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Do you have an opinion on the brand name sweetener Splenda sucralose? I suppose it would be considered an artificial sweetener, rather than a natural sweetener, since it has been somehow altered from its natural form from what I have been told? It sounds as though it should be a safe sweetener to use, but I am leery of using it because it has not been tested for long-term use. What do you think? Have you used it?

POSTED BY R. B. :: FLORIDA USA :: 07/26/2005


I don't recommend Splenda and consider it an artificial sweetener. Even though it is "made from sugar" it's been chemically altered so it is a "mutant" substance.

There is a lot of information on the Internet regarding the dangers of Splenda see my Splenda page at

There are so many wonderful natural sweeteners--even ones with no carbs or calories--that I don't think it is necessary to use artificial sweeteners. Our health is better off without them. For recipes and more information on natural sweeteners, go to

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