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lead in lipstick and candy


After reading The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reportA Poison Kiss: The Problem of Lead in Lipstick, I was very shocked and surprised to learn that the FDA allows a limit of 0.1 ppm for lead in candy. What candy has lead in it so I do not give it to my grandchildren? Thanks for your help, Joan in Georgia

POSTED BY JOAN :: GEORGIA USA :: 11/27/2007 11:25 AM


All of the candies known to contain high levels of lead come from Mexico. Here are some links that tell what to avoid:

* Candies Known to Have High Amounts of Lead
* Centers for Disease Control: Candy and Childhood Lead Exposure
* Center for Environmental Health: Lead in Candy
* FDA Guidance on Lead in Candy

While this shouldn't be a concern for candies manufactured in the USA, there are reports of lead found in chocolate, as described in these links:

* The Green Guide: Is There Lead in My Chocolate?
* American Environmental Safety Institute: LEAD IN CHOCOLATE: THE IMPACT ON CHILDREN’S HEALTH

With regards to both lipstick and candy, remember, "There is no safe level for lead," especially for young children.

Debra :-)


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