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Hi Debra,

I have another question about a maker. There is a maker called Sensatia ( from Bali, Indonesia. Could you tell me if you would recommend products from that company?


POSTED BY JOAN :: INDIANA USA :: 11/13/2007 8:14 AM


Looks good to me. I like that they list all their ingredients and even show pictures of the soap being made. These are definately "all natural" products.

The only thing for me, though, is that while they say they use organic ingredients, on the ingredients lists they don't specify which are organic. It's also not clear if they are 100% organic. It also doesn't say they are certified organic. So these are my reservations.

I want to be clear that, personally, I am looking for the most organic products possible, so I'm pretty picky. But there is a whole spectrum of products that are better than the worst, most toxic, unhealthy products, and it's better to use any one of those "better" products than the worst products.

These seem to be "much better" than most. They may even be exquisite. But all I have to go on is how they present themselves in their own website description.

Debra :-)


Hello Folks,

My google Alert subscription keeps me pretty well abreast of every time someone shouts the "Sensatia" word, thus I thought it would be a good time to chime in on this blog entry.

My name is Michael Lorenti, I am the owner and creator of Sensatia Botanicals. I think the woman Joan who wrote this entry did contact me via email as well and I thought I would post what i wrote to her here as well for the other readers of this entry:

"Hi Joan,

Thank you for your email and interest in Sensatia. Well no, our products are not made with certified organic raw materials but rather materials in their natural organic state. Meaning we do not use any refined or chemically altered materials, our ingredients are basic and in their true form. Please make sure to click on "more info..." on any product page to see the ingredients of any product.

Thank you once again for your continued interest in Sensatia, please feel free to contact me anytime. Sincerely, Michael"

So there you have it from the horses mouth (so to speak ;-) Our focus has always been to keep the product as TRULY natural and raw as possible. We like to think that everyone will be familiar with every one of our ingredients, not a whole lot of mumbo jumbo with a whole lot of jumping thru legal loop holes to call something certified organic. To me organic is in its true form, not refined to the point of not even resembling the source from which it came. You would be surprised at what kind of raw materials are being called certified organic now.

Debra, yes our products are exquisite, and perhaps I should send you a few items for your review. We have NEVER had a customer that wasn't thrilled with their purchase and inevitably develops a healthy addiction to Sensatia's products.

If this post has got you wondering I would be happy to extend a special holiday offer until 31st December 2007. Upon checkout enter promotion code: XMAS20 and get a 20% discount on your holiday, gift giving purchase. And as always please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or comments you may have regarding Sensatia's delightful handmade, 100% natural products.

Michael Lorenti
[email protected]

PS: we are proud to be a local, village-based profit-sharing company.


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