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I have been using a Bodum electric water kettle Made of a heat-reinforced polypropylene plastic and a stainless steel heating element. As I continue to evaluate all the plastics in our home (thanks to you, your book and your wonderful website), it occurs to me this is one to replace. I really love the quickness with which this kettle heats the water, thus saving energy. But I don't want to confuse my priorities, health first, planet second.

I have a host of autoimmune problems and MCS. Would appreciate your thoughts.

D Hosford

POSTED BY D HOSFORD :: GEORGIA USA :: 10/18/2007 6:01 PM


Polypropylene is one of those "safer" plastics, but a plastic nonetheless.

My philosophy is that if there is a safer alternative, I'll use it. If not, I'll use the safest thing I can find or just not use it at all.

In your case, being chemically sensitive, it's best to stay away from any kind of plastic as much as possible.

Since there are safer containers in which to boil water, I'd choose something else.

Debra :-)


We used to use a kettle...a stainless one....really no problem except my husband continued to boil it dry...he would get on the computer and forget. After buying a few, it occured to us that a stainless pan would work just as well....and the larger the bottom the quicker the could really just stand and wait for a minute if you just wanted a cup of hot water to make a cup of coffee or tea in a coffee press.

This is easy to hang up and get off the stove to not collect dust or grease...if it collects lime...vinegar to the rescue.

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: Great tip! And the faster boil would save energy, too.

POSTED BY JULIE :: IN USA :: 10/19/2007 5:12 AM

Over the past six years I have attempted to remove all plastics from my food and drink preparation and storage, since I found that I was very sensitive to the hormone-like effects of off-gassing plastic (I got symptoms such as night sweats (at age 34!)and horrible menstrual cramps which disappeared as soon as I cut plastic out of my "diet").

I hadn't use a plastic kettle for years, and then last fall I started a bodywork training program where they served tea in the lunch room during our mid-morning break. The water for the tea was heated in a plastic kettle. Within weeks I was experiencing night sweats again, and painful mastitis in my breasts (I've never been pregnant).

As soon as I stopped drinking tea at school, all my symptoms disappeared again.

I normally use a stainless steel kettle to boil water for my herbal tea at home; if I am visiting someplace where they have no stainless kettle, I use the pot trick mentioned in a previous response.



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