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Toaster Oven and Portable Dishwasher


Your website is excellent--WOW--and I just subscribed to your newsletter.
I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions for me please.

I am trying to purchase a toaster oven without a teflon or aluminum interior.
Its seems no companys make stainless steel interior.
I saw a toaster oven that used Durastone II Enamel--Do you think that is safe?
If not, any ideas on where I could buy one?

And I recently purchased a portable dishwasher, and it smells like its still offgassing chemicals. Do you think its safe to wash my dishes in that or will they pick up chemical residue when I use it.

Thank-you so much.

POSTED BY A. D. :: MARYLAND USA :: 09/03/2006 1:25 PM


I haven't researched toaster ovens, but perhaps someone reading this will have a recommendation for you. If anyone knows of one, click below on "POST A COMMENT" to respond.

I wasn't able to find any information on Durastone II Enamel--not MSDS, ingredients, or even manufacturer. There are many types of nonstick finishes now. I haven't done a recent survey of them, but my previous research some years back showed that they outgass chemicals when heated. I still personally do not purchase anything with a nonstick finish.

With regard to the dishwasher, I don't think your dishes will pick up a chemical residue from the offgassing, but you might be affected by breathing it. It will offgass over time, until then, open a window or provide other ventilation.

Debra :-)


I know Camp Stove Toasters are usually made entirally of Stainless Steel (someone correct me if I am mistaken) and might work on a regular electric or gas stove top. It might be worth looking into.

POSTED BY KAY D. :: PENNSYLVANIA USA :: 09/06/2006 1:42 PM

We put in a built-in dishwasher. We found that Bosch makes a model that is not only energy efficient, but keeps the steam inside the unit as a disinfectant aid. Then we wouldn't have to worry about extra moisture in the house nor any potential fumes from the chemically safe washing soap giving us reactions. If one had chlorine in the water, this would also make this unit a clever idea. Once it breaks in we'll be tickled pink with it, but for right now it sits unused. We simply couldn't bear the off-gassing of the insides. With masks on and windows open, the exposure was still too high for us. Very disappointing. So much good wishes with your floor model break in, washing dishes by hand takes time.

To answer your question, what we found was that even with the high fume rate of the new Bosch, the dishes were still completely safe for our use after cleaning.


I buy used toaster ovens. The better ones, such as my current Toastmaster, appear to have aluminum walls and stainless steel tray / rack. I'm careful not to let my food touch only the stainless steel parts, not the aluminum. Hope this is helps cut down on my aluminum exposure.

To minimize the need for scrubbing afterward, I only cook the least-drippy foods in it. So instead of scrubbing the bottom regularly, I just vacuum the crumbs with the crevice tool of my canister vacuum cleaner.

M.P. California

POSTED BY M.P. :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 12/05/2006 8:28 AM


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