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using natural progesterone cream for hair renewal


You recently wrote that your husband starting using a natural progesterone cream for hair loss (Q&A: Natural Hair Restoration) and it had helped. I have also been losing my hair for approximately six years. It is very thin but i am unwilling to use rogaine or other products on my head. Could you tell me if he used it as directed and how long before he noticed a different in his hair. Thank you so much for all the helpful information you provide.



Here's my husband's response...

Dear Joan,

I used the natural progesterone creame on myself where my hair was thin. About 1/4 teaspoon/day at first. After about three months I went to 1/4 teaspoon/week to maintain the hair that had grown.

Larry Redalia
The product he uses used to be called Best Gest. It has now been renamed to Moisturizing Cream #1. It has the exact same ingredients. The website for Nature's Botanicals, maker of the product, is currently down, but the product is available and can be ordered by calling 800-203-9668.

Debra :-)


Some years ago my hair started coming out. It was a sudden onset along with other symptoms of thyroid problems. At that time I began to rinse my hair in cold water with vinegar and rosemary essential oil. I also applied rosemary essential oil to my scalp one or twice a day. In a few weeks that symptom stopped and did not return. I later read that use of rosemary is recommended in Oriental medicine for hair loss.

POSTED BY LAURA :: MAINE USA :: 06/26/2007 3:23 PM

Evening primrose oil is also recommended for hair loss, but while I'm here I thought I'd share my own personal experience with hair loss.

I started losing my hair over 10 years ago. I spent all that time seeking the advice of various specialists to no avail. Test after test was done and I was always told "your normal, nothing is wrong with you" and offered either Rogaine or some other drug I didn't want. I started reading and doing my own research and after a time requested copies of all my medical records. To my dismay, I was not normal, my hormones were all over the place, and it is clear from the very first blood test I took that I am hypothyroid.

My advice to anyone experiencing hair loss is to have their thyroid checked and to make sure you get copies of all test results. Don't trust what the doctors tell you. It is your health, take control of it.

POSTED BY DANA :: ONTARIO CANADA :: 06/27/2007 5:36 AM

Hi, Regarding hair loss and natural treatments, recently an interesting article appeared in the newspaper by The People's Pharmacy with Joe and Terry Graedon (

Scottish dermatologists stated that "Cedarwood, lavender, thyme, and rosemary oils have hair growth-promoting properties. These oils have been anecdotally used to treat alopecia (baldness) for more than 100 years."

For more info about the report: amounts used, procedure and results go their website and click under Aromatherapy for Hair Loss Home Remedies.

POSTED BY JC :: GEORGIA USA :: 06/28/2007 11:04 AM

This can truly be a sign of hormonal problems. I know that I have also had that issue associated with hypothyroid, however, on additional thing that can cause it is PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

You do not have to have polycystic ovaries to actually have the syndrome which is associated with elevated androgens like testosterone which happen because of overproduction of insulin (which can be a pre diabetic state). Not only can this cause thinning hair, it can also cause hirsutism (excess facial hair etc), and acne, and acanthosis nigricans, and lack of ovulation causing irregular periods and infertility (although not everyone has all the symptoms). The extra insulin can also cause weight gain because insulin is a hormone that helps your body store fat.

The best person to see for this in terms of a standard MD is an endocrinologist as OBGYN's are trained as surgeons.

Alternative issues that can help are lowering the carbs in your diet, choosing lower glycemic index carbs, and taking omega 3 Fatty Acids. Vitamin mineral deficiencies such as chromium, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin D can also contribute to insulin resistance.

2 tbsp vinegar with a meal has been shown to lower insulin response after meals (and help weight loss).

recommend this web site and

This is one of the most misdiagnosed problems. Don't let the doctor just put you on clomid. The American Academy of Endos recommends metformin as a first line treatment if you prefer the traditional route for drugs.

I recommend taking care with progesterone creams and being tested by an alternative provider. You can build up too much.

Millie (certified diabetes educator)


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