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Hi Debra and All,

I've been looking at the sources for buying bulk foods (such as grains, nuts, soup bases, etc) on Debra's List, but I was curious to know what people's experiences have been. I've look at the Web sites for Shop Natural and Sun Organic Farms and like them both, but would appreciate input from Debra and other readers on which distributors they like using.

Many Thanks.

POSTED BY ROBIN :: VIRGINIA USA :: 06/19/2007 11:40 AM


Personally, I buy most of my food locally (unless there's something I REALLY want and can't buy it here). So I'm not much help with this.

Readers, what online sources for organic foods do you have good experience with?

Debra :-)


Try and click on Organic Info (on the left). He carries about 40 organic products. The least expensive way to purchase is by the case. Hope this helps! Dana

POSTED BY DANA :: COLORADO USA :: 06/26/2007 3:37 PM

I am a chef in AZ and we buy from Mount Hope Wholesale in Cottonwood AZ. They ship free for wholesale accounts, but I'm sure they can do something for anyone. They have a website at which lists their products including grains, nuts, dried fruit, beans, spices, etc. There is no minimum order.

You cannot order online, but call and ask for Richard and I am sure he will be happy to answer questions. You can use my name,

just say you heard about them from Brian at Murphy's in Prescott (currently at The Office Restaurant at Desert Ridge)



I have ordered several times a year from Gold Mine Natural Food Company in San Diego and about once a year from Natural Lifestyle Mail Order Market in North Carolina. I have been very pleased with both.

I prefer to order from Gold Mine as they are close by which means the food spends less time on trucks, etc, which might be hot in the warmer months. The quality of beans from both companies is so much better than what I can get at the local health food stores.

POSTED BY MARY :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 07/08/2007 1:13 PM


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