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Dove soap not fragrance free


My wife is sensitive to many chemicals and plastics. Until recently she has tolerated Dove soap, the one that is for sensitive skin, which states "fragrance free" stated on the label. She has not tolerated the soap for the last two or three months and finally contacted Dove to complain. Dove customer service stated they now use a masking fragrance in the soap.

I am writing just to inform readers, this soap is no longer suitable for anybody that needs to avoid fragrances.


POSTED BY MARK :: OKLAHOMA USA :: 07/08/2007 2:13 PM


Thanks for the info. I can't tolerate most soaps that many consider mild, including Dove and Ivory and some handmade soaps. "Kiss My Face" olive oil soap (plain,w/o fragrance) is fine for me.

POSTED BY LAURA :: MAINE USA :: 07/10/2007 1:58 AM

As an addition to this post, people should know that MOST regular body products marketed as unscented contain some kind of scent to mask the sometimes-unpleasant smell of the other ingredients.

I have found that products marketed as eco-friendly will generally list ALL of their ingredients on their packaging, allowing the consumer to choose the ones without ingredients they wish to avoid.

Regular companies such as Unilever (which makes Dove) often don't list ingredients.


We just received the following email from the folks at Dove.


Thank you for writing!

There was a name change/Slight Formulation Change. The New name is Dove
Sensitive Skin Unscented Bar Soap. The difference between the former
Sensitive Skin Bar and the New Sensitive Skin Unscented Bar is as

-Both bars are fragrance free
-All Oils were deleted (Sweet Almond Oil, Rosewood Oil,
Cedarwood Bark Oil and Rose Flower Oil)
-New Sensitive Skin Unscented now contains Malto which
neutralizes any raw material malodor
-Bars remain mild and dermatologist approved.
- 1/4 Moisturizing Cream
- Milder than any soap
- Number one dermatologist and pediatrician
recommended cleanser
- Hypo-allergenic
- Neutral ph7

We hope this information is helpful.

Your friends at Dove

This is the full text of their response. No explanation why they changed. We can not use it as the change is significant. Does anybody know what 'Malto' is?

I am posting their response here for readers' information.


COMMENT FROM DEBRA:I couldn't find malto. Readers, anyone know?

POSTED BY MARK :: OKLAHOMA USA :: 07/10/2007 9:28 PM

Malto is most likely short for maltodextrin. Usually made from corn. Not a good thing for people who are allergic to corn. I can't use Dove, or any other soap that contains corn, or a bunch of chemicals.

POSTED BY DONNIE :: MICHIGAN USA :: 07/20/2007 3:50 PM

Hi, Contact Dove - and ask what Malto is. I have done a Google search - with 0 results for this as an ingredient.

If possible - you might want to use a handcrafted soap -perhaps shop at a Health food store etc - some are very basic - not a lot of ingredients - [good] and all are pronounceable. No chemical formulations. Ones that contain Olive Oil or Coconut oil [great for the skin].may be best to choose.

Cheers, Stella

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: I called Dove and they said they had to have a request in the form of a written letter. So if any of you would like to write and ask what "malto" is and what it is made from, the address is Dove Consumer Services, 920 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632, Maybe if enough of you write, they'll get the idea that they need to reveal their ingredients.


I only know that anything Malto is a corn derivative...Maltodextrin - a sweetener derived from corn...malto starch - cornstarch. How the enzymes/proteins/powders are broken down,etc., for the soap bar I do not know. If someone is allergic to corn, probably not the best choice, but then again, can't say for sure as the protein of the corn (usually what creates the allergy) may be removed in the process. I am so glad that for the post from the other readers who recognized the change in the Dove. Confirms that I'm not the only one who reacted negatively to what I had been using for years! Thank you for this information rich website as it makes me feel "normal" instead of the "odd one out!"

POSTED BY DUFFY591 :: MARYLAND USA :: 07/20/2007 4:07 PM

I also noticed something different with Dove soap. I kept looking for the fragrance free and could only find the sensitive which I didn't like as much. I have trouble with olive oil so I don't know what else to use. Sometimes I use some baking soda on my face or the trunk of my body when it itches. Also food allergies make people itch. Thanks for info on Dove. I hate when they change the formula of something that I can tolerate. Linda

POSTED BY LINDA :: DELAWARE USA :: 07/23/2007 4:39 PM

This is a side issue of the topic above - the Dove company doesn't seem to be "into" natural ingredients. I don't use this product but react terribly to being around anyone who does - "New Reformulated! Beautifully Clean Shampoo - Dove." The treacherous ingredient for me is listed on the Internet website - "Glycol Distearate," also called "ethylene glycol distearate." Ethylene glycol is antifreeze! I have an identical reaction to both antifreeze and glycol distearate. I'm wondering if others react to these chemicals as violently as I do.

POSTED BY SVE :: WASHINGTON USA :: 07/23/2007 4:39 PM

It looks like Dove did a typo and the ingredient should be Maltol. According to wikipedia it is a natural occuring flavor enhancer used in cake mixes, antiperspirants, and antifungals. Ethyl Maltol may also called Maltol. I don't know if that is the problematic ingredient for us or not, as we do not use any of those other items.


POSTED BY MARK :: OKLAHOMA USA :: 07/23/2007 5:00 PM

Hi Debra - Just wanted to mention and ask the readers if they have noticed that Dove has taken steps w/their new improved "Sensitive Unscented" Soap that we all complained about a few months ago b/c it had a perfumey smell and we were being bothered by it.

Good news!

I called Dove when all this was happening and they sent me certificates to buy more Dove. I waited until about 2 wks ago. I have been fortunate to find they are now wrapping the Sensitive Unscented in plastic so that it will not pick up other scents from other soaps and they have the original unscented smell. It is back to smelling like nothing and tolerable again.

I truly believe you and your readers made them take notice and make the change. THANKS!!!


hey there... im doing a research product on dove unsceented soap... and i would like 2 know what the chemicals in it are?????

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: The way to find out the toxic substances in any product is to look on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). There are many of these for common products in the Household Products Database.

Here is the MSDS specifically for Dove Soap, which lists the ingredients from the MSDS and the label.

Are these toxic chemicals? Well, if you compared the list to a bar of natural, handmade soap...all you need for soap is fat and lye. These ingredients are all manufactured. You can look up any of them for yourself. I would say the problematic ingredients on the list are the fragrance and the preservatives.


Hi! While surfing the Web trying to find a fragrance-free soap for my wife who is chemically sensitive and suffers with allergies, I came across this blog entry.

My wife's doctor, Dr. Grace Ziem, who is very well known in the field of chemical injury/chemical sensitivity, told my wife that pure coconut bar soap is less inflammatory. Inflammation appears to be one of the causes of chemical sensitivities. Dr. Ziem's patients seem to do better with coconut oil soaps that soaps made from other oils.

With that in mind, I ordered Tropical Traditions' pure coconut bar soap for my wife. It's nothing but saponified coconut oil. It has very little coconut odor to it, but unfortunately she can't use it because she had a reaction to the plastic in which the bars are wrapped. The plastic outgassed into the soap itself, so she can't use the soap. Yes, sadly, she is that sensitive.

Tropical Traditions does serve the chemically sensitive market, so I called to explain why wrapping their soap in a heavy plastic might not be a good idea because soft plastics release some of their components, which get into the soap. The customer service rep I spoke with understood because his wife is also quite sick from chemical sensitivities. I suggested a foil wrapper like the one used on Dial and some other commercial brands. The rep passed along my suggestion. We\'ll see how the company responds.

If you don't have much of a problem with plastic, you might want to try the soap from .

I also found these soaps:
* a coconut bar soap atat
* a safflower/palm oil soap at
* an all vegetable oil soap at
* a palm oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, expeller pressed safflower oil and shea butter soap at

I'm going to order a bar from each company one at time until we find a soap she can tolerate.

By the way, if anyone is looking for an additional resource on chemical sensitivity, please visit Dr. Ziem's site: The site is purely informational. Dr. Ziem does not sell anything and she is not taking new patients. She's just passionate about getting information out to the public and the medical community on chemical injury/sensitivity and new treatments for it.

If anyone comes across a fragrance-free coconut bar soap or vegetable-based bar soap that might work for my wife, please send me an email at [email protected] Thanks.

The best of health to your readers and to you Debra Lynn in the coming year.


Simsbury, CT


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the posts on the Dove soap. I too was a regular Unscented Dove bar user and was quite dismayed to learn that Dove had d/c it and only sold the Sensitive Skin Dove. Well, I had tried the SS Dove before and didn't like it as well but for convenience sake and price, I started buying it and using it for the past 3 or 4 months. Well, lo and behold, I've been itching and scratching like a chimpanzee with scattered areas of rash all over my body. I asked myself what could it possibly be -- poison ivy, a stress rash??!! What had I changed in my routine recently? And then it hit me as I as showered this a.m. -- the SS Dove!! I said let me plug this into Google and see if anyone else has experienced this and voila!! Technology's great!! Thanks, I'm going to try out these other recommendations. Problem is they're usually a lot more expensive and harder to get than FF Dove used to be in the Walgreen's aisle. Oh well!! Thanks again, JulesVerne



I would like to let you know that Savannah Moon offers a complete line of natural products that are truly unscented, they are called Moonbeam.

They offer a lovely Handcrafted Unscented Soap, here is the description: Experience the luxury of a Handcrafted Soap. Enriched with Shea Butter, it retains its glycerin and will leave your skin soft and moisturized. No animal ingredients, artificial colors or preservatives are ever used when creating this fine soap.

On the website they offer a complete list of ingredients at the bottom of each page.



Hi all,

I too am so dissappointed that Dove has discountinued the Dove Unscented formula... I agree that Dove Sensitive Skin Nonscented is NOT the same as our beloved Dove unscented... I hope that Dove will reconsider its decision to discontinue our favorite bar soap (just like Old Coke did years ago)... Not sure what I will be using now but it will not be DOVE unsensitive soap which does have a fragrance smell that bothers me...

POSTED BY SFLIRT :: BAYSIDE, NY USA :: 03/17/2008 10:22 PM

Hello I work with the Dove bar soaps and stumbled upon your post. I would like to clarify a few things:

1. The "malto" listed in the chain above appears to be a typo from customer service. In the ingredients listing there is Maltol. This is a naturally occuring organic compound that masks odors (raw soap does not smell good, therefore it needs something in it to cover that smell).

2. The new sensitive skin is very similar to the old unscented, the only difference is this new masking agent. I am not 100% certain what was the masking agent in the old unscented, but I know this change made the formula slightly more mild.

3. The bar soap category is slowly shrinking as consumer preference is shifting to body wash. As this happens all bar brands are losing shelf space in retailers. In order to maximize the Dove offerings, we had to trim the portfolio, which required the merger of Sensitive and Unscented.

Sorry to hear your disapointment, I too was a very loyal unscented user. In a complete turn of events, I have started using the Dove Energize soap (careful, has a fragrance and color) which I find very refreshing in the shower.

POSTED BY SOAPY :: NEW JERSEY USA :: 04/21/2008 11:00 PM

My son is mercury-toxic and Dove Soap and Ivory are on our "do not use" list as they have heavy metals in them. Unbelieveable! We use an EDTA soap which helps him chelate heavy metals....we get it off the website: from Dr. Yasko who is in the business of healing autistic kids and other metal-toxic individuals.


POSTED BY LISA :: FLORIDA USA :: 04/28/2008 3:51 PM

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the information on the "new" sensitive skin Dove soap. I have also been itching these last few months and blamed it on the dryness of winter, but now I know it's the new formulation. I will cetainly stop using Dove and switch to olive oil soap or Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap. Thanks again.

POSTED BY MELISSA :: NEW JERSEY USA :: 04/28/2008 10:58 PM

Can someone direct me to a site or individual that makes lye soap the old fashioned way. My stepfather made it in his backyard for me till his death 10 years ago.

It wasn't the harsh stuff you'd wash a barn floor with, he made his soap for 'his girls' a bit milder. We all had great skin, and could wash our clothes in it, in a pinch.

POSTED BY MARYL :: TEXAS USA :: 04/28/2008 11:31 PM

I worked in an EDTA manufacturing facility and strongly suspect that EDTA soap is bull of the first order. Having read the ingredients list on the web link adds to my conviction on this point. Why do you think that Dove and Ivory have heavy metals? Which ones? What concentrations?

POSTED BY STEPHEN :: TEXAS USA :: 05/01/2008 10:52 AM


MARYL had asked for soap made the "Old Fashioned Way".

Savannah Moon Soaps are all "Handcrafted the Old Fashioned Way"!

Here is the description:
Experience the luxury of a Handcrafted Soap. Enriched with
Shea Butter, it retains its glycerin and will leave your skin soft
and moisturized. No animal ingredients, artificial colors
or preservatives are ever used when creating this fine soap.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,
Karen Seremak, owner
Savannah Moon Relaxation Products, LLC


I did some calculations. The level reported in Dove soap is .0027 ppb. This is 2.7 ppt. At this level of concentration, 1 gram of mercury would be enough to contaminate roughly 800,000,000 (800 million) pounds of soap. The amount of mercury in a clinical thermometer (.5 mL or 7 grams) would contaminate 5.6 billion pounds of soap to this level.

Unfortunately all this calculation only serves to indicate the difficulty of measuring these amounts of elements in some matrix of material. Molecules are very small and if you assume that even a few molecules in a cell have the potential to cause problems then there are plenty of molecules available.

However, as I understand it mercury compounds have been removed from vaccines and the number of autistic children has not changed--so it is time to find another witch to hunt.

POSTED BY STEPHEN :: TEXAS USA :: 05/06/2008 11:35 AM

Mercury has NOT been removed from vaccines. In one area (I wish I could remember where) they did remove it and the autism rate began to decline. But they do not wish to alert the public to this and would not allow it to be continued or removed elsewhere in case the connection was made. Well, unfortunately the connection was made and it seems that vaccines are a big part of developing autism for many children.

You only have to go on the mercury autism forums to find out how many parents had normal developing children before vaccinations and coincidentally how many were suddenly displaying austistic behaviours after vaccinations.

Thankfully some have improved and even near cured their children with proper intervention (chelation therapy and no doubt diet also). Healing can take place, but it's lengthy and not always certain.

Yes vaccines contain mercury! Why else would chelation be improving austistic kids after they had been made this way post vaccination? There are plenty of toxic metals/chemicals around and mercury is obviously not the only one, but it sure is a big factor and is the most toxic metal known to man. It is a neurotoxin and second only to plutonium in toxicity. I think that is a pretty strong indicator that even a small amount of this vile poison can contaminate an entire lake. It does not belong in our mouth, our products or vaccinations.


Bex, you need to check your data.

Mercury was removed and autism did not change.


POSTED BY STEPHEN :: TEXAS USA :: 05/26/2008 1:45 PM

Check out Free & Clear

the product is all about eliminating the irritants in soap that people are sensitive to.

The soap is pricey, but I find it has no odor and it's a high quality soap.

POSTED BY IRA :: NEW YORK USA :: 06/05/2008 11:49 PM

The larger amounts of mercury have been removed from vaccines, but most still contain tiny amounts. One telling factoid is that there is no autism in the Amish community, except for two children. The Amish do not vaccinate at all (those two children were adopted and vaccinated prior to adoption). Vaccines DO still contain very tiny amounts of mercury, but larger amounts of aluminum and formaldehyde. We have been chelating our own son with very good success. He is now neurotypical (after 3 years of very hard work and lots of out of pocket expense.) We avoid heavy metals in any form and that is why we removed Dove soap from our home. Our son was toxic in nickel, mercury, aluminum and lead.


POSTED BY LISA :: FLORIDA USA :: 06/06/2008 11:08 AM


Just out of curiosity, your son was toxic as measured by what means? What levels constitutes toxic? Where did the other metals come from? How much mercury did your son contain compared to the amounts from the vaccines?

What is the basis of your contention that there is mercury in vaccines?

I'm willing to be convinced, but I'd think that dramatic drops in mercury levels in vaccines should have made a difference in autism if it was responsible.


POSTED BY STEPHEN :: TEXAS USA :: 06/09/2008 10:38 AM

i got a horrible reaction to the dove unscented sensitive skin soap saturday at noon---it's almost midnight tuesday, and i'm going nuts. i have tried benadryl, claritin, calamine lotion, and corisone cream. anyone have another recommendation? it's scaly and itchy and red and horrible!


I have found that soap from is great as well as They also have unscented soaps.

The one from soapsilly that I especially like is the super creamy soap and the oats n honey soap. Both are unscented.

Faeriemadesoap has another great one that is the oatmeal honey with goatmilk soap.

Once I went to handmade I never looked back at the other stuff. There are also many other great companies that sell handmade also referred to as lye soap or old fashioned lye soap, if you just google handmade soap. Make sure it's not the glycerin melt and pour type as those also contain surfactants that are not natural as the handmade soaps with vegetable based oils.

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: I love handmade soaps too and will never go back to the other. My list of websites that make and sell handmade soap is at Debra's List: Body Care: Skin: Handmade Soap.

POSTED BY JM :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 10/14/2008 7:20 AM

I had a very similar reaction to the new Dove unscented sensitive skin and I had to order the old Dove unscented soap that has been discontinued. It is very hard to find the few stores online that still carry the remainder of that discontinued product. Dove sure messed up a good thing! I tried Oil of Olay unscented and it's just as bad as Dove unscented sensitive skin. Many recommended Aveeno but Im allergic to the oatmeal. I have no idea what to use next. Is anybody petitioning Dove to bring the old unscented formula back????


I just wanted to let everyone know that there are alternatives to store bought soap that can cause allergies. There is a web site that offers a NATURAL solution I have used the soaps and many of the other products as well. They aren't affraid to list what is in their soaps. the web site is

POSTED BY GINGER :: TEXAS USA :: 10/27/2008 3:40 PM

For Maryl...we make soap the old fashioned way here in Texas. Our main oil is extra virgin olive and we have a varied fragrance free line. We also just wrap in card stock - no can find us at

My Mother in law switched from her Dove soap to ours a couple of years ago.


Thank you for responding to my plea Monica. I will take a look!

POSTED BY MARYL :: TEXAS USA :: 11/11/2008 12:08 PM

All I know is that they always tell you if you have sensitive skin to use Dove...I can't use any Dove products. I accidentally used some a few years ago, my Aunt had it in her shower and I didn't think first...within five minutes I was itching, burning, running a fever and hives all over me. Had to jump back in the shower and my Mom came in with me and we spent the next twenty minutes scrubbing me down, painfully, with baking soda to get it all off of me. I had lumpy burning skin for days afterwards. All those pretty packages and new products make me sick to see them in the stores.


I have also had a bad reaction to the "new" dove unscented sensitive skin soap. I wrote to the company and they are sending a coupon to get another dove soap product. I do NOT want any other product, I want the plain unscented version again. Any ideas on how we can achieve that? Thanks for the post, I may try others but I had been a loyal dove user for years and it was the only soap I could use on my whole body that did not affect me in a bad way.

POSTED BY PT :: IOWA USA :: 12/09/2008 1:02 AM

PT I think we should definitely petition Dove for the unscented. I have searched several sites to see if this was happening already and found nothing. I have tried everything from natural glycerin unscented soaps to Neutrogena and natural soaps and my face is drier than ever. I feel like Spongebob in TX without his water tank. Dove has expressed no concern and I really want to get away from their products altogether but the truth is that their unscentd soap was truly one of a kind. Im also allergic to the generic brand Dove unscented so I have no idea what the solution is but to petition. Does anybody else plan to petition? I appreciate the recommendation of other products but they simply made my skin worse : (


To Maryl from Texas,

If you are still interested in a lye soap suggestion: check out Grandma's Soap at Ace Hardware. They have scented and unscented plain lye soap. I'm mcs and it worked out okay for me.

POSTED BY A. :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 12/10/2008 10:50 AM

Hi I have been using Dove Unscented for many years.
When I could no longer find it, I found it at the 99 cent stores. until 2 weeks ago it seems all 50 bars they had were gone. NO 99 cent store have any left.
Manufactures of today do not care about consumers they are in it for the money. If you notice new boxes of detergent marked NEW & IMPROVED and DAWN Liquid Dish Detergent which never had a perfume smell now does. They are changing products to SAVE MONEY not for our benefit. Once they change them using inferior materials our lives are in risk. Please save the old containers before you buy a new and improved one and compare ingredients.
have a great day Terry

POSTED BY TERRY :: NEW YORK USA :: 12/10/2008 1:37 PM

Thank you A. from California. I am always interested in lye soap. Especially easily accessed sources. Our little town has three Ace stores, lol. So Grandma is on my shopping list for grocery day! Thank you so much for thinking of me.

POSTED BY MARYL :: TEXAS USA :: 12/11/2008 4:41 AM

I found the plain old unscented on but it is no longer available. I bought 24 bars and I am hoping this is resolved. You can leave a request to be notified if it becomes available. I will be scouting local 99cent stores as well. I am soooo grateful to hav it back, my skin issues are resolved. I even wrote to since Dove is a sponsor but heard nothing. Good luck ladies!
PT in Iowa

POSTED BY PT :: IOWA USA :: 01/30/2009 1:14 PM

I am continuing to contact Dove abou returning the "unscented" bar to stores. PLease join me! Go to their web site, and click on the contact us button to send an email or call 1-800-761-DOVE (3683). They say they are listening but I want it back NOW! Thanks
PT in Iowa


I use AVeeno Skin Relief fragrance free..may want to give that a shot in a small wash your hands iwth it to see how you like it before using it for a shower

POSTED BY IRA :: NEW YORK USA :: 05/19/2009 2:50 AM

Thanks Patricia! Good to know there are more of us working to encourage Dove to put their customers above profit. You definitely have my support.


I finally found Grandma's soap, in of all places... the feed and supply store. Sitting on the counter in front of the cash register where no one could miss it.

I immediately grabbed the last bar and asked when more was expected. I received confusing and contradictory answers from two employees. But I am confidant I have a source now even if I have to twist some arms, lol.

I gave the soap to my caregiver and insisted he give the advertised One Week Money Back Guarantee a chance.

He was not at all thrilled but after ONE shower, he is hooked.
He has the most awful dry sensitive skin I have ever seen.
He dressed in shorts after his shower and came straight to me saying, "Look at my legs." I couldn't believe my eyes. He always has to rub his legs with a heavy duty lotion to be presentable. But all I saw was fresh healthy skin... no lizard legs!

I pray his hands and feet show the same improvement with a little time.

The Grandma's website was extremely frustrating. No lists of ingredients for the different soaps. BUT there is a toll free phone number listed that I fully intend to call when the holiday weekend is over.

POSTED BY MARY L :: TEXAS USA :: 05/26/2009 10:44 AM

Dove is manufactured by Unilever, as well as Caress. I used to use the Dove soap, but the smell recently has been putrid and musky, even the regular one. I did research on the Unilever company and will never use any products again manufactured by them. Also, they use formaldehyde in a lot of their body wash products. It is described as DMDM Hydantoin-and it releases formaldehydes in the products.


Hey all -

Even Dove and their "sensitive skin" products are still not healthy for your skin! Commercial soaps and body products are filled with unnatural petroleum based preservatives and emulsifiers. Preservatives such as parabens have been linked to breast cancer in recent years. Natural hand-made soaps and body products are the way to go to keep your skin happy and healthy. While they may be a bit more expensive, they are completely worth the price - most major natural soap companies use high quality natural ingredients as opposed to cheap filler oils like sunflower, soy and crisco. Really, who wants to bathe in CRISCO!? I wish you all the best of luck on your quests to happy, healthy skin and if you need a little help, see the link I've left below for the company I am co-owner of!



I have very severe eczema. I've been using Dove Deep Moisture body wash "unscented" for a while, all the sudden Dove changed everything on me and changed their formula to Dove Deep Moisture with nutrium moisture and now I am breaking out all over my body with these rashes that look like mosquito bites in all different sizes. For a while, I thought it was my clothes detergent but now im almost positive its the body wash. I dont know what im going to do now, but im going to have to look for a new body wash that suites my skin type after so long of being comfortable with the old Dove sensitive formula.


POSTED BY ADRIANA :: ILLINOIS USA :: 09/11/2009 11:34 AM

Contact DOVE and complain!! I am still sending emails and will continue to do so. This was my standby, the unscented dove soap, and it is no longer available. I too had a bad reaction and complained to my dermatologist who did not really seem to care. I want the old dove back! Nothing else I have tried so far compares.
PT in Iowa


I was reading the posts on this site, which I have just found. A friend of mine just recommended Dove to me, saying there is an unscented line. However after reading most of the posts, I may be running in circles trying to find it.

I have a problem with itching when I use anything scented, and once it starts, it is controlled only by rather large dose of Atarax.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed that Dove, my last hope is not truly unscented.

I am going to look into the Olive Oil Soap, but in the meantime, I'd like to share what I know does work for me. I also have a problem with hand and dishwashing soaps, scented or unscented and have found that the base is more than important. We use PLANET products for both dishwashing and laundry. I also use the dishwashing liquid at all sinks in the house, diluted 50/50 for hand washing. As I recall, it is a coconut based soap, while the other "green", "unscented", and "hypoalergenic" products are made with other bases which I find are more irritating, scented or not. My fingers, in particular are sensitive to the other soaps and detergents, and the skin around my nails will form "hangnails", but very thick and large hangnails which, when pulled or clipped bleed and do not heal for long periods of time. PLANET does not cause this problem at all for me.

I hope this might help someone who is in the middle ground and looking for a product that will work for them. I believe that Planet Dishwashing Liquid can be used on the body as well, however I'd look to the Olive Oil soap if it is available and works rather than dishwashing soap.

Thanks for having this site and for providing a venue to share this important information.

Anaheim Hills, CA



The problem with unscented soaps/lotions/creams is that they often have a masking fragrance. This masking fragrance IS a fragrance. I have looked through Dove products and they all have these fragrances in them.

The best product I have found is by a company called Pharmaceutical Specialties, Inc.

They own the trade names of:
vanicream: lotions, creams and soaps
robathol: bath oil
free & clear: shampoo, conditioner, hair gel and spray

There niche is that all their products are made without common chemical irritants.

This product was made by chemists for the Mayo Clinic as a compounding product for medicines for people with skin conditions. They now use the product as a moisturizer and other things.

You can find most of the items at Walgreens, Target,, and

They are usually by the pharmacy section or ask the pharmacist and they will know where to get it.

It is a bit more expensive than other products but it really works, especially if you have very sensitive skin. You can also usually find good deals on or

otherwise, I know they sell the product on their

I have been using these products since I was an infant and I promise you they work.

POSTED BY AJ :: MINNESOTA USA :: 10/26/2009 4:13 PM

Thank God for this site, and the internet so we can all compare notes on this. I have been using Dove unscented for over ten years, and the past few months have been tormented by a face rash I couldn't figure out...finally, intuitively stopped using the soap, and am almost back to normal. I can't believe they change formulas without telling the consumer. I'm so mad, I just threw it all out and never want to buy DOVE again. Their deoderants and shampoo are just lethal, I was sick for hours after trying them. I used to use Dr. Bronner's, peppermint or castile are excellent.


Even vaccines that are "mercury-free" have mercury in them. The methylmercury is added at the beginning of the vaccine production stage (as opposed to the end for regular vaccines) and is greatly diluted -- but it still has mercury.

AND it is true that the additive thimerisol was regulated to be removed from the production process for SOME vaccines, that does not mean that children getting vaccines after that date got mercury free vaccines. The industry warehouses, doctor\'s offices, pharmacies and clinics still had vaccine supply with the mercury preservatives they were allowed to use until the supply was gone or reached it\'s expiration. Thus the disconnect between the date mercury was supposedly "removed" and the continuance of autism.



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