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Chantel Copper Fusion cookware


Hello Debra,
I just recently discovered your website and love it. I would like to know if you know anything about a new cookware called copper fusion by Chantal, Made in Germany. They claim to have a stick resistant surface without any type of chemical or nonstick coating. I would appreciate any comments you may have about this cookware. thank you

POSTED BY BETTY L :: ARIZONA USA :: 09/17/2007 6:10 AM


Just looking at the Chantal Copper Fusion website, it looks pretty good to me. The two key features are the copper, which is best for heat distribution, and the enamel finish, which is good for cooking because it is more inert than stainless steel and other metals.

I personally have never used enamel-finish cookware because the enamel tends to chip. I don't know if there is new technology which makes this not chip, and I can't vouch for it being non-stick.

Readers, what is your experience with enamel-finish cookware?

Debra :-)


I only have enameled cook ware from Dr. Mercolas and Rachel ray. I personally love them and don't have any issues with chipping. There are a couple tiny chips in one pot but I think it was from using stainless steel spatulas. I now only use natural wood spatulas and have no probblems


I bought the Chantal basic cookware set: dutch oven, saucepans, and omelette pan w/lids and a seperate skillet earlier this year. They are enamel on steel without the non-stick.

They sell two types of sets in the enamel on steel. One set is just enamel coated while the other offers the option of non-stick coating on the omelette pan.

I read on their website that even those w/out the coating should be non-stick if oil is used and they are heated properly (lower temperatures).

Unfortunately, no matter how I try to heat it or oil it the omelette pan and skillet stick. I cook scrambled eggs in it and deal w/the mess but can't fry eggs because they stick too much. I do cook meat in the skillet. When using the dutch oven and sauce pans I stir the pasta, potatoes or veggies more often than a non-stick pan because they tend to stick while cooking, but it's bearable.

I soak my pans after cooking and use a little baking soda for scrubbing them clean.

To me it's worth the extra effort to use healthier cookware. My only real complaint is just that I can't fry eggs in them.

POSTED BY JOY :: UTAH USA :: 10/02/2007 10:30 AM

I love my cobalt blue enamel Chantal cookware. I've had it for at least 10 years and only have one chip. It's not as nonstick as Teflon, but is easy to clean and handles the dishwasher well.

POSTED BY JANET :: CA USA :: 10/02/2007 10:31 AM

Has anyone heard of Country Cottage by Ultrex? I purchased it from tv. It is the enamel cookware that is non-stick. Cooks great, no chips. Any research on its safety?

POSTED BY LAURIE :: FLORIDA USA :: 02/27/2008 11:32 AM


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