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Whipped cream dispensers-Nitrous Oxide dangers?


I'm aware of the dangers of inhaling Nitrous Oxide itself. I know it is used to charge whipped cream dispensers. But I can't seem to find an answer to my question on any of the websites.

Does it harmfully affect the whipped cream itself or does it just dissipate when discharged? Are there traces of the drug in the whipped cream?

A friend wanted one of those dispensers for Xmas.


POSTED BY SWEET PEA :: FL USA :: 01/08/2008 7:57 AM


I don't know how much nitrous oxide remains in the cream after it is dispensed, but it does mix with the cream. It is a very small amount.

I'd just like to say that whether there is any residual nitrous oxide in the cream or not, why not just use a mixer to whip cream? This kitchen gadget is just another specific-use thing that is using resources to manufacture. You can even whip cream in about two minutes with a manual egg beater. If you whip the cream yourself with a mixer, you KNOW there's no nitrous oxide.

Debra :-)


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