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I just wanted to write in response to the post regarding Costco's lamb. I called Costco and asked about the beef and other meat. I was told they follow regular FDA rules (which signals a red flag to me) and their suppliers do use antibiotics, etc. unless specifically specified on the package label. The gentleman I spoke with didn't know much other than what he could find in his employee notes but recommended I ask the butcher on site. It would be great if the person who bought the lamb would let me know if the label said it was grass fed in Australia or if she found the information out another way.

Thank you!


POSTED BY LISA :: CT USA :: 04/12/2007 4:17 AM


When I wrote about the grass-fed lamb sold at Costco in my 10 April 2007 newsletter, I had gotten that tip from Dr. Mercola's book Total Health Program. He said he eats this lamb personally and he had checked it out.

I'm not sure here if the situation has changed since Dr. Mercola made this recommendation or if he knows something the butcher doesn't.

Would check this out with Dr. Mercola, but his website has never responded to emails I have sent him...

Debra :-)


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