemical odour on my devil's food cake (yes, I could smell and taste it over the chocolate!)

I've been a fan of silicone spatulas, etc. for a long time and will be quite disheartened if it turns out to leak chemicals. I thought that being able to withstand 500 degrees F of heat would make silicone inert. Now I'm not so sure.

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: The only silicone baking products I use are the baking mats ("Silpats") which do not have the bright coloring added (execpt in a small border around the edge. I have had no problem with any chemical odor from these. It appears the colored variety has some chemical added that is not present in the uncolored silicone.

POSTED BY A. F. :: SINGAPORE SINGAPORE :: 03/28/2007 1:02 PM

I notice a smell with mine too...not sure if it's a problem or not for my daughter who has mcs. I use it when she's not home.


Just made a cake last night with my blue coloured silicon cake mould. The chemical smell coming off it when I took it out of the oven was terrible, it made me choke.(only cooked at180'C, so I did not burn it!) I tasted the cake (a chocolate one), and it had a definite chemical taste. Needless to say I threw the whole thing in the bin and I will not be using it again. I don't want to risk my childrens or my own health. Haven't found any research results on the safely or risks of silicon bake ware, but I will be trusting my nose and my intinct on this one, and will stick to the good old metal sping form from now on. Maybe it is just the coloured ones that leach, and the others are fine, but I'm not taking any chances. We are already bombarded everyday by far too many chemicals that cannot be good for our health, why risk adding to it.

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: If I had your experience, I would do the same thing. My uncolored silicone baking mats have been fine.


I had a Silpat baking mat, with an orange-colored border, and I threw it out! I used it only twice. The first time, I smelled an odor. A faint but horrible, harsh odor. I thought perhaps it was my imagination, so a couple weeks later I tried it again. It smelled TERRIBLE. My husband noticed it too. I am very reluctant to try any silicone now.

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: OK. I'll just say again--mine doesn't smell at all and never has. I don't know why they seem to be different.

POSTED BY DV :: NORTH CAROLINA USA :: 10/23/2007 12:14 AM


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