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I color my hair and I am wondering if anybody has found a more natural color-care conditioner or shampoo that ACTUALLY WORKS and helps to preserve colors. I already know of some more chemical-filled ones that do work but I'm trying to get away from those. I've tried more natural ones but they're not that great.

Thanks for any ideas!

POSTED BY MARIL :: OREGON USA :: 10/11/2007 10:22 AM



Debra :-)


Hi Maril,

I use Naturtint, a brand I buy at Vitamin Cottage. It goes on well, but does tend to get lighter with each wash--don't know if everyone had this problem since I had the same problem with the traditional colorings. About the time it lightens to the shade I really like, it is time to color it again. :~) Wouldn't use it at all, but my hair is so thin and oily. It helps.



Hi again,
I was just reading thru some material from Dr. Susan Lark. She recommends that plant based hair dye be used. She specifically mentions AVEDA and says it is 97% plant based. I think I will look for this to try.

She also recommends that we drink lots of water before, during, and after coloring our hair to flush out of our kidneys any toxins we may absorb.

Hope this helps.


The AVEDA web site is quite informative regarding their hair color and other purpodely hair enhancing products. Unfortunately ,the hair colorant is not for sale and can only be obtained via application by a beautician at one of their salons.

I, personally am very dissapointed by this as my chemical sensitivity absolutely prohibits my entry into even the less toxic and more common standard beauty supply shop. I tried once to visit one of their salons desperate to obtain their conditioner for dry hair It worked fabulously well for my friend with Lupus who had numerous 'hair issues" due to medication ,auto immune disease and the limitations in hair care products resulting from her mild sensitivities. Unfortunately , the Aveda Salon was just as intolerable and sickening as any other due to the fact that the operators use Aveda as well as conventional products [and we all know what one whiff of those can do.]

I need to lighten my hair as I am extremely fair complected and now find that in its unaltered state my hair clashes with my skin tone in that it has darkened via the ravaging effects of autoimmune disease [and I suppose a tad due to my advancing age LOL ]I mention this only to caution those who desire to go from dark to a lighter tone that every "natural" hair dye I have experienced has resulted in my hair acquiring a varying degree of red coloring. Some have turned my hair the dreaded and much feared "brassy " that is oddly reminicient of an overdose of "Sun In " [LOL 2 those of us teens in the late '70"s}

While NATURATINT leaves my hair an enchanting color of strawberry blond. I personally have no problem with it lightening as did the other blogger but experience quite the opposite, namely fading of the colorant. NATURTINT itself produces a shampoo and conditioner designed to preserve color and includes in its initial kit the most fabulous conditioner in the universe. The company calls it a "multipler" whose purpose is to "set" the color during the first rinse and again 15 days later. Much to my chagrin it is a tiny bottle not sold seprately.

I find their coloring agent ,shampoo and conditioner all quite tolerable and I am an extremely sensitivs universal reactor .



thanks you guys! But I think I need to be more clear on my question: I am looking for a SHAMPOO and a CONDITIONER for color treated hair, to help preserve the color. I am NOT looking for hair color. And the search is on....


POSTED BY MARILEE :: OREGON USA :: 11/08/2007 2:10 AM

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