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corn or rice "plastic" bags


Hi Deborah,

I've heard about (and even seen a couple of times) food products packaged with corn- or rice-based plastic.

Do you know of any zipper bags made from corn or rice? I use tons of plastic bags, and I would like to find a better alternative.

POSTED BY CG :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 11/05/2007 6:16 PM


I haven't seen any. Readers?

If you use a lot of plastic bags, I suggest you re-use them as many times as possible.

Debra :-)


The alternatives depend on the reasons for using plastic bags in the first place. If it's for liquids/wet items, try small plastic containers or if bags are a necessity, use only the heavier duty freezer zip or zipper bags and wash/reuse as much as possible.

For items that are dry or only damp wet, try wrap n mat wraps. These wraps fold up and velcro closed. They are useful for packing lunches and small items. Again you could also use plastic containers. Another item I saw at Whole Foods is wax paper bags (sandwich size). Check out evert fresh bags for produce and bio bags too. Although they do not zip, it is usually only wet items that need this.

POSTED BY RENEE Z :: ILLINOIS USA :: 11/08/2007 2:40 AM


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