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Sweet butter


Does it matter if the recepie calls for unsweetened butter and i use sweetened instead?

POSTED BY LA :: MINNESOTA USA :: 12/18/2007 9:41 AM


I'm not sure what your recipe actually said, but I've never seen a recipe that called for "unsweetened butter" and I've never seen such a product.

However...the word "sweet" is used in the labeling of butter, but it has nothing to do with sugar.

Unsalted butter is often labeled "Sweet butter". "Sweet cream butter" is lightly salted butter.

Also, fresh cream is referred to as "sweet cream" as opposed to "sour cream" which is fermented. Until 1940, all butter was made from sour cream. Today, because of mechanization, butter is made from sweet cream (read more about this in The Case for Butter).

Debra :-)


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