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looking for plastic-free coffee maker and rice cooker



I'd like to find something more convenient than a French press but I have had no success with finding a coffee maker that does NOT use a plastic basket. I don't mean the gold mesh filter basket but the basket that the filter actually sits in.

I have also looked in vain for a rice cooker that uses a stainless steel, rather than aluminum or non-stick, insert.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer (and thanks for writing your books; I've referred to them for years)!

POSTED BY B. LEE :: CONNECTICUT USA :: 03/29/2007 12:57 PM


I myself use a French press--not to make coffee because I don't drink it at home--but it is perfect for making tea.

Readers--do you have any suggestions?

Debra :-)


I found a stainless steel rice cooker at It works great and they also have many other stainless steal items! No luck on a coffee maker, though I have not looked yet, I would also like to have one!:)

POSTED BY JEN :: MICHIGAN USA :: 03/30/2007 11:59 AM

After a long search I found a stainless steel rice cooker - look for "Miracle" brand rice cooker. I just bought it about a month ago and so far I am very happy with it.


We just got a new coffee maker and I cannot believe the horrid burning rubber smell it produces when even plain water is run through it. Makes me wonder what it would be adding to my coffee. I guess a French Press is what we will be using from now on.


What about a Chemex Coffeemaker? It's not electric but I always thought it made great coffee.

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: Great idea! When I was a child, it was the only coffeemaker my mother would use. Be sure to use unbleached coffee filters.

Your comment also made me realize that when I read "coffeemaker" I thought only of the plastic electric coffemakers that are so prevalent today, and didn't think "outside the box" as you did.

So now, going beyond electric coffeemakers, there is also my favorite Bodum French Press (which you can buy anywhere coffeemakers are sold, including Target stores), which has it's own built-in filter, so no paper filters required. And it makes the best coffee (I didn't think of it before because I don't drink coffee at home, I actually use it for tea because it is so easy--just brew and press the plunger, and all the leaves or grounds are captured at the bottom).

Sweet Maria's carries Chemex and some other drip coffee devices, including a one-cup porcelein cone filter holder that sits right on top of the coffee cup.


We have search in vain for a non-commercial automatic coffee maker that does not use a plastic funnel, basket, tubing or boiling reservoir. Bunn commercial units ( big, ugly & very expensive) are the only thing we found. We use a Chemex that we got from Sweet Maria. And we found an electric stainless reservoir water heater at Smart & Final.

Bodum now has a Chemex look-alike, but it seems less substantial.

Would love to see someone come out with an affordable all-stainless and/or silicone option, as heating & pouring through the Chemex manually is a bit of a chore. Great coffee, tho', from a Chemex. No weird tastes or smells, just great coffee. Maybe the Chemex people can invent a plastic-free hot water system to stick their pot & funnel under?

POSTED BY JOD :: CA USA :: 10/15/2007 3:10 PM


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