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I don't if the dandruff question posted earlier applies, but my scalp has been dry, and flakey with white flakes. I was using some shampoos from the natural section of the store but i think it made my scalp more flakey. How can I bring more moisture or oil to my scalp so there's not a bunch of little white flakes in my hair and my scalp doesn't feel so dry?

POSTED BY VSIC4 :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 12/11/2007 2:37 PM


I suggest you try the remedies at Q&A: Dandruff Treatment.

Debra :-)


Stop using! Check out for info (even if your hair is not curly) and also . Many of them advocate going w/o shampoo. These days the only time I get shampooed is when I have my hair colored or cut. So maybe every 3 months. Both sites also have some great ideas for moisturizers for hair...including coconut oil and coconut milk (using that one this weekend while I steamclean carpets and bathroom tile).

Good luck.

POSTED BY SUSAN :: COLORADO USA :: 12/18/2007 10:36 AM

In regards to persistent dandruff: I used to have it until I gave up wheat! Consider that it might be an allergic reaction to food and not that you need a special shampoo.

POSTED BY LISA :: NEW YORK USA :: 12/18/2007 11:09 AM

I 2nd Debra's list!

Looking into possible dietary causes aside, maybe you could also check out the Indian practice of using coconut oil on your scalp and hair? I had quite bad flaking on my scalp for quite a while after switching from using commercial cleansers, but have been slowly but surely getting rid of it through diet, regular oiling, and sometimes using a neem decoction to treat my scalp.

POSTED BY CINDI D :: ONTARIO CANADA :: 12/18/2007 11:09 AM

I've had winter eczema and dry scalp for years. Finally, I bought a humidifier and for two winters, I've had no eczema and no more dandruff. If it gets dry and I forget to run the humidifier, I inevitably end up with a bit of eczema in the morning. So, for me, I have no doubts that this is one solution.
I seem to only need run the humidifier at night. I hope this helps!


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