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Nontoxic nail polish?


I am looking for a non toxic nail polish that will come off without the toxic regular nail polish remover. Do you know of any that are reasonably priced and truly non toxic, meaning if you ingested them it wouldn't be harmful?

POSTED BY T. S. :: NORTH DAKOTA USA :: 09/04/2006 1:26 PM


I don't know of one. Does anyone else? If you know of one, click below on "POST A COMMENT" to respond.

Debra :-)


Hi Debra - thank you and God bless you for your generosity in freely disseminating information. I have fibromyalgia that was brought on at least in part by MCS, so your site has been invaluable to me.

I have researched nail polishes and polish removers very thoroughly, and frankly there is no non-toxic stuff out there. There is, however, LESS toxic stuff.

Type "natural nail polish" into a search engine and you will find a company called No Miss. They make an "almost natural" polish remover using fruit acids. It takes considerably longer (1-2 minutes and some intense rubbing vs. a few seconds with the commercial stuff) but it DOES work.

I used to be a hard-core acrylic nail girl because my nails were so thin and brittle and ridged, but had to give it up. I also came to understand that these nail problems I was covering up were a sign of health problems I was ignoring. So now I keep my nails short and buff them regularly with organic vitamin E oil.

But I was really glad to find the No Miss line of products. They allow me to polish and pretty-up my nails for those few special occasions each year: holidays, weddings etc. It's not hard-core green-and-natural, but it's also about choice and balance in your life, right?

If anyone is interested, I hunted down a couple of recipes for organic manicures and pedicures (that don't involve polish but feel great). If anyone is interested, they can email me: [email protected] I'll return the favor and give them away for free!

Thanks and God bless, Mary Anne in Los Angeles


The only non toxic nail polish I have found are these:

No smell, they are really great!
good luck!

POSTED BY BILLY :: CA USA :: 09/05/2006 6:07 PM

Hi - we sell a non-toxic nail polish that is removed with rubbing alcohol. The brand is Honeybee Garden Watercolors - I really like them so far - they seem to last forever on my toes. I don't know the actual ingredients and whether you could eat it - but you can do a search on the web and most likely find out.

Best of Health, Kasara D'Elene N.D.


I went to the Honeybee Gardens website where they had more information. The ingredients are "water, water-miscible acrylic, polyurethane formers and thickeners, non-ionic soaps. May contain: ultramarine blue, carmine, mica, iron oxides, and/or titanium dioxide"

Acrylic and polyurethane are plastics, so this isn't natural. They say, "water-based polish uses an emulsion resin in the form of billions of very small particles suspended in water. As the water evaporates, the particles touch each other and form a hard film which is no longer soluble in water...WaterColors Nail Enamel has very low VOCs."

I would say that this is one of the safest nail polishes I've seen. It contains natural pigments and allows the nail to breathe, a problem with the more toxic nail polishes. Could you ingest it without harm? Well, I wouldn't eat plastic.

I would still encourage everyone to just do without nail polish. I haven't worn it in over twenty years and my husband is very happy with my bare nails. You can still have nicely manicured nails and buff them to shine. We're just accustomed to nail polish in our consumer culture...


I purchased the HoneyBee Gardens watercolors nail polish and have been using it for at least 6 months.
Although they are made with some chemicals, here are two reasons why I find them somewhat safer than the conventional types you find at the drugstores.
1. the watercolor nail polish has no pthlate, toluene nor formaldehyde.
2. there is absolutely no smell to these nail polish, thereby making them great for those who suffer with MCS.

One negative, they do not last as long on your nails.
One positive, some of the colors you can peel right off without the need for a polish remover.
However, another great find was the Honeybee Gardens Odorless Polish Remover. This is truely ordorless. Good luck.

POSTED BY JBAYARD :: FLORIDA USA :: 09/12/2006 11:29 PM

I usually dont wear nail polish, but when I do I found that Refreshingly Free has a great odorless and non toxic polish...I am extremely sensitive and there was no odor and they come in a wide variety of I believe is the address..good luck Sandy


The best non-toxic nail polish I have found is at Honeybee gardens. It's a peel-off polish so you don't have to use nail polish remover. It's totally water-based and only $5.99.
I also use their non-peel polish (which comes off with rubbing alcohol)and I love it. The company owners are really nice too. I e-mailed them with a question and they e-mailed me back right away with answers to my questions.
I am pasting the info from their web site below:
Hope it helps!

WaterColors Peel Off Polish

Price: $5.99

Ingredients: water, water-miscible acrylic, polyurethane formers and thickeners, non-ionic soaps. May contain: ultramarine blue, carmine, mica, iron oxides, and/or titanium dioxide

Non-toxic: no toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, FD&C colors
- Water-based, not solvent-based like traditional polish
- Odor-free! No more nasty fumes
- No need for nail polish remover this product peels off
- Provides great coverage at a great price
- Beautiful trendy colors
- Great for kids or teens who change polish frequently
- Great for those special occassions where you want to wear polish and remove the next day
- Lasts a few days before it's time to peel off and try a new color!
- Nothing else like it on the market totally unique

This product is NOT available in stores. It is EXCLUSIVE to our web customers only.

For longer-lasting polish, try our Non-Peel Off Nail Enamel. Lasts about a week without chipping. Removes with our Odorless Polish Remover. Same formula as the Peel Off and still NO SMELL!

View color swatches

Tips for using WaterColors Nail Enamel:

- Start with clean DRY nails; apply two coats and let dry completely. May take a bit longer than conventional nail polish. Sets in about 5 minutes.

- Some customers have told us they apply the nail enamel at night before going to bed, so it has the whole evening to really set up properly and last longer.

- Touch ups are easy with WaterColors. Because of the water-based formula, touch-ups blend right in without leaving that additional coat line.

- Remove nail enamel easily by starting at one corner of the nail, and slowly peeling it off in one sheet. Any remaining enamel along the edges can be removed with soap and water. Never leave any polish on for more than one week. If you have trouble, we do offer our Odorless Nail Polish Remover which helps to remove left over polish.

- Wear time varies from person to person. It can last anywhere from a day or two to a week or more. It's great for young people who change polish frequently, or those who only want to wear the polish for a special occasion.

- Product may not come off as easily on toes and acrylic nails, or if applying only one thin coat. In these situations, it is best to remove product after being in water (like after taking a bath or shower). The water actually re-constitutes the nail enamel making it easier to remove. Will not remove easily with regular nail polish remover.

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: I just want to comment that this may be a less-toxic nail polish, but it is still made from acrylic plastic which is pretty toxic, a plastic (once peeled off it doesn't biodegrade), and is made from nonrenewable crude oil. I still suggest going without the color and buffing your nails to make them shine.

POSTED BY JR :: CA USA :: 02/29/2008 7:14 AM

I would also be very hesitant about any nail polish that you can 'peel' right off. it will take the top layer of your nail with it. I admit that I love the way my nails look when longer and polished...or even just a french manicure. I used to use a nail polish that would peel off after about a week...hubby caught me doing it one night and fussed at me and made me take a look at the peeled polish - and there was a layer of my fingernail there also.

POSTED BY SUSAN :: COLORADO USA :: 03/06/2008 3:07 AM

I put on fake nails over 20 years ago and had a severe reaction. I have tried nail polish and keep getting the same symtoms of pain and swelling between the nail and nail bed. I tried Acquarella and found I am allergic to it too; it contains acrylic polymers. Evidently acrylic is the cause of my fingernail problem. I did some research on the internet and found several sites that stated if you have a reaction to acrylics on your nails you will always have it. The odd thing is it doesn't affect my toenails.

POSTED BY PAT :: GEORGIA USA :: 09/01/2008 3:20 PM


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