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Mayonnaise recipe


Hello Debra,

Looking for a very simple but tasty 'Mayonnaise' recipe can you help??
Thank you,

POSTED BY HAH :: NEW YORK USA :: 03/28/2007 12:54 PM


As a matter of fact, I do have one at Sweet Savvy: Mayonnaise.

Debra :-)


I'm not sure if you've mentioned this before on your site, but after reading your mayonnaise recipe I'm wondering: what is your opinion on the safety of raw eggs?

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: I agree with Dr. Mercola on this issue. In Raw Eggs for Your Health he says "only sick chickens lay salmonella-contaminated eggs. If you are obtaining high quality, cage-free, organically fed, omega-3 enhanced chicken eggs...the risk virtually disappears." My husband and I have been eating various dishes made with raw organic eggs and we have had no ill effects. Raw eggs also have health benefits that are not present in cooked eggs, and because of this, I've actually been working on finding palatable ways to eat MORE raw eggs, such as in Meyer Lemon Mousse.

POSTED BY R.M. :: VIRGINIA USA :: 03/30/2007 12:11 PM

That recipe looks delicious! I've never been a fan of the artificial "salad dressings", and have always gone for Hellman's "real" mayonnaise, but I've been trying to be more conscious of the source of my eggs, and egg-based products (ie, buying free-run or free-range, and organic when I can afford to). I think I will begin trying out your recipe, but I have a couple of questions:

- How long does the mayonnaise keep?
- Does it freeze well?
- Does the olive oil give it a strong olive-y flavour, and if so, what other vegetable oils might you reccommend?


COMMENT FROM DEBRA: Fresh mayonnaise keeps in the refrigerator, covered, for up to one week, though the flavor may begin to deteriorate after a few days. Since it has fresh eggs in it, it should not be left at room temperature for more than a couple hours, Remember this is a fresh product rather than being heated/cooked like jarred mayonnaise.

You can't freeze fresh mayonnaise, as freezing breaks down the emulsion that holds mayonnaise together, and you'll end up with a soupy liquid.

One of the delights of fresh mayonnaise is that you can vary the flavor by using different oils, flavorings, herbs, and spices. So yes, olive oil will taste like olive oil, but it will depend on how strong the olive oil is. You may use any oil you like. Traditionally, in France, where this sauce originated, olive oil is used.



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