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After stumbling across your site and reading about process foods, and sweetners, etc... I wonder what are your thoughts or research on Jenny Craig foods.... I just started the program to lose 50lbs, do you have another recommendation?



I haven't looked at Jenny Craig foods recently, but last time I looked they were standard commercial foods, not organic, with refined flour and refined sugars. I personally wouldn't eat them as my regular diet.

My best success with weight lost has come from preparing my own organically grown foods and minimizing carbs. If you eat mainly lean proteins and fresh raw vegetables--as much organic as possible--the weight will fall off. If you want something sweet. Eat a little fresh fruit. Drink 2-4 quarts of clean water every day.

Exercise also makes a big difference. Walk as much as you can. Just start with five minutes if that's all you can do and do a minute more each day.

I also have found that a gentle intestinal cleanse works wonders. Something like Dr. Schultz's which is made from organically grown herbs. It works best for me to do it for a week and then another week later. What you think is "fat" in the abdominal area may simply be intestinal build-up.

What is most important is not just to lose those fifty pounds, but to make a transition to healthy eating for the rest of your life.

Debra :-)


I did JC several years ago - it was very processed than but I'm not familiar with their current menu. I lost weight on it and eventually gained it all back plus more. I found it to be a quick fix but not good for the long term.

However, I have maintained a 40 pound weight loss for the past five years. How did I do it? One like Debra mentioned detoxing your system is very helpful and I did the 21 day detox - but there are many out there. Also, (and more importantly I think for the long run) I found that food was my drug of choice and I was an emotional eater. Writing, and therapy helped alot! Also, learning to be gentler with myself. It's not an easy fix but I do believe it is important to examine why you are abusing your body and gradually the weight will release itself.

It can also be helpful to have a support group like weight watchers (where you can eat your own food) or Overeaters anonymous where you really examine emotions and spirituality. I think they're both online too.

I basically eat a mainly whole foods diet. I enjoy my food. I eat pretty much everything - I don't limit my carbs but usually stick to the more whole foods. For example, grains and potatoes are more nutritious than bread or pasta. I invest in beautiful produce. Personally, I do not eat cows - I've read unless you're eating organic their very environmentally unfriendly to the earth and your body.

Through my whole process I learned alot about myself. Good luck on your journey!

POSTED BY RB :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 08/16/2007 10:50 AM

I totally agree with Debra's summary of her successful actions on losing weight. That's the way to do it. I tried JC's program but the preservatives and chemicals made me very ill.

If you find you need structure to keep you focused then I recommend you join a program like Weight Watchers. You can meet in your local area or can do their program on-line. The meetings give you support and encouragement which you won't find on-line. It's so nice to make friends and be with others who have the same goal to lose weight. You can buy healthy and organic foods to fit into the program.

For a regular system of exercise I recommend getting a fitness buddy. Join up with a friend to walk every day. It's cost-free. It's easier to do than getting in the car and driving to the gym. Walking is a simple and companionable way to exercise. Get a pedometer and give yourself a target. Once you meet your target of steps give yourself another target. (I'm currently walking 5000 steps a day and working my way up to 10,000). In fact, you can put on the pedometer in the am and count your steps all day to meet your target.

I understand how important it is for one to feel good about themselves and it is healthier to be at a normal weight.

Good Luck to you!


I suggest using the Food Plan called Food Addiction: the Body Knows. in the upgraded version. I struggled with weight problems until 18 yrs ago I found out I had a Food Addiction and could not eat sugar, flour, wheat or any refined products. I followed this food plan ( no dieting) for 18 yrs and love my new life. 65 lb weight loss, physical, emotional and spiritual healing while maintaining this loss.

check out and also I suggest using the Body Knows loop for a wonderful support group.
Micki Layfield-Ellis, Allegany, NY



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