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safe plastic food packaging?


I am curious about how to avoid plastic packaging in the supermarket. Almost all meats are and many fruits are packaged in number 6 plastic, which is supposed to leach some kind of toxin. I hear it is one of the "bad ones" along with numbers 3 and 7. Does anyone know who might use the new bioplastics?

POSTED BY BB :: MARYLAND USA :: 06/26/2007 3:43 PM


I personally make a point to not purchase foods packaged in plastic. For meats, I go to a butcher at a natural foods store or a local natural meat butcher, both of whom wrrap my meat in paper.

FYI, bioplastics would not be used for food wrap as they don't hold up well against moisture.

Debra :-)


I would also check on membership to a farmers cooperative where you can order fruits, vegetables and meats fresh from local farms.

POSTED BY DEBRA :: MICHIGAN USA :: 07/07/2007 9:33 AM

I actually am part of a community supported agriculture and the stuff i get every week still comes in plastic bags. I'm sure this is much better because it is in the plastic less and i could take it out of the plastic when I get it. Still, my csa doesn't offer organic fruits. I have decided to look around at farmer's markets to offset the difference. I also found that whole foods has a meat place where they put your meat in paper. :)

POSTED BY BB :: MARYLAND USA :: 07/08/2007 6:55 AM


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