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Pollution in Beach Sand?


I hear so much about polluted beaches. I was wondering if I should boil or somehow sanitize beach sand I bring home before I use it to soften up my feet.

POSTED BY S.W. :: WASHINGTON USA :: 06/28/2005


All beaches are different in terms of their level of pollution. Here in Florida where I live, we have a lot of beaches. They test the water regularly and we get beach alerts if the local regulators find that pollutants go to levels high enough to cause illness.

I'm not particularly concerned about sand. It's siting out in the hot sun all day. The sun is a natural disintectant.

I go to the beach all the time and walk on the sand and swim in the water. I'm not concerned about it at my local beach. Learn more about the specific area where you are collecting your sand. Certainly there are polluted beaches, but not all beaches are polluted.

Debra :-)

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