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Corrosion on salt shaker lids


Hi - I have some special salt shakers that are at least 60 years old. The chrome lids have some corrosion, which I understand is from the salt. Are these shakers safe to use?

POSTED BY JUDY V. :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 11/05/2007 6:11 PM


I don't know. Chrome is plated over another metal, and I'm not sure what that other metal is.


Debra :-)


Chrome is usually plated onto nickel. I wouldn't use them.

POSTED BY DANA :: ONTARIO CANADA :: 11/08/2007 2:49 AM

Chrome is plated over, or contains nickel, among other things. People with nickel allergy can have serious reactions from anything that contains free nickel. I don't really know if the corroded shakers would be a health hazard for the non-allergic, but have read that ingesting too much nickel can cause health problems, because nickel is toxic, as well as allergenic. There would also be other metals used, that may be risky.

POSTED BY DONNIE :: MICHIGAN USA :: 11/08/2007 2:59 AM


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