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Temporary Hair Coloring


Could you advise me re: a temporary hair coloring for gray now that Aubrey Organic has discontinued their gel coloring.

Thank you.

POSTED BY J. F. :: USA :: 08/21/2006 2:30 PM


Try contacting the Natural Hair Dye website. They specialize in natural hair color. They should be able to advise you on this.

Also type "hair color" in my on-site search engine. Additional sites that sell natural hair color will come up.

Debra :-)


hi J.F.

as for natural hair coloring look into pure henna products such as rainbow research corp 1-800-722-9595...i don't know where you live, but i've seen the products sold at whole foods or you can call the company and see where it is sold in your area they have pure henna products in various colors and when you add apple cider vinegar in, it holds the color on the grey and also it is recommended to mix some olive oil in the powder for a smoother application

i do not use the whole container of powder for my hair because i don't need it, so depending on your length of hair, you will see how much you need

i am very happy with the rainbow products and you can also mix different shades if you are one who likes to experiment

there is also henna available from that comes in black and red and also special one for just covering the grey...i haven't try their products, as yet, but i know they are pure because dr clark tests everything she sells

hope this helps you out


I also use Henna by Rainbow and have been very happy with it. I use organic coffee in place of the water, as well as the apple cider vinegar. It suggests that in the directions. My gray grows in before it has washed out. However, I do use good organic shampoo and conditioner.

POSTED BY GLH :: KANSAS USA :: 09/06/2006 12:00 PM

I tried henna, but had an allergic reaction to it that lasted months. I use Herbatint from the health food store. I does have propylene glycol though, which I try to avoid. Always looking for a better product though. Every once in a great while I use Natural Instincts by Clairol, but I imagine it isn't a better choice.

POSTED BY SADIE :: HAWAII USA :: 09/06/2006 6:12 PM

I refer to the EWG site, often especially the cosmetic section.

Under the hair coloring section:
Clairol Loving Care Hair Color Creme Lotion, #73 Light Ash Blonde is given a 0 rating.(best) All the other Loving Care shades are much higher.
I printed out the ingredients as listed on the package .Many with high ratings are in the 0 rated product.

Often tested products are not readily available so I imagine this has been very helpful to Clairol since every drugstore carries it. I think this is a serious mistake.
I emailed to alert EWG but so far it is still listed.


I have lots of white hair, which is more challenging to cover with regular henna, so for about 3 years now, I have used Light Mountain "Color the Gray" Henna, in Mahogany, and I get a beautiful red brown, very close to my natural color was. OK, I wasn't quite that red, but it looks good on me, and I get compliments on it! ;-)

The henna powder must be mixed with distilled water, which I buy at the grocery store. I have lots of very fine hair, curly and worn in layers, so I need 2 boxes to have enough mud to actually cover all the hair.

The Color the Gray is a 2-step process, and after I've rinsed the 1st step out in the shower, I have to rinse the tap water out with distilled water before I put on the 2nd step. (It takes about 15 minutes of thorough rinsing, to get all the henna out.) Otherwise with the chloramine in our tap water, the color can go green, though I think that fades after a couple days and a shampoo (they say to wait 24 hours before shampooing normally). The only time my hair went noticeably green I soaked it in warm olive oil & avocado oil for an hour, then washed twice with Aubrey Organics Swimmers' Shampoo, and it was fine.

The red/brown color fades a bit over the next 4 to 6 weeks, but by then I have so much white regrowth showing it is time to re-do anyway. I really love how it looks, it lets so much of my natural shine come through, as the color is translucent.

Whole Foods doesn't normally carry the Color the Gray, only the regular Light Mountain, but they can special order it for you. I buy mine online at when I buy nutritional supplements.

I am so afraid of chemicals, I never would have colored my hair. I am thrilled I found this all-natural henna product!


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